10th Grade (Part 6)

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Yeaaaaa, I changed all these around and thus they are longer......looking, so hope you enjoy.....although they are like from last year.

Submitted: September 06, 2008

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Submitted: September 06, 2008



Well one day Nick began to like avoid me, he wouldn't even look at me. When I would try to talk to him he'd jusy walk away. I asked Silver and James when I was at Silver's house,

"What's his problem is he like a chick or somthing having mood swings?!?!"

"I've known Nick longer than both of you he's not a girl" James said, Silver gave him an odd look and I said

"Okay I don't even want to know" I said looking at Silver,she turned to me and said

"Go talk to him at vollyball practice tonight you know he'll bethere because Olivia's on our team, right?"

"Alright I'll talk to him after".So after practice I found Nick in the hallway, finnally, I pinned him agenst the lockers with fists full of his shirt,

"Why won't you talk to me you've been one of my bestfriends for like 8 years!! Then you just randomly begin to hate me?!?!" I said angerly "whats with you?" I said smashing him agenst the lockers as I walked away, no one elce was at school so it was pretty dead.

"I don't hate you it's just...wait where are you going?" he said in that beauitiful calm voice of his

"To the beach!" I said angrly as I could cause it hurt to tell him off like that. So I then got in my convertibel Corvette and drove to Anna Maria beach, when I got there I sat on the beach and looked out and the water while the sun set and began to think

"Oh my gosh Charlotte why do you all of a sudden care about what Nick thinks or dose? Just before 10th grade started I would have jumped in front of a train to save Nick but now letting him get hit by a train sounded like a pretty good idea" just then Nick pulled up in his pick up truck,"of freakin' course" I thought"Nick I came here to be alone" I said not even turning around I was still looking out at the ocean and sun set

"We need to talk..." he said sitting down next to me

"Yha well were not a married couple and I don't feel like it..." I said walking away

"No Char wait" he begged grabbing my hand

"Let go of me!" then we just kinda stood there then I flew into his arms hugging him while crying I said

"Nick I'm sorry we do need to talk"......so he explained that Olivia had told him to not hang out with me. Well then after I found this out I had to immiditly go homebecause I knew Will would freak out so we left............a week later..............

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