Such a rock

Where would I be with out you?

Where should I be with you?

You listen to shit and you tell me it straight

Im not sure I could deal with you not as my mate


We went through it all as young people

The virginal times of our lives

We wrote it all out and then we went crap

Your mum really thinks im a bit of a catch


It took me 12 years to say I love you

I mean it each time that we meet

Its been so long now I think its past time

I live for the moments we get to spend time


This is about you dear man with the world at your feet

Im here every moment, you make every one sweet

I wont ever leave you, your top of my list

Your my mate and I love you, now blow me that kiss!


"What have you done?"

I will never forget

It took me a moment to think of regret

It could have been you, sometimes I still wish

Would our friendship survive wedded bliss??


Ha ha, this is funny, Im writing it down

I know if you read it your face will turn frown

Ive never felt closer to you than right now

Im there when you need me

My mate, My loving PAL!


Submitted: May 09, 2007

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