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Small essay
if you're interested about me
as few people read it
so i called it mirror
as i talk to mine
sometimes you all about to scream

Submitted: February 11, 2015

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Submitted: February 11, 2015




?dear me!

don't you know life is life?

without breathe is your death

now imagine if you die

what would you wish ?

you'd say "o People ,i'm sorry ,forgive me " poor beg!

? it's not materialistic  stuff

material is for helping to live not more ,but i fed up with Lame

some say ,you can be happy with if you know how to invest  ,sorry  .....!

i agree if you keep it out of your mind  (expectation of it's coming time)

screw money it's just names ofpaper for selling or buying  ? not keeping it

it's instead of old trade Barter ,if you exchange some amount of milk to goat is it okay?


here comes money? (paper)

so you can restore your stuff

it mostly comebacks nowdays ?to effort

how much creative ,imagintive ,strong and time apperciation money is yours

not talking about (amount of)

may there's useless amount which is free

free? freedom

it's not slaving  to money

free of money 

you apperciate the value of giving

just giving ,  happiness ? cheering him up

free value ? is the most lasting value

happiness ?

people say it has different

but i think  you're the happiness

you're priceless


when you down ,raise up ? with energy

nothing compares to you

in the end ?

when you die ,what would money do?

comes to you

comes you back to life?

can you buy another amont of brith?

what really people miss about you?

your pocket

accounts ,cars ,homes and even your clothes no?

what did you do to them?

sometimes money can't solve the problem

words can change life

attitude can do

loving ,caring about others do!

What do you wait for???


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