Kitty and Mutt: Taking Doggy for a Walk

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Kitty has a job and takes Mutt along as back up

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Mutt wasn’t sure about this situation at all.  He had spent a week in this tiny room while Kitten was out doing whatever she did.  He missed his exercise equipment and his large room at Dra-go’s compound.  He was forced to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed there wasn’t enough room there for him to even stretch out.


He needed to get his mind on something else so he sat on the floor and hooked his feet under the bed and started doing sit-ups.  The girl was in good shape, but he still couldn’t figure out how she had beat him a trained fighter.  At fifty sit-ups he paused for a few minutes before starting again.


He was up to four sets when the door opened and she came in carrying packages.  “Is doggy bored?”


Mutt growled, he hated her calling him that, but she owned him so he had to take it.  “Just trying to stay in shape.”


“That is good.  Now we have to go out tonight and I bought doggy some new clothes and a couple other things for tonight.”


“Where are we going?”


“Doggies shouldn’t be curious that is more a cat thing.”


“I still would like to know.”


“We have to pick something up and take it to my client.  You are along for the delivery part of the deal.”


“So, I’m to be your muscle?”


“Well you do have muscles and not a lot of brains so I’ll do the thinking and you just try to look tough.”


Mutt growled as he dug into the packages to see what she had bought him.

The building was surrounded by a high stone wall with spot lights sweeping the grounds.  Kitten and Mutt stood across from the gate watching the lights.  “Do you understand what you are to do doggy?”


Mutt growled.  “I boost you over the wall in the back, then I come back here and wait for you.  If the alarm goes off I head back to the room and wait there.  What do I do if you don’t show up?”


“If I’m not back by morning you are free.  I already made arrangements to have you freed if I’m caught.”


Mutt didn’t know what to say so he just started toward walking around the wall to the back.  Kitten hurried to keep up adjusting the pack she was wearing.  She scanned the shadows looking for anyone that might spot them.  As they reached the spot, Mutt laced his fingers together offering her a step.


Kitten stepped into Mutt’s hands with her right foot and as he extended his arms above his head she kicked off.  Her finger tips caught the top of the wall and she hung there for a second before pulling herself up.  She laid on the top of the wall watching the spot lights swinging back and forth counting the time it took for each pass.


Once she was sure the spot lights didn’t alter their timing she rolled off the wall and landed on in a crotch.  She pressed her back against the wall as the beam of light passed in front of her.  Once the light had passed she sprinted across the back lot and pressed herself into a recess in the wall.  The light passed her again and she ran to the ladder running up the back of the building.


On the roof it was simple for Kitten to disable the alarm to the skylight and pop the lock.  Once it was open she saw the three story drop beneath it.  This was the tricky part and she knew it.  Miss and she ends up laying on the ground floor waiting for a guard to call an ambulance.


Hanging from her finger tips Kitten swung her legs back and forth.  She had to build up the momentum to cover the distance between the skylight and the balcony as she fell, or it was all over.  She left go and plummeted towards the floor far below, but her body almost moved sideways towards the balcony.  Her fingers hit the railing and she grabbed ahold.  Her body smacked into the railing and she hung there.  She took a second to slow her breathing.


A beam of light flashed across the balcony as one of the guards made his rounds.  She left go dropping down to catch onto the floor.  She held her breath as the guard walked by, hanging there was like torture to her fingers and arms.  She waited until he was gone and dropped to the balcony below her, landing on the balls of her feet.


She crept through the art museum rubbing her arms and shoulders.  She had visited this place several times memorizing the lay out, but the roaming guards were the problem.  She had to back track twice when she saw a guard coming her way, but she soon found herself looking up at the picture her client had requested.


The alarm trigger was kind of old fashion, but it was also something most thieves would miss.  A taunt piece of wire ran between a small box on the wall and the center picture.  Moving it more than a fraction of an inch would pull the wire lose, setting off the alarm.  Kitten had come prepared and pulled a metal cylinder from her pack.


She sat the cylinder by the wall and opened it before pulling out the controller.  The spiders were extremely tiny, but not true nanites, but close enough for this.  She took control of the queen and sent it scurrying up the wall.  The small monitor in the controller allowed her to see what the spider saw.  It was just a few simple commands to have the spiders to hold the wire tight and disconnect it from the picture.

Once she had the alarm disabled she took down the picture and removed it from the frame.  A telescoping painting tube took care of protecting it and she put the frame back up.  The cylinder and spider controller went back into her pack.  She made her way down to the first floor, she had to move quickly now since it was only a matter of time before a guard noticed the missing picture.


A door in the back lead to the offices and prep areas of the museum, this part she hadn’t visited before, but she had gotten a look at the plans so Kitten knew the basic layout.  A long hall then a right turn, past the guard room to a door which should let her out the back of the building.  She ran quickly down the hall and was almost to the corner when she heard somebody walking towards her.  She stopped at the corner and peeked around it.  A young man in a guard uniform was headed her way.  She ducked back and tried to relax.  When she guessed he was close she spun around the corner.  He was only ten feet away as his mouth dropped open in surprise.


Kitten wasted no time and ran slightly towards his left.  She planted her left foot on the wall and kicked off putting her full weight behind a savage left hook to his jaw.  The guard crumpled to the floor and she kept moving.

Mutt had been waiting for over an hour and was starting to get concerned when the alarm went off.  He considered charging in and seeing if he could get the girl out, but the cops would be there shortly.  He moved further back into the shadows and watched.  The guards on the gate locked it down and the whole inside of the wall was lit up.


He felt bad as he turned to leave.  The girl was a pain, but she had taken him when he was finished as a fighter.  Dra-go probably wouldn’t have even let him train other fighters since he had been beaten so badly by a girl.  In all likelihood she had saved his life and now he was going to walk away and let her be caught.


He stopped to consider his options when somebody slapped his back.  His days as a fighter were done, but his reflexes were as good as ever.  He spun around bringing his big fists up.  “Woah big guy it is just me.”  Kitten said as she smiled up at him.


Mutt grabbed her and hugged her tight.  “I thought when that alarm went off you were caught for sure.”


“Come on big guy put me down.”


Mutt sat her back on her feet.  “So how did you escape?”


“I was halfway up the back wall when the alarm started.  I just finished climbing it and dropped down the other side.  I figured you would stick around so I came back here.”


“I was just getting ready to leave.  I wouldn’t have stuck around this long except I wanted to see you dragged away in cuffs.”


“Yeah right big guy.  Anyways give me a second I have to collect something then we can go.”  Kitten said with a smile as she pulled the cylinder and spider controller from her pack.  The recall button would make the spiders return to the cylinder.  It took a few minutes for the tiny devices to make their way through the museum and into the cylinder, but as soon as the light on the controller flashed green she packed it all up.

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