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Fun Loving Ass Holes??
I wrote this back when I was hurt from wounds I never thought would heal. I hope that someone gains strength from this, its mostly about being strong enough to know that you are fantastic, regardless of what anyone says or does, Do not despair!!

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



You know you will get it when its already passed you by

When everyone else is laughing and your still none the wiser

The moment is gone when you laugh out loud

Oh to be part of the fun loving crowd


Then an outlet of sanity in a vastly crude world

A moment of clarity when you see beyond the smiles

A way into the world of the loving and the fun

Just dont get so drawn in you dont know what you have done


Give up what you are and who you did stand for

To live out the life of the fun loving 'A' hole

A lie and a cheat before you rightly quite get

That standing within is not all you will net


So swept up in wanting to be part of it

You never once believed that it would get shit

That everyone is no one and no one cares for goals

When you get involved with the Fun Loving Ass Holes


 Assholes with no goals

Disregard like card

Toss aside like moss with no pride

Fun Fever Fancy Ferver Friends Frollicks Free - Not when your trapped!

Life is something, it really is, just wait for your chance to shine.

I will!


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