Dear Life (III)

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more thoughts on this unjust life...

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



I’m starting to wonder, just how long you’ve been lying to me,

I thought you were my confidant, but it turns out you’re just like anybody,

It’s always been crystal clear, always black or white,

Whichever you say without the slightest doubt,

But now I recognize I have the right to question,

Everything you’ve ever said; the thought is too painful.

Unfortunately my state is not only your blame,

For now it's also the time where human life is suddenly profaned,

Where even a child is capable of showing frightful hate,

Where people live in lacking of any sense or sanity,

Where they’ve all assumed their role as judge or referee,

Where they believe their cause, no matter how misrepresented;

Will always justify whatever means they’ve selected,

And so many truths have simply been neglected.

You can’t blame me if I wonder, if heaven and hell may be a reflection,

A figure of speech that has somehow descended,

Where it chose to meet us half way to limit what’s imagined,

In ill patience for the end that was initially promised,

Or is this really just an extended bus stop we all have to endure,

In waiting for the promised salvation that seems long to be due?

I guess there aren’t too many choices when it comes to friendship,

I’m at a crossroad, and I know which path will lead to less hardship,

I’ll be taking the alternative even though it seems quite tragic,

It will take time, but I’ll try to understand that you come in one package,

And that I’ll have to try to find a way to allow you back in with all the baggage,

And just pray that someday, you’ll come back to me yourself but honest.

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