You're Imaginary

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Submitted: December 25, 2010

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Submitted: December 25, 2010




Your face I longed to see,

for years your hold I grieved,

and of your comforting talks i dreamed,

I barely made it through,

looking forward to coming back to you,

my only real friend, as I believed to be true.

While seeing lots of faces,

in so many different places,

coming home to no one was almost fine,

as some quiet was all I'd have liked at the time.

But then she started to make some noise;

all these questions I could not void,

It sometimes felt as if I've reached a dead end,

where no light could ever be shed.

You were so distant and far, regained some old friends,

and made some others anew,

Keeping me focused as you may say…

keeping away is what I would likely say..

I needed you like I never did before,

as I shamefully realized I turned myself into a cripple...but now I know why;

In your river I was just a ripple,

while in mine you conquered the middle.

It was unfair of me to think you'd stick around forever...

especially when it was all just for the labour.

Yet here I go and tell you once more,

even though untrue for you,

in my heart I'll know there'll be no other real friend for me,

Never before and not even no no one would ever come quite close.

It's just too bad you were never really you..

My imaginary friend, I horribly miss you!

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