Janus, the truth, and their long unsettled war

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a poem of hatred for humanity, a poem of hopelessness that i hope with all my heart has the sense of reason to change.

Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Submitted: January 21, 2012



yin and yang


the great two faces,

the people we try to hide

in this place and within these walls,

there is no truth behind our smiles

we smile to each other's faces,

and spill their secrets behind their backs

to just satisfy

the destructive need within,

forget other people's happiness, 

we'll break them down,

to nothing,

and then leave them with the shattered glass,

while we go seek our own,

we are a poisoned young generation,

we'll meet in hell....

oh wait,

thats right,

we won't meet there,

we're living in it, 

with our shattered glass

we came willingly,

to try to be friends

but no,

forget that,

casting aside peace treaties like trash,

wake up people!!!

we could all get along if  we were genuinly nice to each other,

without making assumptions before we've even met one another,

show your insecurities,

your fears,

help one another!!!

our love for each other is bulletproof,

but we're the ones pulling the trigger

im not rachel,

i don't have a challenge

im not asking from you more than you already know

everyone see's differently,

everyone is unique, belonging to their own kind,

but being stupid has no rewards,

don't burn a bridge before you've crossed it.

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