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written for my dear friends robin and patty

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



it was 3 PM and sunny
mom woke robin from her nap
she said let's do some baking
make some christmas gingersnaps
robin nodded sleepily
and climbed right out of bed
she loved the thought of cookies
but the job at hand caused dread
every christmas
things would always work out just the same
they'd make a list for cookies
and then add another name
patty would be writing
till quite achy in the wrist
and pretty soon the role of names
resembled santa's list
cause everyone they knew
would surely want some gingersnaps
they're yummy, rich and chewy
people love that kind of crap
they never heard the bitchin'
from the kitchen, as they worked
they never knew that just around the corner
murder lurked
they'd collected every molecule
of ginger from the store
and visited another
when they found they needed more
the house filled with activity
hostility and heat
and clouds of spicy ginger
permeated down the street
tins and tins collected
till they filled up every inch
every chair and every table
even robin's little bench
they had to make ten car trips
just to take them to the post
a freighter then awaited
harbored off the P.G. coast
at last their work was finished
and they sat down with a groan
their bodies tired and weary
fingers worn down to the bone
busier they'd been
than all of santa's little elves
sad to say they had forgot
to save some for themselves

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