Kissing Nowhere

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what does it feel like the be completely lost?

Submitted: January 13, 2010

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Submitted: January 13, 2010



You never realize the moments of pain

you have with the ones you love,

or the ones your “loved one’s” have.

The achy heart and bleeding limbs,

the joyful slice with their words,

or better yet the words unspoken.

You gallivant around, laughing,

riding water slides in southern skies,

holding hands with ones i have recently become acquainted.

We enjoy staring at you,

Golden and long as you stand in the wheat wonders.

Reeds grow high as you float in serenity,

glistening and basking in the rays above.

You rest in a cottage, crawl through a door

that welcomes both of us.

She dozes off into feathers as you plummet

into clouds that mist overhead.

The sky, blue and clear as the town,

and your bones, defining every inch of you.

Your shape slips slightly into the silk, slick sheets

as you moan and awe, for you’re home.

We exchange words and even more,

watch the crescent moon wane off the canvas,

but that is only a dream i hold in my head.

You merely skip into the tight places,

grab toast off the table and kiss

your smile to your mother’s proud grin.

I break down, behind the door, in the corner,

and you,

all you do is sit, ignore my cries.

Passersby to my cries. I reach out,

you push away, and i lie here,

making time with my so called destiny.

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