Fuzzy ball in a goldfish bowl

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I dont know, How can I explain when I dont understand
You try??

Submitted: April 04, 2008

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Submitted: April 04, 2008



From me

Im a strong beautiful being with a sane and strong heart

I have the time for anyone to make them feel a part

I will dance to make you smile and sing to hear you laugh

I will hug you hard for safety and when dirty run you a bath

I will do all of these things for any one of you

My friends, lovers, family I judge not one of you

A plea....

So why for am I lost and has not a single perosn noticed

Where should I be going I havent got a fucking clue

I love someone so deeply and Im punished for giving my heart

But in this fuzzy ball and goldfish bowl I dont hear any safety notices

Not one time have I felt a guiding hand

Never once have you tried to reach me and explain

All of my angels are laughing to themselves its a sodding joke

Hey look at what we did to her, we gave her a taste of what she gives out so freely

Then took it away ha ha ha fucking HA

Meanwhile Im in a daze, Im lost, I dont understand, I dont want to be here

If I never woke up you know I wouldnt care and Im not a suicidal person

I dont want to die, I just want my heart to be cut out

That would hurt less

In fact I want someone to look at me and then go and slap him right in his face


Are you a fucking raving lunatic, look at her, at what you gave up

Did you not ever get told that this kind of love is rare

Are you a stupid ass of a man who thinks he can settle with second best

Do you really think you can make love to that other woman and not pine for her love

When did you decide you were going to give her up

Was you having a moment of insanity, Oh my God you are obviously deluded

Then I want them to say

If you are not going to sweep her up and give her what she deserves

The same love that you have for her is reciprocated between you both, everyone will feel it

They will all understand... in the end its all about happiness and love

But like I said mate... if you aint going to sweep her up off her feet

May you always remember that you didnt and may you always be gutted

May you always forever regret that you didnt and know that you have broken her

You have ruined her sincerity, you have ruined her heart, you have ruined her easy innocence and bright magic spark

Did you once tell her you were her port for which she could come home, dock and recharge

Did you used to send her snack boxes of snippets from your heart??

Man you fool, you stupid fool

You may have lost the best part of your heart

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