Dear Life (II)

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A new set of questions i have for this life...I'd like to know what you think of this..

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Dear Life (II),

It amazes me how you always manage the balance,

You have those that are ever so trustful and full of conscience,

Then you make others that are hurtful and so full of malice.

It seems quite unfair though since this balance would never balance,

The latter will always manage to, in others’ lives, conquer the middle,

While the former, in the life of others, would represent barely a ripple.

It may be a little late but I come to you with a proposition,

Send with each being their very own composition,

An insight to be used for their treatment; and for direction,

To include, of the other, a level of knowledge and realization,

An attempt to save both a lot of pain and confusion,

A natural result of the pure mismatch of definitions, and of levels of expectation.

The imbalance per se would result from a different group of others,

Those that have a way of feeding off everyone else, one after the other,

They manage to find a few others to act as their stepping-stones,

Where no matter how bad the pain or how loud the groans;

They keep their eye on the target, and gradually walk all over the others, stone by stone.

Please include within your kind consideration,

Lifting the veils to make them see with precision,

To realize the truth behind the lies they believe with conviction,

And give them the knowledge they’d need for realization,

Make them grow into mountains where they can no longer be under exploitation.

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