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parody of "margaritaville" by jimmy buffet

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



tired of my sponge brakes
shook from my strut shakes
all of my driveway covered in oil
funky old back springs
makin' my rear swing
radiator beginnin' to boil

shapin' my crate again at carburetor
searchin' for that odd gear or exhaust
sure, its a shame that these cars, here have came
but i know...i can save on some costs

though, axle, i'm greasin'
it won't last the season
no way i'll go out and buy one brand new
but here's a real beauty
its real extra-duty
and so i bought it and on the car, threw

"waste, not a thing", they say at carburetorville
searchin' for what appears i have lost
sure, its a game, findin' parts for my frame
but i know...i may find what's been tossed

a chewed up old rag-top
it looked like a real flop
found me a new one and brought it back home
not to mention, a fender
replaced my no-mender
a bumper, i've gotten, all shiny and chromed

racin' away all day at carburetorville
searchin' for things that i stumble across
some think its lame but i come just the same
cause i know...that you can't beat the cost

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