Sweet Dreams Grace

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Written for a contest at my school :P I NEED PLENTY OF FEEDBACK!

“Sweet Dreams Grace”

I wiped tears away from my eyes. I had trusted him, I really did. His beautiful green eyes and inviting smile always provided a sense of comfort, and now he was gone. Just like that. I had grown so used to being in his warm arms, that any other place seemed foreign, cold, unfamiliar almost. Still shaking and crying, I packed what was left of my belongings into a bag. I could no longer stay here. Now that Seth was gone, I felt alone and scared. He has always been there for me, protected me. I looked down at the barely healed wound on my back and swung the bag over my shoulder, wincing with pain. I had learned from experience that no one was to be trusted, but went against my better judgment and let him in anyway. Ever since my parents died, this was my life. Betrayal, sadness, and running. It’s unfair that anyone should have to deal with this, let alone a 15 year old girl. After standing in the moonlight for a moment, I decided that I would spend the night here, and sat back down. I tried to get comfortable, but that’s almost impossible to do when you’re an orphan living on the streets. I laid down my head, and closed my eyes, silently pleading that I wouldn’t dream tonight. Much to my dismay, my prayers went unanswered.


“Grace,” He whispered with a smile playing around the corners of his lips. “Grace, where have you been?” I shook my head and pushed against his chest, trying to break away from his iron grasp.

“Seth, no. Stop...”

“Why Grace? Isn’t this what you always wanted?” I burrowed my face into his shoulder.

“Yes, but please. This isn’t right Seth.” He pulled me closer, and I finally gave in to him. His warm body made me feel safe and protected.

“There, isn’t that better, Gracie?” He said coyly, brushing my soft brown hair behind my ears. “Aren’t you happy now?” I sighed contently and wrapped my arms around his muscular body.

“Yes Seth, I am very happy.” The only way I could describe this moment was complete and total bliss. Finally, after three long years of living like dogs on the street, begging for food and just barley making ends meet, we were both happy. I had loved Seth for as long as I could remember. We laughed together, and cried together. No matter what we did, or what kind of trouble we got into, it always seemed to be together. We had been best friends for so long, and I had fallen in love with him. Now we were here, together, laughing in each other’s arms.

Little did I know, Seth’s laughter was of malice, not love.

Still held in his unbreakable embrace, I felt a searing pain in my lower back and fell to my knees. I looked up at desperately, only to see Seth standing over me, still holding a blood covered knife that glinted in the weak light. He crouched down next to me and grabbed anything of value to him that I owned. He was only interested in keeping himself alive. I was nothing to him but a key to survival.

“I love you.” He breathed in my ear. “Sweet dreams, Grace.” And with that, he left. He got up and walked away, thinking that he had killed me. My blood pooled in the cold winter snow, staining it bright red. Me breath came in short, painful gasps as I tried to collect myself. Barley able to hold my eyes open, I lifted my head, only long enough to see him walk away into the city, thinking he had won.. I wanted to say something, something that would have hurt him as much as he had hurt me, but couldn’t. I silently drew my last breath, then slipped out of consciousness.


I woke up, panting and sweating. As if living it once wasn’t enough. Seth had used me, played with my emotions, then left me to die. He had lied to me for so long! I truly believed that he cared about me, but that was obviously a large mistake on my part. Frustrated, I sat up. I should have known that he was not to be trusted. Stupid, stupid, stupid! What had I been thinking? Of course he was just using me! I pulled my knees up to my chest as tears rolled down my face. It was times like this that I felt alone, and helpless. I looked at the bloodstained ground and sighed in dismay. Careful not to make any noise, I grabbed my bag and continued down the moonlight bathed street. Snow drifted from above, creating a lonely, chilling scene. Seth’s parting words still rung in my head. “Sweet dreams, Grace.” My dreams had been shattered long ago, but I wasn’t about to give up. Maybe he would regret what he did to me some day. Maybe he would come back to me, begging for forgiveness and for me to take him back. Maybe he would say sorry to me, and expect me to open myself up again just so he could break my heart and leave me to die as he had done before. Maybe. Even so, it would still be too late. I was already long gone.

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