Atlantis, My Journey

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This story explores the notion of Atlantis being a planet.

Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Submitted: October 12, 2008




I am about to disclose a secret to you that only one other person on Earth has ever been privy to. Atlantis was a planet. It was not a civilization that was lost to the deep, dark recesses of the ocean. It was the tiniest planet in the entire universe. Farthest from Earth, yet the most visible due to it's illuminating radiance. I know this because I am the only survivor.

My home planet was a glorious land of enlightenment. We were not born. We just came to be. Our only food was the bountiful manna of knowledge. We gorged ourselves daily feasts of literature, music and art. Ingenuity and creativity were our bread and butter, so to speak. There were never any problems because we all carried solutions within ourselves. Money was something we had no use for, or even concept of. Peace was not something to be attained. It was something we already possessed. Everyone loved and supported everyone else. We lived in complete harmony with each other and our environment.

Wanderers from another planet who were desperately seeking a way to save themselves from their constant wars discovered our existance, We welcomed them readily without suspicion, as this was a foreign concept to us. Trust was a virtue for us. The visitors were in disbelief that such a land really existed. They began to see us as a way to save their own planet with it's dwindling resources. Being warmongers, they believed they had to destroy us to have access to our resources. The Father of Atlantis discovered their plot and knew that one of us must be saved. There would be no war between us. We were peaceful people. I was the chosen one.

Father transported me to this planet Earth by way of teleportation. I was discovered and taken in by an older couple. They already had five children between the two of them, though they were much older than me. Food and shelter were provided for me. It was a difficult adjustment for me as these were not perfect people. They didn't understand my energy or creativity. "She must be crazy", was what I would hear when they thought I wasn't around. "I think she is possessed by demons!" was another phrase I often heard. Their lack of understanding led to rejection. I began to experience a mood that I never knew existed. It was damp, dark and gloomy. My higher thinking and knowledge ceased to exist.

My surrogate family had me imprisoned in a hellish state hospital. The sound of doors slamming behind me with their cold steel locks menacingly clacking as the tumblers fell continues to haunt me to this day. A poisionous substance they called medicine was forced down my throat. All I was trying to do was end my mortal life and go celestial to rejoin with my true people. Their poison numbed my body and my senses. I had lost all ability to feel. My desire for a reunion was soon extinguished. It was only then that I was released from captivity.

I began to search far and wide for someone who was able to understand me and recognize my potential. My search ended at an old two-story, yellow brick house, not far from where my journey had originally begun. It was then that I met her. She was a woman of strong substance whose purpose in life was to help women who had lost their ablilty to help themselves. Her mannerisms were gentle and her words soft and encouraging. She possessed the power to help me see inside myself, and she seemed to recognize my potential. I soon disclosed to her my true identity. My higher thought processes and creativity began to be restored. Where once had dwelled hopelessness, a sense of purpose noe inhabited. I then began my job of healing the sick and comforting the dying.

This is not a perfect world that we live and work in. Problems arise every day in my field of work. At this point in time we are without a strong leader to guide us. There are policies at play. Empty promises are made practically every day without intent to follow through. Changes need to come soon if our existance is to continue. I possess the power to institute these changes, but my powers are invisible to those around me. The only way these powers can be released is if someone asks me for my help. Until then, I will live with frustration and regrets.

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