In Essence of Things- Chapter 27 (Sakis)

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Sakis, Satyr, Anna, and Amanda are visited by Stevens....

Submitted: September 22, 2007

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Submitted: September 22, 2007



“Now… wasn’t that worth it, love?” Anna’s words pierced me back to reality and I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the cold, marble table with her next to me, holding my hand. I shook my head and raised my head a bit to see plates smashed, glasses knocked over, and water all over the floor. I laid my head back to the point where I just stared at the ceiling. “Were we raided by Vikings…?”

Anna laughed. “No… that was us… were you that into it that you totally forgot? We both tore this place apart in our rough sexual escapade…”

I looked around again and sighed. “Well… shit! Please tell me we used a condom…”

“It’s still lying on your limp cock…”

I pulled it off and threw it on the ground. “I knew that…” I grumbled.

Anna leaned over and stuck her lips next to my ear. “That was awesome… when you just let go and give in… it’s the best… you gave me everything…”

“Anna… hush… don’t talk about it.” I got up and went to the closet, grabbed a trash bag, and slowly began cleaning up the mess. Anna grabbed a sponge and worked on the floor. “We should have gone with the bed…!” I muttered.

“I TOLD you… but noo… you said you wanted the kitchen… though I have to admit when you were going at me from behind the table made really good support…”

I sighed. “Whatever… well… from this point on there’s no more talking about any of it… not one thing! And I have a CD list to give you…”

“Of course, love…” Anna stopped wiping and slid her arms around me again. “But, just for the record, before we let this go forever… tell me, did you enjoy it…?”

I shrugged. “Well… either it was so good that it blew my mind… or it was so bad I blocked it out… It’s your call…”

“I’ll go with the first one…” she nodded and left it at that. I continued cleaning up the broken glasses and plates, not saying a word. “If anything… we should keep these broken plates and stuff so it backs up proof about the fact someone broke in through the window…” she added.

“But, that someone was Nell… and I’m not going to let you prosecute her!” I snapped.

“I know, love, I know. Easy… calm the fuck down! God… am I going to have to fuck you again to ease your-” I smashed a plate on the ground and she became quiet. We went back to cleaning without another word. I heard footsteps and saw Amanda and Satyr walk in, both pausing to look around.

“Wow… someone must have gotten really mad…” Satyr said softly. “Did Anna ask for too much…?”

“Things just got a little out of control…” I shrugged. “People have a tendency to forget where they are after mind blowing sex…”

“You two had sex!”

“Obviously… since I feel completely drained…”

Satyr shook his head. “I knew you two liked it rough… but not this rough… and besides I thought it was just going to be a simple… oh never mind… nothing’s simple with you two!”

I shrugged. “She got what she wanted, I get what I want. End of story. It’s a happy ending for us all… and like I said… just a little mess that went out of control…”

Amanda moved over and scooped up a pile of shattered china. “Oh yes… this is most certainly just a little mess that went out of control…”

“You’re just jealous you didn’t have him roughing you up…” Anna said, sticking out her tongue. Amanda glared at her.

“Shut your mouth, cunt!”

I sighed. “You know… if I hear one more person utter another sexual thing… be it to entice me or aggravate me… I’m going to hit them…”

Satyr shrugged. “You know… if you’d just fuck them both at the same time… I’m pretty sure that they’d feel a lot better about each other…” I marched over and punched him in the shoulder. He winced. “What did I say!?”

“You just said what I told you NOT to say… God, do you not listen?”

“God never listens…” Satyr sighed. “Look… it’s over and done now… Anna can’t say another word about it and she has to get you at least five CDs a week… you’re living right. And Nell will never know…”

“As if she doesn’t already… considering the way things are going,” I sighed.

“How is that possible? There’s no possible way she could…” Satyr paused. I looked at him.

“What… please don’t tell me you did something…?”

“She called… while you were in here, and I was going down on Amanda… we argued… I might have said a word or five… but I didn’t say you were fucking Anna directly…”

I sighed, closing my eyes, took a deep breath then lunged at him, the two of us bouncing into the cabinet. “SATYR,” I roared “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!”

“Hey, easy damnit! I didn’t say anything…”

“You don’t need to say anything…” I growled. “Women only need a hint, and then they figure it out or assume automatically… and either way it’s not fucking good!”

“Think I don’t know that? I’m just as much as a guy as you, Sakis… look… trust me… if things go to hell I’ll fix it! I swear…”

I let him go and fell back against the counter, and slid to the ground. “Fuck! She knows…”

“She doesn’t know anything! You’re still safe… and besides… even if she did know… once she heard the reason you’d be in the clear…”

“There is not fucking ‘clear’ when it comes to this stuff!” I snarled. “Cheating is cheating…” I shot a glance at Amanda, who turned away. “Some of you should know plenty about this…”

Anna knelt down next to me and ran a finger across my chest. “Look… if Nell cares… she’ll forgive you… I mean look at me… you’ve cheated on me about ten times... and I’m still wanting you…”

“We were done… and we were never together in the first place, we were just… Fuck! You’re never going to get it…” I jumped up and stormed outside and dove in the pool, still without any clothes. I made a few laps from side to side before I climbed out and just flattened myself against the concrete grounds. Satyr came by, still in his swim suit, and sat next to me. “I know I fucked up…”

“You sure did…” I said, eyes still closed, not looking at him.

“But… you have to understand… I thought she was taking over… I mean these past few days have been all about Nell, Nell, and more Nell! What about your friends? They need you too…”

“I’ve been standing by you guys for the past two years… and I always will… so I don’t know why we’re having the sudden spike of jealousy here…”

“’Cause I don’t give a damn about everyone else… just you… you’re my only friend right now…”

I sighed, finally sitting up and looking at him. “Satyr… trust me… no matter what… no girl’s going to fuck up our friendship, or my friendship with Jesse, Amanda, Anna, Ashleigh, or anything like that. I know how to balance my friends and lovers out…”

Satyr laughed. “It’s a bit harder though, when your friends are your lovers…”

“Anna and Amanda aren’t my lovers… damnit!”
“But, you just went into the kitchen and tore it up while fucking her brains out!”

“Was trying to literally fuck her brains out in the process… I hoped one of those broken shards would pierce her skull…”

Satyr laughed again. “You are a very cruel man, you know that?”

“Sometimes…” I sighed. “At least it’s over… Anna will keep her mouth shut… Amanda will keep fucking you and her girlfriend… and I’ll finally get some peace with Nell… if she takes me back…”

“She will… you’re too much of a good guy to give up…” Satyr patted my shoulder. “You know… these sentimental moments I have with you are to be taken to our graves… don’t you?”

“Oh… was I not supposed to record them and post them on the Internet…?”
Satyr hit my shoulder. “You better not have!”

“Better check Google’s videos…” I laughed. Satyr jumped up and rushed for the house. “I’m kidding…” I called after him as I got up and followed, but stopped. Stevens was in the room, along with Jeff, sitting across from Amanda and Anna, who were both still naked, as was I. I coughed, while Satyr stood stock still and glared. “Anna, Amanda, why the fuck are they here?”

“They want to talk settlement, love…” Amanda said. “Trust me… they won’t try any shit…” She flashed a knife between her palms. “Because they know all too well what will happen if they do…”

I sighed and sat down on the couch. Satyr stood where he was and gritted his teeth. “Amanda… let me see that knife… just for a moment…”

“I don’t think so…” a voice called from the hall and a man dressed in a suit and glasses with a clipboard walked in and stood behind Stevens and Jeff. “Sorry, I was using the bathroom… sorry…” he regarded me and Satyr, as well as Anna and Amanda. “Do you all think you could put some clothes on…?”

“Fuck you!” Anna spat. “This is my house, so I’ll dress however the fuck I want! You don’t like it… well… fuck you! We’re nudists and we’re damn proud of it!”

The man stared then nodded to Stevens. “You’re right… she does have quite a temper…”

“Just state what you want then get out…” I snarled. I stormed over to the kitchen and grabbed another knife. “Since you’re all probably here to get some dirt… I might as well just kill you all and you the trouble…”

“Be careful what you say… we have a recorder…” Stevens warned. “My attorney here just wants to ask a few questions…”

”Save your questions for the trial…” I snapped. “You don’t have a right to come in here… and how’d you find us anyway?”

“First of all… we were invited in… by your lovely girls…”

“Don’t talk about them!” I hissed. “Don’t you fucking talk about Anna or Amanda… or I will slit your throat… you miserable fuck…” I suddenly lunged forward and grabbed the attorney, holding the blade to his throat. The attorney squeaked, and Jeff and Stevens rose, but Amanda stood up and held her own knife. Anna walked over and took my place, holding the knife still. She reached into his pocket, found the recorded, and smashed it on the ground. I turned around and sat down. Satyr blinked. “Whoa… Sakis… easy…”

“Fuck easy… this is never easy…” I roared at him.

“Well… if you’re going to kill them… then let me get Jeff!”

“No one’s dying today… unless they do something very stupid.” I turned my attention to my attorney. “Now… if you please introduce yourself… before Anna considers you a stranger, therefore an intruder… and takes that knife and slits your throat…”

“I’m Steven’s attorney… Mike Hodges… I just wanted to talk…” He glared at Stevens and Jeff. “I thought you said things would be fine!”

“I thought they would too…” Stevens sighed. “You know, Sakis… you’re just digging yourselves a deeper hole by doing all this… I could have brought my own personal guard down here, but I didn’t, because I wanted a nice, easy, conversation…”

“From what I’ve figured, from the stuff you’ve done to us the last few days… there’s only hard conversations when it comes to you…” I breathed. “I really, really hate you… we all do…”

“I’m aware of that… which is why I want to make amends. Over talks with my son… we are willing to reach a settlement of a thousand dollars… to pay for the medical bills, as well as pain and suffering of those you assaulted at my facility…”

“You’re not getting a penny…” Amanda snapped. “You raped me… you kidnapped us… you drugged Satyr and Sakis… I’d rather go to court and have you pay US a thousand dollars, and rot in jail for ten years!”

I turned to her. “Amanda… now hold on… we want to avoid court…”

“No! They have to pay…. They have to fucking pay!”

“Are you willing to risk the fact that we might end up paying instead…?”

“We’re solidly safe! Come on, Sakis… don’t you want justice…?”

“What is justice, anymore…?” I sighed. “Anna… let Mike go… Amanda, put down the knife…”

They both looked at me. “We’re all going to sit around… clothed or unclothed, and just talk… for a bit… and then they’re going to leave as fast as their legs can carry them or else you’re going to pick those knives back up and cut their cocks off…” I said, deadly serious.

“Can I cut Stevens’s cock off… for what he did?” Amanda asked.

“Nah… leave it to the humiliation of an inmate giving him head… if he ever reaches a decent level in prison…” Satyr called.

Amanda shook her head. “That fucker deserves it!”

I walked over to her and gently guided the knife in her hand down. “Look… let’s just hear what they have to say…”

Stevens nodded. “I’m glad that the craziest of you all is also the sanest… I suppose things even out…”

“Fuck you and get to the point…” I spat.

Stevens shrugged. “Fine… just trying to be friends-” I took the knife from Amanda and slammed it down on the table. He swallowed. “All right… fine… I’ll get to the point… though this is actually a nice house… wouldn’t mind using that great back yard…” A slam of Anna’s knife made him reconsider. “All right, all right! Look, from advice of my attorney, they said I should come talk to you, about settlement, and knowing you are just still pretty much kids… and no one wants to lock away a bunch of kids…”

“We’re not giving you money… if you want to make this about ‘damages,’ then like Amanda said, you should be paying us…”

“I am just saying… we can simply end this quickly… just pay a thousand dollars to cover the medical bills- for the damage done to Jeff- and as well as the guards you hurt during your… break out…” Stevens sighed. “I still do not understand how you do it…”

“Satan works in mysterious ways…” Satyr said. He took a seat next to me. “Look… Stevens… let’s get a few things straight. You two should bow down and kiss Sakis’s feet, because he’s the one thing that’s keeping me from picking that knife up and stabbing Jeff. We’re not paying you fucking shit…. All right? So… cut the act and just get out…”

The attorney nodded and rose and dove for the door but I wedged the knife from the table and hurled it at the door, which wedged itself right next to him. The attorney stood stock still and looked back at me, trembling. “No one goes anywhere, until we finish this…” I glanced at Satyr. “The man has a point… no matter how much we hate him… if we took this to court they would probably find us guilty for that, and charge us more- such as new electrical bills and computer hardware for the virus we downloaded at the facility… and we don’t want that, do we?”

“Exactly…” Stevens nodded. “See, Satyr… you should listen to your master…”

I took the other knife and slammed it into the table again. “I’m not his master… just his friend… and that’s that. There is no servitude among us… so refrain from making this seem like it’s a monarchy…”

“Forgive me… I did not mean-” I slammed the knife down again and he jumped. I grinned. “My, how you twitch…” I sat back. “Continue…”

“All right… I just want a thousand dollars… I’m sure the four of you could come up with enough… you all work, as it seems… earning more than that in your wages… it’s easy. I even brought a contract, for you to sign… to show you there are no tricks…” He nodded to the attorney. “Mike… please come over here and show them…”

Still trembling, Mike made his way over and produced from his briefcase a few papers. I took them, and we all huddled in, reading them. I nodded. “This is… basically amnesty… I like it…”

“Sakis!” Amanda shouted. “You’re not going to sign that are you!?”

“I am… after a few adjustments, though…” I picked up the pen that had been handed to me, and flipped over the sheet, and began to scrawl other things down. When I was done, I handed the paper back to Mike. “This is more fitting. Please read off the requests…”

Mike adjusted his glasses. “Before approval of this contract, several things must be done. For one, both Jeff and his father must admit themselves into their own ward, and suffer the cruel and malignant treatment administered by Doctor Satyr Graven… Second, Stevens shall be brutally raped and beaten by Amanda and her girlfriends… and it says here in quotes, ‘this will not be over quickly, and you shall not enjoy it!’ Next, it says that Satyr has free will to finish the well deserved beating on Jeff; Anna has permission to chip in. And finally, when all is said and done, the facility itself will be terminated, and turned into a music store (on orders of Sakis Mayem) and each individual of the Mayem party- Sakis, Anna, Amanda, Essence, Ryan, Jesse, Krystn, Kelly, and Thompson- shall be given equal sum of a thousand dollars, for pain and suffering…” Mike looked at me and blinked. “Are you studying to be a lawyer, sir? Because this is really, really well drawn…”

“Mike… shut up…” Stevens snapped. He glared at me and rose. “Well… I can see you are most certainly not interested in reach a decent level of terms… so I suppose there is no more business needed to be conducted here…”

“A ‘decent level of terms’ would be as I said before… all of you dead on the floor for breaking and entering plus past crimes…” I shrugged. “Simple as that…”

Stevens shook his head. “I think we shall be going now…”

“Wait!” Jeff spoke for the first time and it somewhat surprised me. I nodded. “Speak your mind… go ahead…”

“Look… we just was as little trouble as possible… can’t we just… call it a tie?”

“This isn’t football…” I said softly. “But, if you’re willing to call it a clean tie… plus the items added on the back of the contract- I’ll even erase a few- then you have yourself a deal!”

“No…” Stevens said. He glared at his son. “Stay out of this, son…”

“Dad… we’re dealing with clearly psychotic people… smart ones at that…”

“What? What? Did that fuck just call me… oh FUCK no! All right, you’re dead…” Satyr suddenly marched forward and grabbed Jeff, slamming him against the wall, before backing off, laughing. “Had you all going, didn’t I?”

I shook my head. “Satyr...”

“Hey… he called me psycho… so I went psycho!”

“I know… but we’re negotiating here…”

“Oh… and I suppose you think you’re expletives, slamming of knives, and coming close to nicking attorneys is peaceful in your eyes?!”

“I didn’t touch them… did I?” I sighed, looking back at Jeff. “Jeff… I’m open to a clean slate… but in that case, I’ll write the contract…”

Jeff frowned. “Sakis… clean slate means we just forgive and forget…”

“None of that… you and your dad are going to pay… somehow… period… be it in jail, money, or Amanda and her sick mind… but either way, you started this shit, and we’re going to end it…”

Jeff sighed. “I’m giving you a chance to walk away… if there’s ANYTHING after this involving me or my dad with you four…”

“With us ten…” I corrected. “I’m including all my friends who got me out in this too…”

“OK… if any of those people, on that list… complain of us being involved with them in any troublesome way… then you can fine us for all the money we want… but right now I think we just want this to stop… before it becomes any bigger… Sakis… I know you and your friends are dangerous… we respect that…”

“Which is why you all need to be in a mental institution…” Stevens snapped.

I glared at him. “I don’t want that word coming out of your mouth again… or else you will find this knife up your ass… and not hilt first…”

Stevens grunted. “We came here amicably, trying to solve things without much trouble… but you hold knives to our throats, throw them at us, act hostile towards us… all things that we can bring up in court to use against you… you can try to pin us for such things… but you have no witnesses except those that we are charging… because we are going to charge all of the people on that list… as well… as you say they were involved in breaking in…”

“Wait… dad….”

“Jeff, trust me on this…” Stevens said sharply. “Now despite the fact that you’ve threatened us… I’m still willing to go with my son’s idea… just a simple contract stating charges are dropped and restraining orders are in place…”

Anna sighed. “Look… we’re going to court… end of story… and you’re going to get what’s coming to you… so just get out of my house…”

Stevens looked at me. “Are you going to let her run the show? Does she make all the decisions here?”

“It’s her house… and I think everyone here does want to take you to court… so… I suppose I’ll be seeing you in a week…”

He shook his head at me. “Bad move, on your part… this could have been ended easily… and you say you’re in college…”

“Time’s up, doctor…” Amanda snapped, picking the knife up from the table. “You’ve got ten seconds to get out…”

Stevens, Jeff, and attorney rose and briskly walked to the door. Jeff looked back at me. “I’ll protect Nell… I promise…”

“Shut up and fuck off!” Satyr snarled but I nodded my assent. The door shut and I glanced at Anna and Amanda.

“Changed your minds about settlements?”

“I have no idea why the hell I let them in…” Anna sighed. “They said they had a decent proposition… and I was tired… and maybe I thought I could kill them… just those two… but then that legal guy, Mike, had to show up… and we couldn’t do anything…”

“Well… since you two went off so much and let them lounge about like it was their own place, they basically have plenty of evidence to tip things in their favor!” I roared.

“Oh and I suppose holding that knife to the attorney’s throat and cursing them out as well was plentiful of gentleman conduct…” Anna shot back.

I sighed. “It was breaking and entering… as far as I concerned… when two people you hate are in your house… it’s breaking and entering…” I rubbed my eyes. “Why didn’t you agree to the settlements…?”

“Because they’re ridiculous! They basically get off scott-free and we get nothing… they are not getting away…” Anna said. “They are going to pay… one way or another…”

“And what’s to stop us from paying ourselves…?” I asked. “I’m not exactly too keen on the fact that we could lose… lose everything… jail is going to affect us in worse ways than just the treatment of the inmates…”

“We have plenty of witnesses…” she nodded.

“Witnesses that could also be put on trial,” I concluded and Anna stared, before sitting back on the couch and draping herself over the edge.

Amanda sighed. “I guess we see what happens…”

“Look… I’ll go out and just… get rid of them… end of story…” Satyr said. “I’ll kill them… and go to jail for us all…”

“No… we chose court so we’re going to court… no one’s doing anything stupid…” Amanda said quietly.

“You heard Sakis, Amanda! Our witnesses can become prosecuted because they were involved with our escape!”

I nodded at Satyr. “It’s not a definite fate… but it’s possible… but, like Amanda said… we chose court over clean slates, so let’s just go with that…”

“We should have gone with clean slates…” Satyr muttered. “We should have just… set this straight…”

“Too late for that now…” I said. “And I really doubt they’d let us call them back and say we’ve changed our minds…”

Anna sat up and rested her head against my shoulder. “What are you planning on doing?”

“I have no idea…” I said. “Hopefully someone will send me a sign of some sort…” A moment later, I heard the ring tone of my phone from the upstairs bedroom. I shrugged, rushed up, and grabbed it. “Hello?”

“Sakis? It’s Jesse…”

“Oh… hey…”

“Listen… I got to talk to you…”

“So do I… the trial thing… it might be bad because you and everyone else may be on trial along with me…”

“What! What do you mean?”

“Stevens and a lawyer came by today. Anna and Amanda were being fucktarded and let them in and we had a nice, civil chat… in a figurative sense…”

“That means you basically doomed us all…”

“Probably…” I sighed. “But, we’re going to court… next week… and we’re just going to have to put up with all this as best as possible… so tell me… what is it…?”

“Nell… she thinks you’re cheating on her… are you?”

“No…” I said. “How’d you come by that?”

“We ran into each other at the park… near where my aunt lives… she was really frustrated, something Satyr said… she wanted to see you tonight but Satyr said you couldn’t and also said you were fucking Anna…”

“Satyr says a lot…”

“Well… she was pretty angry… and tried to get even…”

“Define even…”

“Tried to get me to sleep with her…”

I shrugged. “You should have…”

Jesse coughed. “You slept with Anna, didn’t you? That’s why you’re being so casual about this…!”

“Jesse… you can’t tell Nell…”

“What the fuck were you thinking?”

“Jesse! Look… it was to shut her up and get her off our backs for good… plus for the music… but that was just a bonus. I did it just so she’d leave us alone…”

“Oh yea… we’ll see how well she keeps to that commitment…”

“If she doesn’t Amanda and Satyr will give her hell…”

“Those two won’t do a thing…”

“You’d be surprised…” I replied. “So… I suppose I should go see her then?”

“You better!”

“Then I will…” I nodded. “I’ll call you later and let you know what’s going on with the whole trial thing…”

“Yea… because I have no idea what you’re talking about… the fact that now myself and everyone else can be charged…”

“It’s a long, violent, complicated story that will require me at least two hours to tell so tell you what… I’ll come by your place tomorrow and explain everything, OK?”

“All right… but it better be good…”

I hung up at that and threw my clothes on that were lying on the bed and grabbed my keys. I went down the stairs and Anna frowned at me. “You’re leaving?”

“For a bit… have to clear some stuff up with Nell…”

“Pussy whipped…” Satyr coughed.

I glared at him. “I wouldn’t have to worry about this if you had kept your damn jealous mouth shut, damnit…” I shouted as I tore the door open and slammed it shut. I paused in the cool night air; it was getting dusk. I kept forgetting I didn’t have a car anymore. I swore and kicked a rock which flew across the small gated garden and decapitated the statue of a cherub. I heard a jangle of keys and turned to see Satyr, who had rushed out after me. “Where you going, Sakis? You plan on walking all the way?”

I sighed. “Just drive… please…”

“Sure…” Satyr unlocked his car; he still hadn’t put a shirt or changed out of his swim trunks. He set the engine and took to the road, for once actually not putting on any music. “I’ll take you over to Nell’s house and then just wait for you…”

“You don’t have to… either I’ll spend the night or end up dead… so I think you’re scott-free…”

“If you say so…” He paused in front of Nell’s house. “I hope things work out…”

“They’ll go the way they go…” I said as I jumped out of the car. “I’ll call your phone, if it’ll make you feel any better… when I’m done…”

“How can you call me if she kills you?”

“Then if I don’t call you’ll know…” I smiled as I shut the door and waved. He nodded back and took off.

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