Do you read poetry? It's the most everlasting type of literature.

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Poetry is emotion.

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



I'm not usually one for poetry,

Okay, that's complete bullshit,

I love poetry.

It's beautiful, put simply.

Emotions get weaved into the language of words.

Printed type or handwritten script moves aches within the breast.

People can change with a line of poetry and be forever saved or forever shamed

Shamed with the sins they carry or absolved and made to love the experience they suffered at the hands of,

knowing they have been made all the better for it.

I am a simple creature.

I try not to concern myself with the unanswerables,

But even I have emotion.

I brim passionately and can turn to ice or fire when provoked



The name itself is like a treat upon the mind.


Emotions weaved in the language of words.

Shakespeare grows dull and Dickens' storytelling worth fades but one thing remains the same and as current as the day it's written--


It will live forever in the breast of humanity, in the heart, where all the emotions are felt and where a blood pumping organ is the center of all feeling.

Chauncer would be proud.

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