Swirling tides of hurt and pain that forever stabs you.
Written as it is because this is how it looks in my head

Black flashes of dread scoped fear that one by one consumes all thats dear that takes your mind and makes it mush then stamps it out to create a hush the whispering sound of pain crawls in and takes its toll on all you have been with all that you thought was good and clean it makes its mark wherever its been you lock up tight to stop the pain but red comes over and drowns you again your stomach is cramping from holding on tight to try and create a piece of alright the smiles they waiver at every last turn you make life brighter with your mind being stern and when you are lonesome and all is vacated the hollowness echoes and once more its stated you are not an oak tree whos branches hold all your just a small twiglet strong only when small your heart it will break dear but then again fix with time and your energy deep in the mix so gently you whimper and silent tears fall on deaf ears that do not understand it at all wipe off those last shadows and say your goodbye it isnt worth any of those tears you do cry your an angel from high and you know tis damn true that no one can touch even the purest part of you your openess wilts from the glaring stark figure of those who once took everything wanted with own vigor sleep now gentle small one your done with the pain love only those who have love back for you to gain

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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half chewed pen

Amazing piece of work ... and i am not just saying that.As I followed the words the poetry threw it self off the page in invisible rythum That flowed with transparent grace like a tear trickling down the face.
Loved It !

Lonely? but how ? surely a candle standing on its own cannot be truly alone, when its light touches all that is around it .

Sun, May 13th, 2007 9:47pm


Thank you so much. It took great strength to write this. It is a multitude of things that never wanted to come out but had to, like a cleansing ritual!

Thu, May 17th, 2007 12:34pm

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