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art imitates life


the painter died at seventy
he never was well known
but since the day he last drew air
his prominence has grown
for when the grinning reaper
felt the need to steal his breath
his compositions came to life
to eulogize his death
the ship upon the rolling sea
indeed begins to roll
two lovers walking in the rain
make wavelets as they stroll
the poppies in the dying sun
now tremble in the breeze
while tawny leaves abandon
summer homes they'd built in trees
a kitten, fur, electric
has a whisker with a twitch
the hula girl's in motion
with a scratch she had to itch
but take a look at this one
you would miss it if you blink
self portrait of the artist
as he gives a little wink

Submitted: October 22, 2015

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