Was he mine?

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Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011




With every sip of the drink in her hand a tear runs down her face,

She sees his face smile at her, such a warm and loving smile,

It's beauty once used to ease her pain,

Who'd ever thought it would be causing it again.

The thoughts keep coming back to her,

Their long talks and wholehearted laughter,

If only i could go back in time, or even live a different life,

I would surely do things differently, she thinks to herself.

His beauty is beyond definition,

Those soft gorgeous eyes, warm but filled with precision,

Could it be i dreamed him into my life? Or was it all a wishful vision?

All those talks and fights, the tears and joys,

And those nights by the fireplace so close to his chest,

Could i have dreamed those too? If so then why is there still a hole in my chest,

Why won't the pain of his leaving go away?

Was he ever really mine?

Was he ever really there?

Or was this just my way of facing my fear of being alone?

How did everything manage to suddenly become so wrong?

Along the beach they'd take their daily walks, her hand in his,

He never looked happier, they way he looks into her eyes,

The way he tenderly brushes her hair, and ever so gently kisses her lips,

They were always meant to be, fate is something i couldn't have dreamed,

I love her, he tells me over and over again,

Ifthose are the things that friends may share,

Then why does it hurt every time its there,

Making my heart throb and sometimes tear?

Two bottles into the night, and a few pills later,

More memories resurface and are becoming clearer,

Days of shopping for gifts,

Long afternoons of planning a surprise,

Nights of wine and laughter after a fight,

I relive every moment in my head like i was it,

While staring at the clear night sky, the stars come closer,

So close they could almost be touched,

Could this mean he loved her all along?

The blur starts to fade,

I can see her face displayed,

The way he held her in his arms as they made up,

Declared his love for her with his eyes welling up,

As he knelt down on a bended knee,

And slipped the ring on her finger,

So smoothly like it was always just meant to be.

That's when I realized, that she was never me..

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