The story of Briar Rose chapters 8, 9 and 10

The story of Briar Rose chapters 8, 9 and 10 The story of Briar Rose chapters 8, 9 and 10

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



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Chapter1 (v.1) - The story of Briar Rose chapters 8, 9 and 10

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Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



Chapter8: My death is pretty sad...

I step on something sharp.

"Ow." I say, reaching to touch my foot. But when my hand withdraws covered in blood, I feel dizzy. I look down and see a rose creeper winding around the chair I was just sitting on. These creepers seem to follow me everywhere. There is a wickedly sharp thorn poised just where my foot had been. The thorn glints evilly in the light. My head spins and my throat becomes dry. I make weird gasping noises.

"No. No no no!" The queen yells.

It all seems illogical. Why is my foot bleeding so much? I once climbed onto a thorn bush and even then my feet didn't bleed this badly.

I grasp my leg, my head spinning, but the blood just seeps through my fingers. My head's aching. Blackness seeps into the corners of my vision. Everyone is yelling something, doing something or the other, but I can't concentrate through the daggers of pain shooting up my leg. I close my eyes. Someone picks me up and places me shakily on a chair. Others pry my fingers from my leg and bandage it. All the while, some lady is going hysterical. Everything goes foggy. All I can think of is the pain, like a dozen hornets piercing my skin at the exact same spot. And finally, everything goes black and I'm relieved, because the pain fades too. And just before the blackness overwhelms me, I hear a single word coming out of my lips. If I die, I want him to know my last word.



How could they let it happen? How could they let her baby die? Samantha sat next to Rose's body, weeping like her heart was broken. Because it was. Her heart was broken. Her dear darling baby was dead. Poor Rose, who had done nothing to harm anyone...She looked lovely in death, her cheeks flushed pink, her hair loose around her head like a golden red rose...

Of course, in time her cheeks would lose color, her body would wither, and she would never live her life now. It's all over.

George touched Samantha's shoulder.

"Darling, the fairies say that they can do something." He says. Samantha lifted her head wearily. Those fairies were useless. They had brought nothing but pain for her.

"Your majesty, we have an idea!" That useless witch, Dahlia chirped.

"What???" Samantha hissed. Seeing that stupid fairy with her bright smile made her feel like beheading her herself.

"We...we can't undo Acacia's spell, it's against the rules of Magic to undo a spell before the spell caster's death. But we can find a loophole. You see, we can put Rose to eternal sleep. That way, she won't be dead." Lilly said. Samantha glared at her.

"And what good would eternal sleep do? She won't wake up EVER! Right?" She yelled, but Lilly just smiled.

"But that's the beauty, milady. We could put in a remedy. Say, she could wake up with true love's kiss. True love's kiss is the most powerful magic remedy. It has 100% chance of success, unlike the other, weaker remedies." They both were smiling like they had found out the secrets of the universe. But Samantha was too fatigued to protest against anything now.

"Take her in then. Do whatever you want." She said tiredly. The fairies beamed and carried Rose inside. George sat next to Samantha and tried to comfort her. Amber was there too, and she was trying her best to understand the situation. But Samantha felt like the world had ended. She just sat and cried.


Chapter9: The consequences of my death...

I'm floating around in the darkness, not knowing what happened. Suddenly, a beautiful, glimmering beam of light appears in front of me. I smile and push forward so that I can see again. But then some force pulls me backwards. No matter how much I struggle, the light gets dimmer and dimmer until I'm surrounded in darkness again. I make a sound of protest, but the force which pulled me away from the light seems to be deaf. So I'm stuck in the dark again, and I can tell you, it's the most boring thing to be doing.


Lilly and Dahlia completed the incantation. Rose was sleeping peacefully on a four poster bed drapes pulled down. She was wearing a beautiful pink gauzy gown and her hair was brushed until it flowed down her head in a glossy curtain. And that took a long time. She looked so pretty, lying there. Now all they needed was a true love. If only they could ask her what type of boy she liked! Oh well. All they could do now was resort to magic. Holding hands, they summoned the spirits of the roses that grew in the nearby gardens. The roses twirled around the room, growing longer and longer until they made the room look like the residence of some crazy rose obsessed gardener. But not a single thorn touched Rose's skin. Only the golden red blossoms bloomed around her. These rose creepers would recede when they sensed the presence of Rose's true love. Whoever he may be. God, why did this have to sound so easy, yet feel so difficult? The two godmothers left the room, and shut the door behind them.

That's when the beam of dark green energy hit them, leaving them and the rest of the castle unconscious.


Jake was getting worried. He'd visited Rose's cottage in the wild so many times that it seemed like he practically lived there. The cottage was always empty. He even tried to contact the Saclerean castle, you know, the castle where he last saw her, but there was never any reply. He rode over there a million times, but the guards were becoming stricter. No one was let in without an appointment, and there was never any reply to his messages, so how was he supposed to get an appointment? The guards refused to give him any information about Rose, even after he threatened them with his sword. His father was starting to make things difficult too. He said that there was no need to contact the Saclereans, especially after Jake rejected their proposal. Now, Jake was in such a bad mood that even Phillip tried to be nice to him. They sat quietly in front of Rose's abandoned cottage, wondering what to do. Phillip whimpered but Jake just brushed him away.

"If only I'd stayed in the castle after that queen dismissed me, if only I'd eavesdropped or something, I'd have known where she is...!" He cursed himself for the umpteenth time.

Phillip whimpered again, but Jake just ignored him. He was feeling too guilty to care about what Phillip was bickering about. He was wondering whether they had moved away quietly on the queen's orders or something...but that wouldn't make sense. Their belongings were still in the house...

Phillip neighed loudly and Jake turned around.

"WHAT?!" He yelled loudly, but then he saw what Phillip was so bothered about. A beautiful young lady with lush black hair and piercing green eyes stood there. She was wearing a pretty green robe and tiny green sandals. Her face was proud and beautiful, and she was sizing him up haughtily. He raised an eyebrow at her, and she smiled.

"Hello, Prince Jake. Lovely to see you. Why, no wonder Princess Briar Rose fell for you so easily! You are very brave to not be afraid of me at sight. Or maybe you're just stupid." Her voice was tinkly, like chiming bells.

"Who are you?" He asked a bit rudely.

"Who I am is of no importance to you. I am simply a woman who wants revenge. And I follow up on my enemies. You are of vital importance to them, so I will have to kill you." She said, raising her arm. It glowed with white power.

Jake's eyes widened. "Whoa! What-?" He said, but he couldn't complete his sentence, because the earth exploded under his feet.


Chapter10: The land of the dead...

I'm still floaty floaty in the dark, trying to figure out whether I could do loops in the air when I feel a jerk in my heart. Suddenly I know that someone I love just...came into this limbo land. I'm right. I see someone whooshing towards me in the distance. That someone banged into me and we both went spinning around for a while. If I was watching someone else do this, I would've burst out laughing. Once we stop spinning, I look to see who it is. He's a little shiny and transparent, but he's unmistakably Jake. My eyes widen and my mouth drops open.

"Jake? How did you get here???" I ask. He shakes his head.

"Oh, man." He holds the side of his head like he has a headache.

"What?" I ask.

"Some...lady just blew me up." He said groggily. Blew him up...?

"The ground burst out from underneath me." He clarifies.

Wait, if I'm here because I was bleeding profusely, and Jake's here because he was blown up...

We're dead. Literally dead.

"Oh, Jake!" I cry, and I fling my arms around him. He responds by embracing me like he never did before.

"How did you get here?" He asks. I tell him my story, and by the end, he's steaming. He lost a little of the sleepy feeling now, and he's pretty much yelling.

"That's why I couldn't find you anywhere! I was so worried! I-" he suddenly stops. He's looking away, in front of us. I turn and see the light I saw before. I try to move towards it, but the force has claimed me again, and I'm frozen. But Jake isn't. The light's pulling him away! He tries to resist, but in vain. It pulls him away with the force of a black hole. When his first hand leaves mine, I'm in a state of desperation. I pull him towards me with all my strength and this combined with the force holding me back causes me to judo flip him back. He's thrown back at least a thousand yards and he suddenly disappears. The light vanishes with him, and I'm free to move again. I'm terrified and worried. I fly to the place where he disappeared and I feel a solid wall. It's not made of bricks or anything. A plain, yet solid wall.

I bury my face in my hands and sob quietly. I just lost Jake!

After a few minutes of that, I try to think logically. That must lead to the land of the dead. Why else are we pulled towards it once we're dead? But I'm held back in this limbo. Why? And what's up with this wall that just swallowed Jake?


Jake woke up. He was lying in a large crater and it ached everywhere. Phillip was still alive, sitting near some hedges, licking its minor wound on the leg. The lady was obviously trying to kill him and she did. Was he dreaming about Rose? Had he really been dead...? Was she dead now?

His head ached. He hadn't been dreaming. He's in his second life now...but Rose wasn't dead. She was suspended there somehow. How? How was this all possible?

Only one thing to do now. Find out.

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