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Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




if a vacuum cleaner sucks, that's good
if you're screwed, sometimes divine
there is always hope at the end of your rope
if  tug of war's your line
a drink is good when on the rocks
and toast is yummy, jammed
and it ain't no hitch if a dog's a bitch
or a basketball gets slammed
its fine to throw up hands in joy
or to be crashing for some naps
profound to be casino bound
if you feel the need for craps
sorry's good when its the game
you play when over board
trouble's good when its the same
aggravation is adored
not up to par in golf is good
and sick is slang for swell
if you drive to arizona
its okay to go to hell
if you opt to be a playwright
its alright to make a scene
if you're figuring an average 
it is perfect if its mean
if you're out of joy 
it only means your dishes won't be clean
and if you're tired of life 
just try another magazine
being left all breathless 
might just mean you're feeling charmed
if you need to get up early 
its okay to wake alarmed
if you laugh yourself to death 
it does not mean there's any harm
if you're moving to nebraska 
its okay to buy the farm
i guess what i am saying
as i turn to you and wink
frets are only for guitarists
things are better than you think


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