How many chapters left? part 1

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How many chapters are there Ms.Williams?

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



chapter 1 : Its your first day of kidnergarden and your thinking, "OH BOY!" Im wondering how many books we are going to read.

But next thing you know, you are starting to loose interest in reading and you are about to start a book with the class and you

see the cover of it, and you know all about that child stuff, when your child see's a book they're going to judge it by the cover.

But its not there fault they think that, they just thought thats how you judge a book, but your not supposed to, no ma'am your not.

Your supposed to judge it by at least getting 4 chapters into the book, but i dont want to bore you folks with all of this nonsense,

you probably want me to just tell you the story.


 You know, i really want to share something with everybody I'm 11!  I bet you didn't think i was that age huh?

also, im writing a book and it probably won't be big, but i dont really care, im in this just to express my LOVE of writing.

So now, as i promised, I shall tell you my story. So while your starting to hear your teacher read, she starts to stop every

darn 5 sentence's just to ask questions or someone's being disruptive


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| | | |

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| |__________| |



Chapter 2 : Now im going to countinue. So while your teachers stopping every 5 minutes, you are now getting bored of the book,

and now it's you making the class stop every 5 minutes, you just countinue to say,"are we almost done?" "how many chapters are left?" 

followed by, "you read SOOOOOOO slow!"

honestly i have nothing else to write,darnit i should of thought more about what i should write next. But don't worry folks,

I'll countine soon. BYE!

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