This is what I want and need, no compromises

Someone who can look at me and totally get me. Believe that i believe in my beliefs, I dont necessarily care if they do or not, but not to mock my beliefs.

Understand I am who I am, Im what attracted you so dont now try to shush me, calm me down or change me, ride with it, its fun for both of us

Intelligence is paramount, but not sooo intelligent that you forget how to be practical and also understand that those of us who arent dont particularly aspire to being made to look thick, I dont mind uber intelligence, just as long as there is a sense of trying to understand my made up words, everyone of my friends do!!!

And yes opey dopey is a noun , maybe it is only known by a few as to what it is but as long as we know respect it.

Believe in my values and trust my instincts, trust that if im happy its fine. I have a sixth sense and manic intuition so will go with my own feelings all the time, trust in me when I say I dont want to, I say it for a reason

Love me, fully and endlessly without reason, just do

Adore me but dont swarm me or muffle me or smother me.... I am my own life force
Understand that a wink across a room is sooooooo much more powerful than a full on snog in front of the whole world

Watch me, I like to know you're aware of where I am without staring and overwatching, that make sense?

Be as mad as me and energetic beyond any other

I will give you parts of me that no other will ever receive, take them and treasure them...I will make them last a lifetime even if our souls collide and burn.

Make me laugh, I love to laugh. Laughter is the beginning of every enotion and feeling I can ever have or give. I love to love the one who loves my laughter

Infect me until I drown in your being and can smell no other or need anyone else.

Leave me to be me and be an individual.

Give me space to be alone and I will always be with you.

Allow me to love you and trust in my love

Tell me everything, inside and out

Bask in the feelings and sparks between us, it enriches your life and strengthens our bond

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Philip H20s

Seems reasonable, good luck.

Thu, December 20th, 2007 5:31pm


He he, you would think, but what comes natural to some seems irrational to others. Im lucky that I have stumbled across a beautiful person who thinks like me....... lets just see. Merry Christmas and much happiness for 2008, thank you for your comment.

Fri, December 21st, 2007 5:39am

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