Sanctuary of Rain

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I wrote this poem many years ago when I was still in highschool. It's won three awards.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



She sits amongst the broken glass

Reluctantly releasing whats left of her past

Thankful when it starts to rain

Her tears blend in it hides the pain


From the beginning she must have known

Her tears would spill and turn to snow

And on that snow would lie the blood

Of the cruel ones that she loved


Like a lost child bearing atonements

Shes brought to her knees to relive each moment

Falling before reaching those vanishing arms

She's thrust out the door and into the storm


Sepia colored memories imprinted on her eyelids

Her unreaching prayers finally fall silent

She is embraced by kindness from the skies

The moon reflecting in her tear-filled eyes


What will happen when her angel dies

Will the truth be told then turned into lies

Her mask will fall, her identity known

She is the mother that gave birth to snow


Without snow there is no rain

And then no way to hide the pain

Her angel gone, her family dead

With a smile she softly says


A torn woman stands in a shattered moonbeam

Her tears have stopped or so it seems

The rain has come to hide her pain

So there she stays admiring the rain

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