In Essence of Things- Chapter 15 (Sakis)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Satyr takes Sakis to the hospital, where they both run into an old enemy, and Sakis recieves another visit from God

My deep sleep was interrupted by a knock, and jabbing pain in my face. Neither lightened the mood. I heard Ryan’s voice. “Hey… just wanted to let you know…“ I didn’t let him finish as I took my shoe that was next to the bed and hurled it at the door. The sound broke the silence of the room, and it was sweet, just to hear that one echo, to disturb my thoughts and scatter them so they wouldn’t come back until I was asleep again.

“Hey!” Ryan snapped. “I’m doing you a favor! This girl called and told you-“

I threw my other shoe. Another boom, another chance to be scattered. I heard Ryan swear and then there were no more knocks, no more questions. I sighed, and buried my head among my pillows. “God, can I just get some peace,” said to myself.

“That might be hard to do, my friend…”

I sat up and stared, as Thompson looked across from me, smiling. “Fuck… you’re back… did I fall asleep that fast?”

“No… but you’re hallucinating all the same due to the fact you’re in quite a bit of pain due to all those glass cuts… and your shirt wrapped around your face won’t save you…”

“And you think you will?” I spat, knowing he wasn’t real, knowing I was probably looking crazy talking to myself. But, I felt compelled to anyway. “Why the hell are you here?”

“Simply to prove a point… I told you Nell was Christian… told you that you would lose her if you didn’t change…”

I grabbed a nearby CD case and prepared to throw it, but paused. My Dying Bride’s A Line of Deathless Kings was too precious to damage. I sighed. “Can you hold a moment…?”

Thompson shrugged. “I have all day…”

I nodded, and stumbled out of my room, first to the kitchen when I grabbed an ice pack from the fridge, slapped it on my face, grimacing in pain and relief then went to Ryan’s room. It was empty, and his wallet was gone, meaning he probably had a friend pick him up. I laughed. He could have just taken… I paused. Fuck! My car! My car got totaled! I was in an accident! How the…? I shook my head. “Damnit!” I snapped out loud. I grabbed a nearby 50 Cent album case and stormed back to my room. Thompson was lying on his bed. “Better now that you have that ice pack?”

I responded by hurling the rap album case at his head. It passed through him and bounced against the wall, falling apart. Thompson sighed. “Ryan won’t be too happy about that… Why do you keep trying to hurt me when you know you can’t?”

“Makes me feel momentarily better…” I growled.

“Like that ice?”

“Like the ice…” I agreed. I sat down next to him. “You are one twisted fuck… visiting me in my lowest points of life only to make them lower…”

“You let them get this low… if you just listened to me for once-“

“Listen to you… who ruined my life? That’s a brilliant idea… yes…”

Thompson sighed, despite the fact no breath came from him. “You’re never going to give up on that are you?”

“Never will! Things could have been perfect with Gina and you ruined them…”

“Well… if you want to talk about things in the case of what could have been… then why don’t you quit your whining and get back with Anna… family and incest aside you two went well together… she sucks great… and she loves to have your tongue-“

I dove at him and slid across the bed and on the floor. Thompson looked down on me. “Struck a nerve did I?”

“I’m going to strike quite a few of yours… when I figure this mystical shit out and how to hurt you!” I moaned. “You’re going to suffer so much when I figure this out…”

“When you figure this out… I won’t exist…”

“Good enough for me…”

“Well… unless you take my advice… you’re not going to figure it out… at least not the easy way…”

“I like life complicated,” I murmured. “It keeps me on edge…”

“Ah yes… crashing into a semi truck does keep you on edge doesn’t…?”

“Most certainly does…”

“Well… if you want to keep being miserable, keep making the choices you are making… keep living on the edge…”

“I’ll do that…” I said, just trying to hurry up the conversation so perhaps Thompson would leave.

“The sooner you change… the sooner things will clear up… starting with your face… you should go to a hospital… have you even seen how bad you look right now?”

“Some things aren’t worth knowing…” I murmured.

“Well… then just take the plunge… take a leap of faith…”

I laughed. “What… are you God or something, Thompson?”

“Indeed… I am…”

I laughed. “Of course… you’re a Christian upstart… of course you’re God!”

“No… seriously… Sakis… I am God… speaking to you in your most dire moments or dreams… trying to help you along in life…”

“Really now? Well… if that be the case… what Incantation albums do I own?”

“None… you were going to buy them but the CDs were too expensive… ringing up a bill of over a hundred dollars and you only had a hundred dollar giftcard to buy them. You meant to get them all but other albums got in the way… instead you went to that CCnow site and bought an EA as well as Tales of Dark album…”

I stared, open mouthed. The ice slipped from my face and I reached over and caught it, slapping it back in place. “Oh wow… you are good… but then again you’re a figtment of my mind… so therefore any of these questions are folly because YOU are ME!”

Thompson laughed. “Oh… you are so twisted… at such a loss of faith… you’ll do anything to deny the presence of God… or religion in your life…” He sighed. “I admit… I am sorry… sorry for letting Thompson be misguided by following the Old Testament and everything in the Bible… he took it too seriously… things have changed since the old world. But, you… you I was impressed with… you kept to your faith while you had it… despite the fact you hung out with loose women… listened to music that blasphemed me. You were a true believer… and knew what to let in and shut out… I was impressed…”

I smiled. “Flattery won’t get me to believe…”

“Then what will?”

I frowned. “What?”

“What will get you to believe in all of this again? What do you want?”

I shrugged. “Fine… make a pony appear before me and I’ll believe…”
Thompson smiled. “That’s not what you want…”

“Oh… then what doe I want?”

He shrugged. “I’m not you… I can’t tell you that… you have to tell me…”

I sighed; best I be honest with myself. “I want Anna to get over me… Amanda to be happy and stop cutting… and Nell… I want Nell to be honest…”

“Then listen to me,” Thompson… or God, as I now started to believe that just maybe he was. “Go to the hospital… get those sutures sealed… no one wants to see you with a thousand gashes across your face. Then call Nell… she has been trying to get a hold of you all this time… she wants to see you… Satyr will see you soon enough to make amends… and Amanda will find her own way… but Anna will never get over you… but if you do as you have done in the past… focus on everything and block her out… she will never bother you… her words will be useless against you… her tricks seen through…”

I nodded. “And if I do all this… then I will get what I want?”

“Yes…” God scratched his head. “Ah yes… perhaps you should see your old friend Thompson… sometime in the future… he is also instrumental in this ‘healing’ as I would call it. You two have much to catch up on…”

“I may see him…”

“See him and forgive him…”

“Why should I?”

“Because he never did a thing to you save scare you away… Anna… ruined your relationship with Gina… as did she with every girl you met… you have to believe that and stop having your judgments of the past- no matter how fun it was- get in the way. Anna is not the loving saint you think of her, despite the act you two put on.”

I shook my head. “I made a deal with her… I have to live up on it…”

“You only live up on the deals you make in my eyes… and since you did not swear by my name… I absolve you…”

I shrugged; it was a decent enough excuse. “Thanks… God…”

“Sakis? Hey you OK!?”

I blinked. God was gone, and Satyr was standing over me. “Are you OK? God, your face… we have to get you to a hospital! You are a mess!”

I shook my head. “Hey… where’s God?”

“Up in the damn sky where he always is! You… however, need to get off your ass and get with me to a hospital! What happened?”

“Semi truck run in…”

“Fuck that was YOU?! You’re lucky to be alive! Blessed be Satan… I knew he’d watch out for you…”

“It wasn’t Satan… it was God…” I mumbled as he helped me up.

“God? God doesn’t save! You must be delirious! I mean you’ve got blood all over you! Come on… up… lets go…” Satyr pulled me to my feet and slung an arm over me, limping me to the door.

“How’d you get in…?”

“Took your grand window entrances as inspiration… you’d be amazed how many people leave their unlocked… especially yours…” He sighed. “Everyone is worried about you… especially Nell… she went to pieces after you left…”

“What about everyone else?”

“Tried to tear each other to pieces… Amanda tried to kill Anna… I tried to stop her but the bitch elbowed me… then Nell smashed her over the head with a lamp and left. I don’t know how she got home… or if she did. I left soon after as well… I so angry….”

“Bet you were…” I nodded. We reached the front door and I opened it to see Satyr’s truck on the sidewalk, right on my lawn. “You could have just parked along the street…”

“Ah… again… your entrances inspired me to do other things…” he laughed. Satyr opened the door and let me slip inside. “So… what hospital?”

“Kaiser… over by my University… where I used to live… we’ll handle it there… God… ice…. I need ice…”

“Hold on…” Satyr rushed inside and came back a few minutes later with the pack. I slapped it on my face and nodded to him. “Up in my room… keys on my desk… one of them is a house key… lock the front door will you?”
“Sure…” Satyr disappeared again and then came back, sliding into his car and hit the stereo. “Track of choice?”
“I don’t care…” I muttered. “Put on whatever the hell you want… just get me to the hospital…”

Satyr nodded and put in a blank CD, and a moment later L’ame Immortelle flooded the speakers. I sighed. “So… what happened back there?”
“What do you mean?”

“What… why did I see what I saw…?”

Satyr shook his head at me. “We were trying to get back at Anna… for what she did… tried to make her feel guilty like she had me… like she had you… but I guess she never cared for me at all… it didn’t hurt her like I wanted…”

“How did you get roped into it?”

“Amanda called me… told me she wanted to talk… next thing I know I have three girls asking to have sex with me… I wasn’t going to pass that up…” He shrugged. “I only kissed Nell… I know you care for her so I left the rest of her for you…”

“You make her sound like she’s a slab of meat…” I laughed.

“White meat at that… but that’s not the point! She wants to see you…”

“I know! I’ll call her whenever I get better…”

“We can go see her now… if you want…”

I laughed. “I am never going back to her place… her family hates me…”

“Do they even know you?”

“Sadly… yes…”

“What do you mean? At Amanda’s house I thought Nell said she never invited you to dinner…”

“Anna… it was Anna who set it up…” I sighed.

“That bitch…” Satyr snapped. “She really thought of everything didn’t she?”

“She did… she’s had years and nothing but lust on her mind to figure things out…”

I nodded in agreement and held the ice tighter to my face. “Why’d you do it?”

“What?” I asked.

“Run into that semi truck…?”

“He ran into me… and I dunno… I was totally lost at that moment… I didn’t care what happened… what I saw hurt the most… everyone lost and Anna won… I had basically sold my soul…”

“You didn’t sell her anything! Just tell her no and fuck you! You don’t have to keep that deal… if you want Nell… or Amanda… or whatever in life… go for that. The hell with deals! Life’s about going for what you want by any means necessary. Anna knows this… and you do too.” Satyr paused. “Do you… want Anna?”
“Right now… I just want this pain in my face to stop… then I’ll go from there…” I sighed angrily.

“Fair enough… want to stop talking? It looks like it hurts you to do so…”

“A little…”

Satyr nodded and said no more. “We’re almost there… hang on…” Satyr made a sharp turn that had me pressed up against the glass and I grunted, feeling pressure upon my face. “Sorry… hold on… gotta make another… grab something…” He made another swerve and I almost knocked into him, but the handlebar near the roof saved me. Satyr cooled the engine, jumped out, and then went to my side to help me out. Half blind, due to the ice pack, I staggered with him through the front doors and slumped in a chair while Satyr rushed to the front desk. “Need medical attention… now!”

The woman, who looked to be in about her thirties with red hair and blue eyeliner, frowned at him. “You see to fine, sir…”

“Not me… for him!” He pointed over to me. The woman noticed too. “Looks like he just has a headache… if you want I’ll spring for a pack of Tylenol or something…”

Satyr rolled his eyes, marched over to me, eased me up, and pulled me over to her, removing the ice pack from the left side of my face. “Here! Is this reason enough?”

The woman stared as the mixture of water and blood seeped onto her window desk. “Well… just keep that ice on there… there’s a waiting list…”

“This is a fucking emergency!” Satyr roared. “There are no ‘waiting lists’ when it comes to that…!”

“Sir,” the woman nodded, “his wounds are not exigent enough to be considered an emergency… the ice pack is doing its job… now if you and your friend will just have a-“

Satyr slammed a fist onto the desk, making water and blood jump everywhere. “I want to see a fucking gurney and a fucking doctor down here…” he hissed, inches away from the woman. “My friend here was in a car accident and has been losing blood for the past hour or so…” he gazed around the room. Almost ninety percent of the people were seventy or older. “You’re going to trade his wounds in for any of these old people? Who will die in probably twenty years…. versus eighty? What kind of hospital is this?!”

The woman shrugged. “It’s not my place, the rules say-“

“The hell with the rules… if it makes anything go faster I’ll kill every single one of these old people so then the waiting list dies down so my friend can get his face healed, and on with his days yet to come!”

“Sir… I suggest you calm down… there’s no need for that kind of talk…”

“Is there now? Because quite frankly I believe in hospitals saving lives… and while you may save about six people here… their years COMBINED won’t amount up to what this man here has to offer… what are these people doing to do for society in the future huh? Sit around and suck in our air, that’s what! But, this one…” he slapped me on the back and I coughed; Satyr apologized a moment later. “This one… has so much to offer… he will write the next great American novel… bring metal back into this world with his music productions and arrangements… may even become President of the United States…. Though I highly doubt that last one…” he chuckled, nudging me with good humor. “But… anyway… I guess is what I’m trying to say is… BRING ME A DOCTOR RIGHT NOW!” he screamed.

I wanted to tell him to shut up but my mouth hurt too much, so I just slumped back into the chair and watched the chaos reign.

The drug receptionist shook her head. “Look… if you want… I’ll get some painkillers for your friend for now… but he has to wait like everyone else… do you even have an appointment?”

Satyr gave her the finger. “Here’s my appointment… now get a doctor here!”

“Don’t make me call security…”

Satyr sighed. “Fine… give us some drug then, so we’ll at least be somewhat pacified.” He turned to me. “Sakis… you know more about this drug stuff than I do… what do you need…?”

“Vicadin… codeine… find me some of that… I used it when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and it works wonder…” I murmured.

Satyr nodded back. “You heard him… get me some of that…”

The woman shook her head. “I don’t deal with the drugs we carry… I just take the orders… if you want I can ask someone-“
“Oh fuck it!” Satyr roared. “Move aside…” She did, and he dove through the wedge of the window and rolled onto the floor, before rising and marching towards the racks of pills. “Please tell me these are in alphabetical order…”

“Sir… you can’t be back here… I’m going to call the police…”

“Just point me in the direction of the C or V section then, and I’ll go back to the waiting room!” he snapped.

I dragged my way to the window. “Satyr… come on… we’ll wait… we’ll…” I felt myself lose consciousness and slip to the floor. My ice… where the fuck was my ice? I needed….


The next thing I knew I was in a bed, and could only see out of one eye. I felt soft material across the left side of my face and began to pull but a hand pushed my own away. “Don’t touch it… your face needs to be protected until it heals. After few days you should be able to take it off…”

I turned my head so I could see what was going on and saw a doctor nodding at me. “You fell unconscious, due to blood loss and other promises of fever…”

“How bad… how bad is it?”

“Well… it’s not Quasimodo bad… but there will be lots of scars. Your left side will have lots of marks and brief incisions permanently all over it. As for the blood loss… your type was easy to supply to make up for it…”

I sat back. “At least it could have been worse…”

“Indeed… your friend said it was due to a car accident… you’re lucky to be alive. You must have an angel watching over you…”

“That’s ‘devil’ to you…” Satyr said harshly to the doctor. He rose and walked over to me. “Well… for all my cursing, window jumping, and attempt to steal pills, all it took was you fainting to the ground… you should have done it sooner!” he laughed. “Trust me… your face will look fine… and who knows maybe you’ll terrify Anna into being like a normal cousin for once…”

I laughed. “Maybe… but I also might terrify Nell… when I see her…”

“Aw don’t be so modest… if she could date that ass Jeff the way he looks… then she could date you even if you had a lazy eye, half your face missing, and looked like one of Picasso’s paintings!”

I laughed softly, trying not to make any big facial movements. The doctor took Satyr’s arm; Satyr shook it off. “He needs rest… you can either wait in the lobby or sit over there and be quiet…”

“No… I feel fine… really… in fact I think I’m ready to get out of here… and go home…” I said, starting to rise.

“No… you need rest…! Trust me you’ll be out of here by tomorrow…”

“OK… wait… Satyr… your phone please…” Satyr handed me mine and I dialed Nell’s number. She actually answered this time, though very sleepily. I didn’t blame her; it was after all after one apparently. “Hello?”

“Nell…” I heard her gasp. “Oh God… Sakis… Sakis! Are you OK? Oh God… they said you were in an accident!”

“A few… yes… but I’m sitting here in bed stitched up and slowly getting put back together… whoever said Humpty Dumpty was too hard to piece together was a liar…”

She laughed. “I’m just… glad you’re OK… did your cousin give you my message?”


I heard her swear. “Damnit… asshole!”

“He is… sometimes…”

“Well… listen… I wanted to say I’m sorry for what happened… so sorry… it was a bad idea…”

“Love… hush… I know… it’s OK… listen… tomorrow… can I see you…?”

“Of course! It would have to be later though I’m… doing other things…”

“Sure… eight… you and me… I’ll come by?”

“Yea… and we’ll straighten things out with my family!”

“Sounds good enough…”

“OK… I love you… Sakis… I do… I don’t know why but I do…”

I nodded. “And that’s love for you… love you too…” I said softly and hung up. Satyr was faking like he was crying. “That’s so… sweet! Sniff… it’s so nice to find true love…”

“Please don’t ever be sentimental again… I don’t know you when you’re like that…” I laughed.

“Oh… sorry… fine I’ll go back to being an asshole then…” He straightened up. “Go fuck her man!”

I nodded. “That’s the Satyr I know and somewhat love…” I nodded back to the doctor. “So… tomorrow… I’ll be out?”

“Yes… now if you just wait a minute… we have to do a blood test to make sure the transfusions work OK. My assistant will be in shortly to sample…”

I nodded. “Let her do her work then… God knows I just survived a hundred glass piercings… I can take one more prick.”

Satyr shrugged. “As long as she’s hot… I need a new girl… and hey nurses can be oh so fun…”

The doctor shook his head. “It’s a guy… so unless you-”

“OK fuck that idea!” Satyr snapped. The doctor laughed and I turned to see the door open, and in walked the last person I had expected. Jeff.

Satyr and I both stared, and he stared back.

“You!” Satyr snarled. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I work here… for my dad…” Jeff nodded at the doctor. “What are YOU doing here?”

“Saving a friend…”

Jeff looked at me. “Oh… you mean the one who broke Nell’s heart?”

I frowned. “Wait a minute… what gives you that idea?”

“She came to me, in tears, with problems. Said you were the bottom of it. She’s been a mess ever since she met you… at that mall… ever since you kissed my girlfriend…”

“You’re her ex, my friend-“

“Don’t call me your friend, ‘cause I’m sure as hell not!” Jeff snapped.

The doctor- Jeff’s father- looked at the three of us. “Do you know each other…?”

“Sure as hell do, dad! These are the two who beat me up at that restaurant…”

I laughed. “I helped you… you ass.”

“Some help… you let your beast of a friend tear me apart…”

“Now… if you were torn apart, you wouldn’t be here now would you?” I said. Jeff leaned forward and raised his hypodermic needle but Satyr grabbed his arm and jerked him back. “Don’t even think about it, you fag asshole!”

I rolled my eyes. “Satyr… not all guy nurses are gay…”

“He’s still a fag asshole to me, no matter what his sexual orientation is…” Satyr snapped. Suddenly I saw the doctor move behind Satyr and stick him with a needle. Satyr winced. “Agh… fucker! I’ll…” his eyes rolled back and he slumped to the floor. I jerked up, but both the doctor and Jeff held me down. “Shit! Help!” I roared.

“You’re the two who hurt my son…” the doctor said softly. “And I helped you…”

Jeff looked at his dad. “Dad… this one… Sakis… actually did help me… so call it even…” He looked at Satyr’s unconscious body. “He got what he deserved though. He walked over and kicked Satyr roughly. I jerked again against the needles and tubes in my arms. “Stop it… I’ll kill you!”

“Will you now?” Jeff snapped. “I have all the drugs in the world at my disposable to make you useless… now… if you’ll relax and listen to me…”

“Why should I?”

“I’m simply giving fair warning… then I’m going to run the tests… and you and your asshole of a friend will be out of here tomorrow…”

“Warning for what?”

“I love Nell…”

“Sure you do… if so you wouldn’t have slept with Nicki!”

Jeff frowned. “How… how did you know about that? Did Nell tell you? She didn’t know!”

“A lot of ‘not knowing’ has become known in the past few days…” said softly. “I love her too…”

“The hell you do…”

“What makes you think I don’t?”

“Just ‘cause you’re you! How you are… your choice of company… it’s horrible! I won’t let her be subjugated to it!”

I sighed. “Judgmental much? Is it really your choice Jeff…?”

“I can make it my choice… I want her back in my life… I fucked up too… but I was drugged… a victim…”

I shook my head. “Nobody’s innocent in this world… leave who she chooses up to her. I plan on seeing her tomorrow night at her place, and she’ll choose then. If she doesn’t choose me, then I’m sure she’ll call you or something…”

“She already called me… already talked… she wants me back… she asked for a ride home!”

“Rides home don’t mean rides in bed…” I spat. Jeff tapped my gauzed face roughly and I hissed.

“Look… just stay away from her… you’re trouble…”

“No more than you…”

Jeff sighed then began filling a syringe. “Well… if you won’t stay away willingly… guess we’ll have to do this the hard way… won’t we?”

“What do you mean…?” I looked to his dad, who stood in the corner watching. “Can you believe this?”

“What I can’t believe… is how you hospitalized my son… I get a call from my own ward telling me my son is in care beaten and bruised… by you two… I should take that gauze off your face and tear open all those sutures I sealed up…”

I shook my head. “Look… I didn’t do anything to your son… he started the whole thing…” I felt a prick in my arm; a drug of some sort. I felt everything go fuzzy and heard Jeff’s voice, faint but steady. “You’ll be under for a bit… in a few days you’ll be released. I’m going to see Nell later… not you. If I hear from her or know that you’ve been around her… I’ll make your life hell! I really will…”

“Football nursing bastard…” I muttered. “I’ll kill you… Nell… deserves better… than you… you cheated on her.”

“She does deserve better… better than anyone, and I’m the only one that can give her what she deserves. I can protect her… from scum like you…”

I reached forward to try and swing at him and felt myself fall sideways. Everything was swimming, falling apart. Before I knew it, blackness overtook me again, with that same dreadful silence. I swore, however, by my soul I would kill Jeff, whether I went to jail or not. His obsession was pathetic, as pathetic as Anna’s, as pathetic as my own perhaps. I looked up at a black ceiling. “Fuck you God… look what happens when I listen!” I snapped to myself.

“Not everything goes as planned…” I turned amid the darkness to see God, still in the form of Thompson, standing before me.

“Can you please leave…? I’m about ready to kill you…”

“I’d imagine so…” Thompson sighed. “I did not anticipate this…”

“Did you now? I thought ‘God’ was supposed to be all knowing…”

“To a degree… but even God makes mistakes…”

“Well… fix it then! Wake me up and get me out of this!”

“I can’t… I can’t help you in the state you are now… the drugs are too powerful… man is too powerful.”

“Great… just great…”

“But, I can tell you that if you keep faith… that Nell will come to you… in time…”

I sighed. “Forget the faith… I’m going to do things my way when I get out of here…”

“With the raging attitude you have now? I don’t think so. Jeff and his father will make you stay here a few days no matter what… Jeff will see Nell before you do…”

“Then I’ll kill Jeff when I get out…”

“Why? “

“Because he messed up my chance!”

God sighed. “You don’t even trust the girl you say you love…”

“Should I? Everyone lies… everyone deceives… everyone makes mistake… what is there to trust?”


I laughed. “How can I trust myself when I’m having conversations with God as we speak in my unconscious mind?”

“Then pretend we aren’t having the conversation. What would yourself say to you?”

“Myself would tell me to wake up and kick ass… and get Satyr up too…”

“Amusing… really now… what would yourself tell you about Nell?”

I sighed. “I would wait… for her to see me… but it’s hard… she doesn’t have a car as far as I know… and the people who give her rides are all in conspiracy or hate me… it’s a tough world…”

God laughed. “You think less than ten people out to get you is bad? Try a million…”

I nodded at the odds. “That is a bit steep.” I sighed. “OK God… you’re the master of my imagination… tell me what to do?”

“Nell is going to see Thompson…”

“Thompson still exists?”

“He does… still at the church where you left him… she will question him… he will try to turn her away from you-“

“That asshole!” I snapped.

“But… but, she will not heed his words, for she believes in you. As you should trust in her. You affect her in an interesting way, with your music and humor and other… tendencies…”

I laughed. I assumed the reference to the beach incident was hanging over us. “All right… so… I just wait for her then…?”

“Yes… you wait…”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so…”

God frowned. “Why not? Patience is a virtue…”

“Not in my book… and sometimes God’s will works too slow for me… I prefer to do things my way…”

God shook his head mournfully. “You still hear… but do not listen. You will only cause more suffering for yourself if you keep going with your plan… instead of mine…”

“At least I know my plan…” I said softly. “Isn’t it better to go with what you know aside from what you don’t?”

God sighed, and began to fade away. “Very well… do as you will… but do not expect my help again in the future.”

I nodded. “I’ll make it happen in the end…”

God did not smile back at the hopefully comment. “Keep telling yourself that.”

Submitted: September 22, 2007

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