In Essence of Things- Chapter 2 (Nell)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Essence and Sakis meet for the first time... among the music of course.

I hated Mondays. Even during summer, despite the fact I had them off. It was the start of a brand new day, a brand new week… and a brand new hell. A whole week of trying to avoid my neighbor who was obsessed with me, as well as being bored most of the time because all my friends enjoyed sleeping into until after noon, and then would stay up until three in the morning; the opposite of me. I liked my sleep.

I lurched towards the source of my vile Monday morning mood: my cell phone. The incessant buzzing had woken me up.

“What…?” I grunted, brushing the hair out of my eyes.

“Hey! Did I wake you?” My closest friend Nicki’s voice pierced my ears.

“No… I just sound groggy for the hell of it!”

“Oh… sorry… do you want to go back to bed?”

“Way past that point… so what do you want?” I didn’t mean to sound angry, but I was still tired from the night before, arguing with my ex boyfriend about how much an ass he was. When about ten people say such a thing, you better believe them.

“I was going to go to the music store up at Hillvalley… do you want to go?”

“I could use a new CD… if I had the money for it.”

“I’ll buy one for you!”

I laughed. “So what… you can get me in your debt?”

“No… I still owe you some money for when you spotted that movie for me and my brother…”

I grimaced; not a good memory. “Please don’t tell me he’s coming…”

“He is… my mom is making me taking him with us…”

“Misreable… you know I hate him!”

“Aw, but he loves you…”

“That’s the last thing I want! He’s an immature ass!”

“True… but most guys are anyway…”

“Well… I don’t want an immature guy… I want someone who’ll treat me decently…”

Silence on the other end. “Are you still mad at Jeff…?”

“A little…”

“Look… what he did… forget it… it was an accident…”

“Ah yes… he accidentally fell into bed with another woman, got on top of her… and fucked her! Purely accidental you say? I say that’s bullshit!”

“Look... you got to admit… you weren’t giving him anything… guys need sex… or something to get them off-“

“Just ‘cause YOU fuck and tell all the time with different guys doesn’t mean I have to… so that’s the end of that!”

“Fine… forget it… you coming by so I can take you with us, if you want to go?”

“Anyone else going with us? I don’t want it to be just you, your brother, and me.”

“Are we really that bad company?” Nicki’s voice was filled with hurt.

“Just your brother is… please… someone else…”

“Fine… Amy… I will.”

I bit my lip. “Nicki…”

“Oh… sorry… Nell… forgot you don’t like Amy…”

“It’s too plain of a name for me… my middle name works better… adds mystique…”

“And weirdness…”

“Rather be anything but ordinary…” I laughed. “OK… I’ll be next door shortly to join you…”

“I’ll give Krystn or Kelly a call…”

“Sounds awesome…” We both said our goodbyes and hung the phone up. I grabbed a pair of jeans, pushed my dark hair out of my brown eyes and dragged myself out of bed. I searched for a shirt; there was not that many to choose from. I had about ten shirts but I only wore three. I’m not the kind of girl who goes crazy on clothes; I go crazy with music. I moved to put on some music, and paused. It was the recent mix my ex- Jeff- had given me, and it had all our songs that we had exchanged and grown to love, associating our relationship with them. I swallowed, shook my head, and fought back tears. No, don’t do this, stay strong. He cheated… you don’t care, you don’t… fucking… care. I turned the music off before it could affect me anymore. I dug through my CD pile and to my dismay, realized that due to being in a two year relationship, everything I owned reminded me of how we had been. Two years of empty, meaningless words and music. I really did have to go to the music store…

I threw on the closest shirt and jumped out of my room. The sun didn’t burn my face from the nearby window because there was none. The sky was completely overcast, and looked about ready to rain. My mother glanced up from her book. “Where you headed off to?”

“Out to Hillvalley… Nicki is going to drive…”

“OK… just don’t spend too much money there…”

“Oh trust me… I won’t…”

My mom frowned at me. “You OK… you look like you’ve been crying...?”

“I’m… fine…”

“Wait… come on, tell me!” My mom put down her book and stared at me. “What’s wrong…?”

“Just trouble with… Jeff…”

“Oh… what did he do…?

My mom stared. “How do you know?”

“I saw him… or moreso… spied him at a party getting a little too friendly with someone…”

“Oh…” My mom shook her head. “Are you sure it was him?”
“No it was his twin brother!”
“… thought Jeff was an only child…?”

“I was being sarcastic!” I roared. My mom glared at me.

“Don’t use that tone…”

“Sorry…” I said. “But, why is it so hard for you to believe me…?”

“Jeff is a nice guy… I just don’t see him doing something like that… he treats you like a princess…” My mom squinted. “Were you drinking at the party… perhaps that was the reason you thought the two people you saw was Jeff and someone else…”

I shook my head. I was tired of the conversation already. “Forget it… if you can’t believe your own daughter…” I stormed out of the house and headed over to Nicki who had been beeping the horn. Kelly was jeering at me from the front passenger seat.

“There you are!” She shouted from the rolled down window. “We were wondering what was going on…”

I paused, looking at Nicki’s brother- Dan - in the backseat. He had the biggest smile on his face at me and I swallowed. “Kell… let me sit in front…”


“I don’t want to sit near Dan…”

“Why not, Nell?”

“He annoys me…”

“Well… I don’t want to sit in back…”


“Fine… all right…” Kelly climbed out and crawled in back while I sat down next to Nicki. She put on some music and I shut my eyes. Nickelback… and it reminded me of Jeff. “Switch it…” I said, while she drove.


“I’m going to switch the music…” I reached for the stereo and changed the station. The music switched from mellow to something loud and heavy. The guitars were thunderous, as were the vocals. I couldn’t understand a thing… but anything was better than what I had been hearing.

“Hey! This isn’t your car! I’m driving… I get to choose the music!”

“Just… wait five minutes until the song is done… and leave it… I need something different…”

Krystn, who was sitting in back, pushed her dyed red hair aside and made a face. “What IS that anyway? I can’t understand a thing…”

“I don’t know… but it’s better than Nickelback…” I spat.

“Hey… Nickelback rocks! What’s your problem, Essence? Thought you loved them?”

“Not anymore… they can go to hell just like Jeff?”

“Huh?” Krystn and Kelly said in unison. I had forgotten I hadn’t told them about the ordeal.

“OK… long story short… Jeff cheated on me… I hate him… and I hate everything that’s associated with him!”

“Oh… sorry…” Kelly nodded. “Was that Nickelback song one of… ‘your’ songs?”

“It might have been… we have so many…” I sighed. “I really… really hope I find something new at the music store…”

“You will… now stop bitching…” Nicki spat. I looked at her


“Just… don’t come in my car and bring your drama crap OK? Almost every time we hang out, you complain about something… and I’m just tired of it. Jeff’s an ass… so forget him… find someone new. Simple as that.”

“Not all of us can give up guys as easy as you can Nicki… some of us actually love who we’re with…”

“Are you saying I’m incapable of love…?”

“No… I’m saying you just don’t put much heart and soul into your relationships… you just use it for the physical stuff…”

“The physical stuff is what guys are there for! If I want emotional support I’ll come to your or Kelly or Krystn.”

I shook my head. “Forget it…”

Kelly tried to change the subject. “Look… I’m sure the song’s over… lets just go back to our station and listen to the music, and stop arguing…”

But, I was done with music for a bit; my earholes were shot. “Let’s just leave it off… we’re about five minutes away…”

Kelly snorted. “Who made you queen of the car?”

“I’m not in the mood… we’ll be in a music store shortly… you can hear all the music you want there!”

Kelly shook her head, not wanting to argue. I sighed, sat back, and waited for the next five minutes for Nicki to finally park and stop the car. I got out with the others, and Dan jumped right next to me.

“So… you broke up with Jeff?”

“I guess…. I don’t know…”

“Well… I’m here if you need me…”

I knew very well what he meant by me needing him, and I faked a smile. “Thanks…”

“So… maybe later this week we can go see a movie?”

“Depends on the movie…”

“We’ll see what’s playing…”

I laughed to myself. He wasn’t going to give up. “Maybe…” I walked around and wedged myself between Nicki and Krystn, forcing Dan to stay on the side. We kept in full strides, keeping straight on full to our goal. A few guys whistled at us and Nicki flashed them a seductive smile… the rest of us just shook our heads and kept walking. We knew that Nicki was a pure temptress; she never stuck to one guy for long, she enjoyed trying to give every guy she could the illusion that they would get with her. Which was a very good chance; knowing how my friend had an insatiable lust for sex despite the fact she was the youngest of us all- 16. I was seventeen, Kelly was 18, and Krystn was somewhere in between.

The Afterburner came onto the horizon before us. I smiled; finally, some music, and a chance to get away from everyone for five minutes. The Afterburner was a pretty big music store, one of the few in my city. All the others were either small, out of the way shops in the downtown area or had closed for good due to bad management and bankruptcy. Therefore, Afterburner got all the attention, but there was a small problem with being the only CD based store in town: everyone went there. And today was no exception. Already I could see the throngs of people inside, looking for a fortunate find. I figured- since it was already eleven- and an hour passed since opening, a lot of the stuff I was looking for would be gone. But, despite it’s appearance, Afterburner was really four levels high, just most of it underground. I wanted loud, but then again, almost everyone who lived here in Hillvalley wanted loud. Most of the people had an affinity for metal, so the Afterburner specialized in such a genre. You could find some pretty crazy artists- and people- in that store.

We filed inside, squeezing among the people, and then checked our cell phones. We figured a half hour was all we needed to find what we were looking for. It was simple: it was currently eleven fifteen; meet outside at eleven forty five, hopefully somewhat alive and unscathed. Nicki handed me my well deserved money and nodded. “Try not to die in there OK… the metal section can be nuts… just like the people…”

I ignored the comment, and moved among the people to the metal section; which ended up being five rows, two floors down, and began an endless search for something to fill me with new feelings. I knew very little about the genre, so I just looked for a band that sounded cool- or even better- had a really cool cover. I finally came upon the N section and found, to my delight, a CD with a cover of the Egyptian god Anubis upon it. The band apparently was called Nile, and even the lettering style made me stare in wonder. I grabbed it, but a voice behind me said quietly, “I wouldn’t grab that one if I were you…”

I spun to see a guy with a white shirt and a skull and crossbones of some weird head on it, dark blond hair that partial hung down in his eyes, piercing brown eyes, and a grin that peeked it’s way out from a mound of bearded facial hair. “Huh?” I asked.

“That Nile album… is just two EPs combined… and it’s OK… but if you already own Amongst the Catacombs of Nephram Ka then you are going to hear lots of repeats then…”

“Well… I don’t…”

The guy brightened up with a laugh. “Oh… then yea… you’ll enjoy it…”

But I wasn’t about to let it go this easily. “Oh… so NOW you say I’ll enjoy it? Well, if you’re such an expert on the band, what album would you recommend?”

He scratched his beard. “Well… let’s see what these lovely people have…” He gently motioned for me to move aside and looked among the albums. “Hmm… well apparently they’ve only got In Their Darkened Shrines and Annihilation of the Wicked. And both are excellent…” He looked back at me and smiled. “So I suggest getting them both…”

I laughed. “As much as I would love to… I only have so much money for one…” I frowned at him, but in a good way. He seemed to certainly know what he was talking about. “Well… perhaps I’ll just wait until next time… to get both of these ‘great’ albums as you say…” I brushed my hair out of my eyes, it was bothering me again. “If you had to choose… what would be the best metal album to recommend?”

“Depends on what you want to use the metal for…?” the guy shot back, still grinning. I couldn’t help but smile; he had an awesome grin. The kind of grin that could light up anyone; this offset his demeanor which seemed very dark. But, appearances were always deceiving. I swallowed at his question. I wasn’t about to spill my personal reasons to a stranger; to do that could possibly be my ruin. And why would a stranger care about my troubles? But, he stood there before me, arms crossed, grinning, waiting for an answer. I sighed, searching for a lie. “I need something to block out my feelings…”

The guy snorted. “Almost all music does that… it depends on the feelings, love…”

I cocked my head at him. “What?”

He shook his head. “Look… it depends on the feelings… if you want anger… then try some Lamb of God… if you want depression… try My Dying Bride… if you want some rhythm and brutality, try Bolt Thrower, and if you want furious speed-“

I laughed at the endless list. “No… why did you call me love?”

He shrugged. “Something I do with girls…”

“Fair enough.” I sighed. “Look… not that you may care or anything… but I just got out of a relationship and I need something to replace the feelings… I need new music that doesn’t remind me of him… all the stuff I have makes me think of him…”

I expected the guy in front of me to laugh, but he didn’t. Instead, his grin disappeared and he almost had a pained look on his face, as if I had brought up some dark memories of his own. “What kind of music did you two associate your relationship with…?”

“Oh… that pop/ rock stuff... Incubus, Nickelback, Saliva, Staind, Hinder, Metallica…”

“Hmmm… OK well the stuff I could recommend is far from that. Next question: What does a song have to have to hit your musical g spot?”

I laughed at the vulgarity of his question, but he didn’t smile back. “I’m serious… what kind of song gives you that orgasmic feeling that makes you able to listen to it over and over again…?”

I had never really thought about my musical tastes that way, and it made me shiver thinking about it. Dirty thoughts crawled into my head and I shook it, trying to make them fall out. The guy frowned at me. “I’m sorry… does the idea of music in a sexual connotation make you uncomfortable…?”

“No… it’s just… I never thought of what I really liked in a song… most of the time it was the lyrics to relate to me and my boyfriend…”

“OK… then we’ll take it a notch down… what kind of vocals do you like?”

“I didn’t know there were so many…?”

“Oh sure… there’s growling, snarling, screaming, male and female clean singing… pick your poison…”

I laughed. “I guess I’d have to hear a sampling…”

The guy nodded. “That can be arranged.” He steered me towards one of the small outlets with headphones and handed them to me. At the keyboard, he put in a name of a band and searched for an album, setting the volume at a decent level. “OK… you’re going to listen to some Belphegor… they do the growling along with the snarling so this’ll kill two birds with one music stone…”

I giggled at the analogy, but then had to be quiet as the music flared in my ears. I winced a bit at the high shrieks of the vocalist, but the growls were of a deeper tone and much more bearable. After about two minutes I slid the headphones off. “Hmm… well the shrieking I hated, but the growls are somewhat soothing…”

“OK… growling it is then… uh… here… let me put something else up…” He went back to the keyboard and put in another name and album and stepped back. I closed my eyes to more growling, and then began to move my head back and forth to the groove of the guitars. Whatever he was making me listen to, I was enjoying it immensely. The sound sucked me in instantly, and then all I could hear was growls, guitar, and even a bit of tambourine and horn. It didn’t make me think of Jeff at all. I slid the headphones off, smiling. “That… was nice. I think I found what I was looking for…”

The guy grinned back at me. “Well that was off that Annihilation album by Nile…”

I frowned. “Damn! The band you told me I had to get both albums of??”

“I’m afraid so…” He laughed. “But perhaps I can find something close to it… I assume you enjoyed the Egyptian influence…?” He brought up another album and motioned for me to put the headphones back on and enjoy. I heard the deep growls again, only this time the music was long, slow, and droning. The vocals were barely audible because the growl was so low, but the music blended wonderfully with it. I smiled as I swayed to the music; it was hypnotic.

The guy moved to stop it but I pushed his hand away, wanting more. He laughed. “Catacombs! I think we found your musical g-spot…” He motioned for me to stay where I was and disappeared down an aisle and came back, looking sad. “Damn them! They don’t have it!”

I slipped the headphones off, despite the fact I didn’t want to. “They don’t…?”

“No…” he sighed. “Hold on…” My new friend went down another aisle and came back with something new. He handed it to me. I squinted, barely able to read the title. “What is it?”

“Xasthur… has that same drone and blending of music, but the vocals are the black metal style…”

I gave a blank look to indicate I had no idea what he was referring to. He rolled his eyes. “The shrieking you don’t like… that’s usually black metal vocals…”

“Ooohhh….” I frowned. “Well… let me try them out…”

He nodded and searched the directory and laughed. “Well… that’s just dandy… they don’t have Xasthur in the directory…”

I had to laugh too. This was certainly not my day. “Are you serious…?”
“No, I’m lying just for the hell of it… yes I’m serious!” The guy sighed. “OK… well… we’ll figure something else out…”

I glanced at my watch and realized I had five minutes left until I had to meet with my friends. I shook my head. “You know what… let me try it… you’ve been a good metal guide so far, and I trust your intentions that this is a good album…”

The guy smiled, apparently very pleased. “Well then… I suppose I shall escort you out… I am supposed to meet my friends shortly as it is… they’re probably wondering where I rampaged off to.”

I smirked at the comment; the guy certainly had some humor in him. All of a sudden, I realized I had forgotten to ask his name. “Hey… I never did catch your name… you know…?”

“Ah… yea… names… psh who needs ‘em?” The guy laughed. “Sakis…”

“I’m Amy… but I prefer people to call me Nell…”

“Would that have anything to do with Evanescence…?”

“No… I wish…” I laughed. “I sadly am not as pretty as the vocalist of that band…”

Sakis laughed. “What is pretty… but in the eye of a beholder? I say you’re pretty…”

I was touched by his sincereity, if he even meant it. “Thanks… I suppose…”

“Don’t believe me eh…?”

“No… I believe you… just not sure if you believe me…”

“Well unless you directly tell me what you say is a lie… then I believe you…”

I laughed. “You’re funny you know…?”
“So some say…”

We continued to move in the line; Sakis tugging at his beard, me drumming my fingers on the CD. When it was our turn I handed my album to the registrar, who rang it up, and then said three dooming words. “Sixteen fifty nine.”

I swallowed. Nicki had only given me fourteen dollars. “I… I don’t have that much…”

“Sorry then…” The registrar moved to take the album from me but Sakis slapped a twenty down before her. “Bugger that! Here’s a twenty… that should cover it…”

The woman smirked at him. “Paying for other customers are we, buddy? Feeling guilty about that outburst earlier?”

“Not at all, love… merely making the other customers indebted for a time when I will need them…”

The girl smiled, her blue eyes flashing seductively at Sakis. I had the feeling the two knew each other well, and for a moment I was jealous. She made change and handed the money to Sakis, and to me my CD. We began to walk away and she called after us. “See you tomorrow, buddy…”

Sakis waved, not looking back, and we slid out way past the customers as they tried to work their way into the store. Outside, there were two groups in the sun; apparently the overcast from before had cleared up. One was my friends, and the other appeared to be Sakis’s friends. The two converged next to each other to greet us.

“There you are! What happened to thirty minutes huh? You were in there for forty five!” Nicki shouted at me, half angry, yet half jokingly. I knew she wasn’t in any rush to get home.

“Got caught up…” I shrugged.

“Really…?” Nicki looked over and saw Sakis who was close to me, talking among his own friends. She raised an eyebrow. “Whoa… Amy… seems like you picked up more than just a CD…”

I laughed. “Actually… he paid for my CD… which reminds me…”

I turned to Sakis but stopped upon hearing snatches of conversation.

“… you KNOW I can’t be late to this competion!” Sakis’s tall friend with dark skin snapped at him. “We have to go now!”

“Jesse… you know that all you’re going to miss is some warm-ups… those competitions never start on time anyway…”

“The warm-ups are what are important!”

“Then stretch in the car on the ride home…” Sakis waved his hand and then turned to the young girl. “Necklace, love…”

“Aw… but I’m still going to be with you in the car!”

“You’re going to dash out of the car before it stops and run to get your dance clothes on… and forget you have it on… so just give it here…”

The girl grumbled and handed him what looked to be a pentagram. I frowned. Was Sakis Satanic? I swallowed; I was a devout Christian myself and knew plenty of horror stories that people had told me about Satanics. I shook my head. Satyr noticed me and grinned. “Oh… it’s Sakis’s new girlfriend…!”

“She isn’t my girlfriend…” Sakis laughed. “Just a recent acquaintance…”

“Oh I saw how you two were going at in the store! It was true love!”

“Then you were watching someone else…” Sakis smiled at me. “Hello, love, do you need something?”

“I…” my eyes were still transfixed on his necklace. All of a sudden this new knowledge made me afraid. “I just wanted to say thanks… for the CD…”

“Anytime… just promise me you won’t throw it out…”

“Oh… well here… let me pay you… with the fourteen dollars I have…”

“I don’t want your money…”

I frowned, suddenly afraid. “Then… what do you want…?”


“I find that hard to believe.”

“Start believing.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Your choice…”

I laughed. “You… are incorrigible you know that?”

“A few have told me this… and I believe it to be true.”

“It is…” I shook my head, marveled at Sakis. “Well… thank you… for everything… again.”

“Psh you can thank him now! Go out with him!” Satyr barked. Sakis and I both stared at him. “Huh?”

“You heard me… let her come with you in the car… after you drop Sarah, Jesse, and me… then you two can have free reign of the car to go wherever… and do whatever…” He winked at the last words and I rolled my eyes. Sakis laughed.

“I work later remember…”

“Well… what about after work? I mean I’ll be done by then… I can call up Anna and we’ll do a double date at Islands!”

“Sounds delicious…” Sakis nodded. “Sandpiper burgers… mmmm…” He turned to me. “That is… if you want to…”

I shrugged, not sure what to say.

“She’ll do it!” I turned to Nicki who was smiling a wicked grin. “She’ll go out with you… whatever your name is….”

“Sakis…” he nodded. “These are my friends, Jesse, Satyr, and his sister Sarah.”

“What… thought you were going to take me out!” Sarah snapped at Sakis.

“When you’re somewhat older, love…”

She shook her head and pouted. “So what do you say…?” Sakis indulged me again, ignoring my friend’s comment.

“I… suppose so… I’ll have to check my schedule…”

“Well… can I have your cell phone number so I can call you?”

“Sure…” I gave him the number and he added it to his own cell, and then he gave his own to mine. I nodded. “Well… I suppose this is where we part…”

“Until tonight…” Sakis smiled at me, then leaned over and kissed my on the cheek quickly, before walking away with his friends. I stared after him, and then followed my own to the parking lot and we climbed into the car. A voice, however, called my name. I froze, and turned to see Jeff, standing behind me, wearing his big letterman jacket.


I stared. “What are you doing here?”

“I was in the area… saw you come out of the store with your friends… and then kiss that one guy…”

“Oh… he’s just a friend…”

“Is he?”

“Well he’s a lot more of friend than you, after what you did!”

Jeff frowned, and I forgot that he hadn’t known that I saw him having sex with that girl at the party. The night before I had just blasted him and told him everything was wrong, but never said why. I bit my lip, trying to contain myself, but I just wanted to shout at him and curse and tell him how much an ass he was all over again. But, his demeanor made me hold my tongue.


“Nell!” I snapped.

“Nell… sorry babe… I forgot you don’t like to be called by your first name…”

“You’ve seem to forgotten a lot of other things too! Like what it means to be committed and not doing strangers at a party!”

I saw his brow furrow, and I knew he was struggling with a good lie. “You were drunk and high that night… it could have been anyone… besides… from behind I look the same as any guy!”

“Your tattoo stands out…” I nodded, referring to the sun on his back, below his neck.

“A lot of people have that one… in that place… they’re common…”

“You show me someone else with that tattoo that lives around here and then maybe I’ll believe you…”

Jeff threw his hands in the air. “Amy…”

“NELL!” I screamed.

“Dammit… stop with the name crap… I don’t know what you’re going on about! I love you… I wouldn’t cheat…”

“Cheating is in the eye of the beholder…” I said softly. “You may not consider it cheating- the girl you were with was probably a close friend- but I do…”

Jeff opened his mouth to say something but shook his head. “Forget it… you want to be a bitch… fine… you can be a bitch… not like you were giving me what I wanted anyway…”

“Oh… and what did you want…?”

“What you aren’t willing to offer…” Jeff turned and walked away. I shook my head, spat, and climbed into the car.

“Well… that was interesting…” Kelly said, nodding to me. “You OK?”

“I’ll be all right…”

“So… are you and Jeff done?”

“I don’t know…”

“Well… you better decide before you go on that date tonight…”

I laughed. “It’s not a DATE… we’re just going to get some food with his friend…”

“His friend and his DATE!” Nicki added. “Look… this whole Jeff thing… maybe it wasn’t him you saw at the party…”

“It was him… and he still hasn’t said he didn’t do it… he could have just said he didn’t do it and maybe I would have been happy, but he left it hanging.”

“Well… you’re putting pressure on him… no one likes pressure… and Jeff’s a good guy to be with…”

“Explain that one to me…” I snapped. “All Jeff wants me to do is have sex with him! I’ve given him head and a handjob and stripped for him but that’s it! He’s not getting with me until he shows some more interest in the relationship itself…”

“Well… I mean Jeff at least knows how to appreciate a woman! Can you believe that guy- Sakis? He didn’t even LOOK at me!” Nicki snapped outraged as she drove. I laughed at the comment.

Submitted: September 22, 2007

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