In Essence of Things- Chapter 10 (Nell)

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Anna threats Nell to stop involving herself with Sakis, and Amanda- Sakis's ex- arrives to save her.

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007



I was given a rude awakening from my mother who bore down on me like an inhuman drill.  “Get up!  Explain to me what you were doing last night!”

I rubbed my eyes, still asleep, still feeling relaxed from the Nile music I had been listening to a few hours ago.  I had left it running the entire night at a low volume to keep me calm and serene, and right now I was feeling like rubber because it was still going, still affecting me, but not as badly as earlier.  But, again, that was due to low volume.  I sighed.  “Mom…”

“Do you know what I just got?  I got a call from the police saying you were kidnapped last night by a group of guys and a girl!  Why didn’t you tell us-“

I swallowed.  Damn, the jig was up.  “Mom… I wasn’t kidnapped… I was given a ride home… from some friends.”

“From strangers!” my mom furiously snapped.  She rubbed her hair, tugging at it like she wanted to rip it out.  And maybe she did at the time.  “Amy… I thought you were going out with Nicki… where did these guys come into the story?”

I didn’t admonish her for using my first name; that would have been step into too dangerous of waters.  “Mom... so many things went on last night that I had no idea about.  Jeff came unannounced and got into a fight with Satyr, and then Nicki took off and left me!  Sakis was kind enough to bring me home…”

“Sakis?  Satyr?  Who are they…?”

“Some friends I met earlier yesterday… at the mall when I went.  They had arranged dinner with me and Nicki so we went…”

“And you didn’t mention it to me last night…?  Or your dad?”

“Considering what YOU did… I felt that such information didn’t need to be divulged…”

My mom tossed her hands in the hair.  “Amy… what did I do that was so bad?  Is this about telling Jeff where you were… for God’s sake he was concerned about you!”

“If you had heard the things he said last night to me… you’d think otherwise…”

She frowned, arching an eyebrow.  “What did he say…?”

“I’d rather not repeat it… it was offensive, it was degrading, and it confirmed what happened a few nights ago…”

My mom shook her head.  “I’m so confused…  The police said that they talked to the guy who took you home… and there was a fight and someone was hurt badly… I was scared you got involved somehow… but, why didn’t you tell us about it?”

“You were asleep.  I came home, took a shower, and went to bed after my hair dried.  I was tired… the night was pretty nuts…”

“The officer said that the brawl occurred after nine… we were up until eleven… which meant you came home over two hours after the fight… and if you say that Nicki left you to be dropped off by this… Sakis… what did you two do in the interim of two hours?”

I swallowed again.  Damn!  I wasn’t about to tell my mother that I had spent the night on a beach getting sexual favors from a guy, and then gotten caught and sent packing.  “We went out and got coffee… got to know each other better…”

“Just how well… exactly…?”

“Shared histories… our interests…”  I watched my mom’s lips tighten together.  “I did not sleep with him… if that’s what you’re assuming…”

“I don’t know what to assume of you anymore, Amy.  It’s like over the past few days you’ve changed.  You went to a party and got stoned and drunk, you lie to me about your plans, and now you accept rides from a guy you hardly know and let him take you to God-knows-where!  For all you know he could have raped you in that car!”

I grimaced.  “First of all… I wasn’t stoned or drunk at that party.  Jeff was.  I had one drink… one smoke… and that’s it.  And second, I think you’re being a little judgmental about Sakis… he did drive me home…”

“Is he Christian?”

“I don’t think so…”

“Then he’s not good!”

I laughed.  “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard…”

“Is it?  I’ve seen all those heathen people, with the… dog collars on their neck and spiked on their face and hair.  It’s terrifying!  I’ll bet he’s one of those…”

“He has one spike… from his chin… but he’s not like that… his friend, Satyr, is… but I’m not dating him-“

“You’re dating!  When were you going to tell me this?  Did you just… fall head over heels for him the moment you met him?”  Damn, another jig given up!  But, it had to be given sooner than later.

I smiled.  “Something like that… we met at the music store, he bought me a CD, and things bloomed from there…”

My mom shook her head.  “Your dad’s not going to like this… you know he likes Christians pretty much only.”  She rubbed her eyes.  “So… describe him to me…”

“In body or mind?”


“Well… he’s a music nut… loves metal, but his tastes are quite… amazing and sensual,” I grinned, picking the right words.

My mom turned and looked towards the music that was softly playing from my computer.  “That music…?”

“Yes… that’s one of the bands he recommended…”

“Sounds like the guy singing is choking…”

“To the untrained ear…”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Don’t be smart with me…”

“Sorry…” I apologized, even though I wasn’t sorry.  “Well… he’s slightly taller than me, but only by an inch.  Dark blond hair, short in front, but it gets longer as it goes back… brown eyes, facial hair… wears lots of white shirts and shorts… but hooded sweatshirts at night…”

My mom put her hand up.  “I think that’s enough information dear…”  She sighed.  “Well… perhaps we should have him over for dinner on Sunday… do you think he could make it?”
“I can give him a call and see… we’re supposed to hang out anyway on Sunday.”

My mom frowned.  “And I suppose you were going to keep that information to yourself…?”

“I would have mentioned it soon enough…”  I rolled my eyes.  “So… what does dad think of all this…?”

“He’s a little furious… but mostly out of your safety.  But, I think he and I are going to feel much better with what you’ve told us, and once we meet this Sakis…”

“I hope so…”  I rubbed my eyes again, finally waking up and realizing it was eleven in the morning.  “Guess I slept in…”

“That you did… and your phone has about ten messages…”

I frowned and check my cell.  There were ten text messages all from Anna.  And every one said “Call me!” or “Urgent!!!”  I nodded thanks to my mom who stood up and left my room.  I dialed Anna’s number.

“’Bout time you called!” she snapped.

“I was asleep…”

“I was able to get Satyr off my cunt for the day!  And Sakis as well… we need to meet up and discuss this plan…”

“About what?”

I heard her sigh with discuss.  “What are you… retarded?  You know what plan I’m talking about!  Keeping Sakis in line!  I’ll tell you more when we get there… I can pick you up if you want… and we’ll discuss things at your place or mine…”

I was surprised at her ferocity.  I had thought that everything had been set.  Sakis liked me.  “Anna… Sakis likes me... I think we’re fine… there’s nothing to discuss…”

“Oh you have no idea… for this to work… we need to take precautions!”

“What precautions?”

“I said I’ll explain later!”

“Well explain now!  You plan and plan, but don’t tell me anything… and if you don’t start telling me things, then I’ll just let this go to hell…”

“No… no I need you in this…”

“Then tell me why so badly you need me?  Because I’m confused and have no idea why!  You and Sakis curse each other out all the time, and yet you’re acting like Amanda- his ex- will be his downfall and you’re trying to save him, which throws off the entire spectacle of the hatred you two have for each other…”

“Nell… this isn’t about just Amanda… it’s also you…”

“Me?  What does this have to do with me?  How am I a threat to Sakis?!”

“I never said you were a threat…”  Her voice sounded tired and ragged.  “Just… let me come get you… we’ll go back to my place and swim a bit and after some fruit drinks, I’ll tell you everything…”

“I’ll see if I can arrange it with my parents… they’re somewhat mad about last night…?”

“What did you tell them?”

“Just that Sakis took me home after the beach…”

“Did you mention what happened AT the beach?”

“No… are you crazy?”
“No… just making sure you weren’t.  Look… I’m currently in a bit of a state where I can’t go outside due to lack of clothes… but I’ll be dressed in ten minutes and be at your place in fifteen…”

I frowned.  “How do you know where I live…?  I never told-“
“Sakis…” she said simply.  “I asked him, and he gave me your address…”

It seemed as good as any answer.  “I wasn’t aware you talked to him…”

“Oh you know Sakis… he talks to Satyr, and then I learn whatever Satyr decides to tell me… which is everything if I’m pleasing him on an orgasm high…”

I shook my head.  “Sakis was right… you and Satyr really are sex nuts…”

“We wouldn’t be us if we weren’t…”

“Now this I know.  I’ll call you in ten minutes about whether I can come over…”

“Done, see you in twenty five…”

“I never said-“  But, the phone went dead, meaning Anna had hung up.  I sighed.  The crazy bitch assumed everything meant yes.  I went downstairs to see my mom; my dad was at work.  “Mom… I’m going to hang out with Anna…”

“Who is Anna?”

“Sakis’s cousin…”

She took a look at me and shrugged.  “As long as I get to meet her…”

“Well since she’s coming over to pick me up… and we’re going to her place… then you’ll get the chance…”

“All right… you should take a shower, your hair is a mess…”

I knew this was true, but didn’t care.  “I’m going to swim in her pool… I’ll shower over there…”


I went back upstairs and called Anna.  “OK… it’s on.”

“Great!  Now give me fifteen minutes to get there…”



“Could you dress a little… cleanly…?  My mom wants to meet you…”

I heard her laugh.  “Your mother… will take me as I am…”

“Anna… I’m serious… she’s a devout Christian.  My whole family is…”

“Devout?  Does Sakis knows?”


“Hmmm… well then perhaps your relationship won’t last as long as you think…”

“What’s that supposed to mean…?”
“You know he can’t stand overtly religious people…”

“I’m not going to convert him… but he should respect my beliefs… because I respect his.”

“Do you now?  Do you even know what his beliefs are?”

“I know he believes in music… and some of his morals… and they’re not exactly too favorable in my book, but I put up with him…”

Another laugh.  “Honey… you have no idea… you’ll have to claw to a deeper surface than that to get to the core of my Sakis…”


“You just said… ‘My Sakis’…?”

A pause.  “He’s my cousin… so of course he’s mine… there’s more than one Sakis in this world you know…”

“Is there now…?”

“Sure… just like there’s more than one Satyr in the world…”

I chuckled.  “I get the idea…”

“OK… good… because I am on my way as we speak…”

“See you in a bit…”  I hung up and then stepped out of my pajamas and into some other clothes.  Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring from downstairs.  I peeked my head down to see my mom open it, and saw Anna standing there, dressed as I had expected: black shorts, a black spaghetti strap with the word Slayer across it, and her eyebrow piercing as well as a chin spike of her own.  If her blond hair was a bit darker, one could easily have mistaken her for Sakis’s unknown sister in this outfit.  But, everything else clicked into place.

“Ready to go?” she called up at me, noticing I was on the stairwell.  My mom looked back at me and gave me an infuriating look.  I shrugged.  “Yea… I’ll be ready in a minute… just let me grab some shoes-“

“You bringing swim clothes… or are we swimming with nothing on?”
I blushed, embarrassed by her talk in front of my mother.  “That’s part of the ‘ready in a minute’ part.  Go out in the car, I’ll be there in a moment…”

She nodded and skipped off.  My mom shut the door and sighed.  “Amy… she’s one of freakiest people I have ever seen… and you’re going to hang out with her…”

“Oh mom… if she tries anything I’ll stake her…” I joked.  She did not laugh back.  I swallowed and then disappeared off to my room to grab swimwear and my flip flops and then rushed downstairs, hoping to avoid any last parting bits of wisdom- or begrudges- my mother would instill upon my leaving.  But, she caught my arm as I took flight.

“Amy…” I gave her the look.  “Nell… listen!  There’s something about her I don’t trust… I mean I REALLY don’t trust… and it’s not just how she dresses… I would suggest a mall or something… but not her place… at her place who knows what could happen.”

“Mom… I’ll be fine… we’re just going to swim and talk… and that’s it.  If she tries anything I’ll leave and call you guys to pick me up on my cell…”

“Call us when you get there…” she said urgently.

“I will…”

A honk let us know that Anna was waiting.  My mom glared at the door, as if she could see through it.  “Impatient much…?”

“She can be…”

“All the more I don’t trust her… she has lots of sex… doesn’t she?”

“I wouldn’t know…”

But, I knew my mom wasn’t buying it.  “If there are any guys there… be extra careful…”

“I will…”  I hugged my mom for extra assurance and then threw the door open and ran for the car.  Anna opened the door and I jumped in.

“Hello, love…”


“Mom warning you about how evil I am?”

“A little… don’t worry… I hope you don’t take offense…”

Anna shrugged.  “I’m used to it… well… let’s get soaked!”  She floored the engine and it took a moment for me to realize what we were listening to: Catacombs.  I felt the shivers run down my spine; it wasn’t the song I had heard in the car with Sakis, but it was very similar, and still affected me.  Anna grinned at me.

“I assume you two are acquainted…?”
“A little…”

She smiled and drummed her fingers on the steering wheel.  “Sakis let me borrow the album… he came by and dropped off the album before he took my Satyr to the beach…”

“Why not use the pool…?”

“I wanted some alone time… with you… just us girls to discuss what needs to be discussed…”

I frowned.  “I thought Satyr was in on the deal with keeping Sakis away from Amanda?”

“He is… but his part in it is mild… no need for him to be here.  He knows what needs to be done…”

I nodded.  It was fair enough.  I was actually glad that Satyr wasn’t there; I wasn’t sure how much more than an hour I could stand with his sex crazed, violent self.  Then again, I wasn’t sure how much of Anna’s sex crazed self I could handle.  Anna frowned at me.  “How come you’re not… musically orgasming?”


“This IS the band that had you going in the car last night… right?”

“Sounds like them…”

“Then how come you’re not… you know…?”
I shrugged.  “Not sure… guess it depends on the song rather than the band…”

“Hmmm… well… here… let me skip through the tracks and you tell me which one sets you off…” she grinned.

I shook my head.  “No thanks… just… turn it off really… I’ve had enough music for my ears in last twenty four hours…”

“Oh… OK…”  Anna sounded very disappointed, but I wasn’t sympathetic.  I wasn’t there to get her off, to be a show for her pleasure.

“Why are you so interested in that…?”

“’Cause it’s hot… and I’m trying to figure out how to do it!”

“Ask Sakis-“
“I did… what do you think he gave me the CD for?  But, I listened to it two times in a row and it doesn’t work…”

“Guess you have to find… what was it Sakis called it…?”

“Music niche… I know I know!  But, he’s the music doctor of the group… he should be able to spread me wide and tell me exactly what turns me on!”

I made a face at the analogy.  “You know… I really wonder about you two…”

“Who?  Me and Sakis?  Me and Satyr?  Come on… give me a little more detail!”
“Yes, you and Sakis!  You two absolutely hate each other… but yet here you are making sexual suggestions about him… your cousin…”

She laughed wickedly.  “Well… one can have their forbidden fantasies… can’t they?  I mean…” she laughed as she searched for words.  “… it’s not like I can do anything with him anyway… but it’s still a nice thought to have every once in a while… about someone as experienced and caring as he is… no girl will ever love him…” her voice trailed off and she suddenly looked very serious.

“What… no girl will ever love him… like…?” I said, trying to encourage her to tell me what was going on.

She shrugged.  “His luck with girls aren’t that great… they take and take and suck him dry… both figuratively and literally… and then leave him broken.  Hopefully… you’ll be the cure to all this… mess!”

I thought for a moment.  “Are you saying… you think I could be Sakis’s… one?”

She burst out laughing again.  “What… are you insane?  No… I don’t think you’re the one… but I think you’re a good mainstay… you seem good… I like you… think you’ll take good care of him…”

“Take care of him… for what?  To make sure that he doesn’t get broken hearted again?”

“Something like that… yes…”  Anna paused as she drove up to a large two story house with a gate surrounding the area.  “Ah, here we are… my humble yet rich abode…”

I stared as she pulled past the self automated gate and in.  The front yard had a fountain in the center as well as different colored tiled surround plants and trees of a tropical nature.  It was almost like I had stepped into a new world, and it was only the front garden.  I still had to see the house itself, and I had no idea what to expect.  Anna saw my awed expression.  “Not used to this… are you?”
“Not at all…”  I nodded.

“This is what happens when your mom and dad work for a high ranking technology company… trust me though, the inside isn’t as lavish… we spent all the money on the outside just for show…”  She hopped out of the car and I followed and we strode inside through the garage.  I looked around; the floor was tiled and there were a few pictures on the wall but aside from that, the inside looked as normal as ever; there were no golden chandeliers, no crystal pieces of art sitting on shelves or desktops.  It made me wonder just how deceiving the appearance really was.  The house on the outside looked too nice to match how things were inside.

Anna pulled me towards her room.  “You can change in there if you want, I’m going to go ahead and jump in the pool… it’s out back; just follow the sunshine that streams through the glass to find it…”  She smiled and then took off.  I turned and shut her door and dug into the bag I had brought for my towel and bikini gear.  I took a moment to look around her room.  She had quite a few posters- all of bands I had no idea of.  Metal, most likely.  There were also pictures everywhere.  Most of Anna and Satyr doing silly things, like sticking their tongues out at the camera.  Others involved her and other girls, most likely friends.  But, it was a particular one of Satyr, Sakis, and Anna that caught my eye.  Anna was in the middle- wearing just all black- with Sakis- wearing a white shirt that said Hypocrisy- and Satyr- with a goat skull on his shirt and a red S- on her side; everyone had their arms around one another.  However, Anna’s head was slightly inclined towards Sakis’s shoulder, instead of Satyr’s.  This confused me; normally, since Satyr and Anna were dating, she should have been leaning against him.  It just felt very strange to see Anna snuggled up against Sakis, leaving Satyr in the cold.  I looked at the picture for a date of some sort; perhaps it was before they were dating.  Instead, on the back I found an untidy scrawl of a note, saying what appeared to be, “In metal and good friends we trust…”

I chuckled, putting the picture back on the wall and took my shirt off and pants, replacing them with my black swimwear before grabbing my towel and heading outside down the hall.  Upon entering backyard, I had to stare.  It was all the more lush than the front yard, as well as bigger.  Palm trees stuck up from around the fence as well as other tropical plants that covered any sign of a fence, and a stone path led to a rocky enclave to where I could see steam rising.  I followed the path, pushing through the steam and smoke until I saw the bubbling waters that stretched out for a few feet.  The trees enclosed around me, suddenly making the area very dark, compared to the fact it was a perfectly sunny day.  I heard movement behind me and saw Anna, standing naked, smiling.  “I see you found my little makeshift hot water springs spa… Pretty place isn’t it?”

I wasn’t sure what surprised me more: the fact that Anna wore nothing, or her backyard looked like Eden.  She shrugged and swaggered by me.  “Nice outfit… as you can see I prefer nothing…”

“I can see that… aren’t you afraid of neighbors looking?”

“Through the jungle thicket I have here?  They would have to take a chainsaw to get through, and of course the loud noise would be warning enough to scamper inside and call the police for breaking in, as well was putting some clothes on.”

 I nodded.  “How… how did you come up with this?”

“My dad did… he always wanted to go to Tahiti but my mother would have killed him… cause he just wants the topless girls there… so they compromised and he brought Tahiti to our backyard… in a sense…”

I regarded her with a sense of humor.  “So… I suppose I better follow the rules then… huh?”  And I let my top fall to the ground.

Anna smirked.  “That’s the spirit, love.  Now… if only Satyr or Sakis were here to please our pretty selves… but no they’re at the beach… too bad…” she said with an air of false disappointment.  She nodded back towards the stone path.  “The pool is over to the left… I was going to hop in this stone paradise here.  You can either get soaking cold or just join me… I always prefer to do the first option… good for the heart… but it’s up to you…”

I shrugged.  “I’ll join you… I want to talk about this ordeal with Sakis that requires my help so much…”

“Ah… that… almost forgot… well… let’s sit.”  And she slid into the frothing waters and went under, rising with a sigh.  “Mmmm… now that’s good…”

I followed, sliding in, and feeling the warmth crawl up my skin.  It felt desirably relaxing.  Anna faced me and sat back against the stone edge, arms crossed.  “All right… as you know the idea is that you’re supposed to keep Sakis away from Amanda… until we find her someone so she’ll stop stalking him…”

“Yes… I know that already…”

“Well… that’s done… so you don’t have to be with him anymore… you’re free to go...”

I laughed.  “And what if I want to be with him?”

“Now… why would you want to be with an ass like him?  The only reason I stand him is because he’s family!”

“He’s not so bad once you get to know him…”

I saw her lips twist into a smile.  “Ah… you’re meaning about the beach.  Well, love… I guess you’re just as sex crazy as any of us.  And I thought you were one of those girls who were all for personality and cuddles…”

I shook my head.  “It’s not just the beach thing… it’s… he’s good… even if he doesn’t look it…”

Anna snorted.  “You think I don’t know that?  Of course he’s good…!”  She paused and sighed.  “Well… I’m just saying you could do better…”

I cocked my head.  “Why exactly are you so intent on having Sakis being single…?”

“Simply for the fact that I have someone… in mind… for him already…”

I rubbed my eyes.  “I’m basically being used… then… aren’t I?”

“Not at all… what one gives… shall receive an equal share…”  Anna leaned forward and slide next to me, taking her hands and stroking my breasts, leaning over and running her tongue down my neck.  I stared.  “What are you doing?!?”

“What… don’t you like it…?”

“You’re a lesbian?”
“I told you I had some dark fantasies… with people… and now I suppose is my chance…”

I rose, shaking my head.  “Anna… I don’t have a thing for girls…”

Anna smirked.  “But yet… you seemed to be enjoying it at the time.”

I shook my head, trying to avert the tingling feeling and get myself to stop looking so perky.  “Anna… I can’t… do this!  I can’t handle this!  You say you want me to be with Sakis… and yet you act like you want him all… to yourself!”

Anna threw her head back and laughed, smirking.  “Don’t be silly… why would I want that?  He’s my cousin for God’s sake… we can’t have a relationship!  Not like that…!”

I spat.  “Very funny… very convincing… so then if I like him let me have him…!”

I saw her eyes shut, like she was wrestling with a big decision.  “I just… don’t want to see him get hurt…”

I shook my head.  “I think you do… I think you want to get his hopes up and then shoot them down… because either you want him for yourself because you’re a sick… person!  Or… you’re just sick because you enjoy basking in others’ pain!”

Anna bared her teeth at me.  “Get out of my house… out of my presence… you miserable bitch!  I take you in, let you use my paradise-“

“And try and hit on me and sexually harass me!”

Anna chuckled.  “It’s not harassment if you enjoy it…”

I shook my head and rose, water pouring down me.  She giggled.  “Oh you look so hot like that… I wonder how you look without that pathetic bikini on you…”

I stepped away from her reach.  “You’re not going to know…”

“Bitch…” she laughed.  “Get out of my backyard… and just stick to the plan… or I swear I will make your life Hell!”
Terrified, I stumbled back, tripping over the stones and grabbing my bikini top and towel and rushed back towards the house.  I yanked the glass door open and rushed through to what looked like the front door.  I entered the fountain centered yard and looked for a gate.  It was locked.  “NO!” I screamed, yanking at the iron bars like they would come loose.  I spun to see Anna in the door behind me, with the phone in her hand, no doubt calling the police on me to frame me.  I shook my head, stuck my towel between the barred grates, and began to climb.  My feet slide against the bars, but I kept scrambling.  Anna laughed behind me.  “That’s right… climb you bitch… I’ll have you arrested!  I know your face, and your name…”

“You don’t have any proof!  There’s no forced entry…” I snapped at her, trying to avoid the pointed ends of the top of the fence spikes.

“Hmmm… you’re right…” she called back softly.  Anna reached for a jar ornament and turned to a window and hurled it.  It went right through and shattered the window, setting off an alarm.  “Now there’s a forced entry…”

I dropped over the other side and began running.  Anna took to the gates, laughing at me.  “You should have just done what I asked… I said it was to be temporary!  There’s a million other guys in this world and Sakis isn’t the only…”  I didn’t hear what the rest of what she said because I turned the block and sighed, catching my breath.  I wanted to go home… I wanted to call Sakis… I wanted to call the police… but most of all, I wanted to call Sakis, and tell him how insane Anna was.  I reached among my towel for my phone when I realized… it wasn’t there.  I had left it in Anna’s room.  I swore and sank to the ground, burying my face in my towel.  There was no way I was going to go back to get it.  A rumble of a car and the crunch of gravel made me look up.  A police car loomed over me.  The officer inside stepped out.  “Miss… are you OK?  We heard there was a break-in among this area… were you the one who called us?”
I shivered uncontrollably.  “I… I don’t know… I just… was getting some fresh air…”

The officer frowned at my attire.  “In a bikini and towel...?  Miss… it seems like you were running away… from what?”

“A crazy person…” I said softly.

“Well… where is this person?  Come… get in the car… we’ll get this person!”

“No!” I said sharply.  “Can you just give me a ride home…?”

The officer looked confused.  “Lady… it’s our duty to uphold the law… if the individual just threatened you recently… then we can still get him… now… at least point us in the right direction then?”

I looked over and then down the road.  I could see a figure with dark hair and dressed in black running towards me.  Anna.  I shivered.  “She’s the one!  She’s the one… who tried to rape me...!”

The officer frowned.  “That’s a girl… and the call we received was about breaking and entering…!”

“Trust me… she’s not safe…”

“Hold on…”  The officer stepped in front of me, blocking my view of the girl, and a moment later I felt him move, and then a cry of pain as he grabbed Anna and I felt a “whump” as she hit the car.  I moved over to laugh but saw suddenly, that the girl was not Anna.  It was someone else.

“Wait… wait!  That’s not her!  That’s… that’s…”

“Amanda…” the girl looked up at me, smiling through blood that dripped from her lip; the force of being slammed against the car had forced her bite down.  The officer looked at Amanda, and then me.  “Miss… are you sure?”

“I am sure!  Let her go… she’s bleeding!”

“Ah… just a scratch… nothing I can’t handle…”  I turned to notice her left arm, which was covered in scars from knife marks.  Several of them were curved to form a particular name: Sakis.  I stared.  I was looking at Amanda, the crazy ex girlfriend.

The officer, who I now noticed looked about twenty- very young,- released Amanda and she shook her hair, rubbing her wrists and smiling at the officer.

“Well… if that’s all… I’m going to go…”  He was clearly shaken by Amanda’s tenacity and jumped in his car, speeding off like he had lions after him.

“Thank you for that… it was enjoyable…”  Amanda called.  She then turned to me.  “Now… Nell right… you need to come with me…”

“Why?  You’re Sakis’s crazy ex!”

She laughed.  “Is that what they call me these days…?  Well… I can assure you I’m no crazy than that incestual bitch of a cousin he has!”

“Incestual?  You mean…?”

Amanda shook her head.  “Look… I’m parked a few blocks from here… I’ve been keeping tabs on her… and you since you always seemed to be in her presence… come… we’ll go wherever you want so we can talk… there are some things you should know…”

“No!  I’m not going anywhere!  I want to know what the hell is going on!  This is too insane for me!”

Amanda sighed.  “Look… we can either stand here and argue… giving Anna time to come up with a good story to have you hunted down… or we can get out of here… to safety…!”

I slumped against the pavement.  “This is… a nightmare…”

“You have no idea…”  Amanda tugged at my arm.  “Let’s go!  I think after you hear what I have to say… you’ll understand…”

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