In Essence of Things- Chapter 31 (Sakis)

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Sakis, Satyr, Anna, and Amanda go on trial, and Stevens turns the tables.

Submitted: September 22, 2007

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Submitted: September 22, 2007



I still couldn’t help but laugh as I arranged myself to get comfortable at the desk. Satyr looked so ridiculously smooth sitting there with Anna and Amanda both resting against him. All he needed now was a bathrobe and a cigar. I bit my lip to control myself. Sharon nudged me. “Did he really carry that couch from the lobby?”

“Yep…” I nodded. “Satyr and Anna are quite persistent… Amanda probably just joined in for the fun…”

“Interesting friends…”
“Only the best…” I turned to Nell and nudged her shoulder; she kept glancing at Stevens. “You nervous?”

“A bit… but I know you’ll be OK…”

“We all will…” I smiled. “I just hope this gets over fast… Stevens doesn’t really have any evidence… and it seems he just has a few witnesses… so we’ll see…”

“He may have more than you think… be careful with what you say…” she advised.

“Aren’t I always?”


“Damn…” I laughed; Nell did not smile. I shrugged. “We’ll be fine…”

The Judge cleared his throat. “Court is now in session… the prosecuting party will present their case first, followed by the defendant…”

Stevens waved a hand. “The defendant party can go first if they desire…”

I frowned; was that legal? “Feeling cocky are we?” I called out.

Stevens smiled at me. “Let’s just say I like to see what the opposition has to show before I play my own cards…”

I shrugged. “This is court… not war…”

“You’re one to talk… considering how violent you are…”

“Order!” the Judge barked. “Keep your comments to yourselves… Mr. Stevens… it is customary that the prosecuting party goes first! There is no exception!”

Stevens sighed. “Fine…” he nodded to his lawyer, who rose. “My client,” he began, “is charging monetary damages on Satyr Graven, Amanda Heller, and Anna Nortt for breach and assault and battery upon my client himself as well as members of his facility.”

“Huh… what about Sakis?” Anna asked.

“Sakis is cleared of his charges… but the rest still stand.”

“Why the sudden change?” I asked.

Hodges nodded. “Stevens has reviewed the evidence to show that you… apparently… cannot be held accountable for your actions. But, everyone else can be.”

“Objection!” Satyr barked. I shot a glance at him, fearing he was going to start acting out, but I knew there was no stopping him. “We didn’t breach the facility… we walked right out… no windows were broken or walls blown apart… we just walked out the door when the security system failed…” He looked at me. “Well… congratulations to you for pulling off another miraculous piece of luck!” I couldn’t tell if he meant it or not.

The Judge banged his gavel. “Mr. Graven… you will speak only when spoken to; your lawyer is the only who can make the ‘objection’ calls.” He then rubbed his eyes and glanced at Hodges. “So… the charges… against Sakis Mayem who is considered the ‘head’ of this group is cleared? State your reason…”

Hodges frowned, shaking his head. Stevens rose. “If I may…” The Judge nodded his acceptance. “I was wrong about Sakis Mayem… during mediation a few things came to mind that made me realize he didn’t really do anything… the fight with my son he did not take part of, save to help him, and the facility incident… well… that was all too human… and as far as I know… none of my assaulted workers could say he actually did any damage so… I’m therefore stating that his charges are clear. But, I am not dropping the charges against Satyr, Anna, or Amanda. They can be proven guilty!”

Satyr frowned. “I swear it’s a conspiracy…” he muttered.

The Judge rubbed his eyes again. “Mr. Stevens… this is a court of law… you cannot just suddenly declare a person of a particular party innocent and the rest guilty. I feel that I’m about ready to just drop this entire case and let you all go on your way… or favor things in Mr. Mayem’s party because right now you’re flip flopping. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand… it’s flip flopping.” I chuckled and stretched and let Hodges continue talking.

“We are only requesting monetary punishment… simply a thousand from each of of the prosecuted…”

The Judge put his hand up. “The court and jury will decide the punishment, Mr. Hodges… not you or your client!”

“Of course…” Hodges slunk back into his seat, looking somewhat ashamed. The Judge nodded to Sharon. “You may speak now…”

Sharon Daath nodded and stood up, brushing her hair aside. She shot a smile at me and composed herself. “Well… since we’re talking ‘charges,’ MY client has his own claims to bring forth. He and his fellows were drugged and institutionalized against their will, as well as kidnapped a second time, after release... which is against Constitutional law unless there is an exigent reason, such as psychopathology…”

“Objection! My client has proof that the people sitting here before us do show psychopathology! I have files right here…!” He walked up to the officer near the podium and handed a file to him. The Judge himself grabbed the files and looked them over, muttering to himself, before putting them down. “These files only suggest psychopathology… they also show that you released them, as Miss Daath noted, which therefore means that you could not admit them again…”

“We have testimony, however, that they did assault my workers!” Stevens snapped. “I have witnesses… here with me… who had to go to the hospital!”

The Judge sighed. “Bring them forth then…”

Two men shuffled forward; both I didn’t recognize. Both sat down and swore upon the Bible. They both stated their names for the record. Sharon walked up and began questioning. “Mr. Liben, can you describe what happened the night you were assaulted?”

“Well… I was guarding that girl… Anna … and the lights went out… I couldn’t see… someone hit me… I wasn’t sure if it was her or another inmate because apparently the power outage affected everything… from lights to phones to computers to doors… I really can’t say I know who assaulted me… but I would indeed guess it was that man there, with help from the girl!” He pointed to Satyr, who scoffed.

“Guessing is not good enough when it comes to the law…” The Judge said softly. “Dismissed.”

Sharon winked at me as Mr. Liben sat down. The other man rose and sat down, repeating the process. “Mr. Daniels… can you describe what happened that night?”

“About the same as my co-worker, except I can describe my assault. A woman… dressed as a nun… came by to see the patient… Amanda. The lights went out, and then Amanda who was in front of me ducked behind me and hit me with my own baton. And the nun assaulted my partner, who is not here, due to intensive care. Then later on, that one… Satyr… assaulted a few more guards and Dr. Stevens; I was making my way down the hall and I saw him hurt two guards, drag them in an office, and then turn on Stevens.”

“I see…” Sharon nodded. “Did you do anything to Satyr or Amanda at the time… to provoke them?”

“Well… with Satyr… we tied him down on a gurney, and with Amanda we put her in a straight jacket. Stevens’s report said they were dangerous, so we had to abide by the rules.”

“Did they offer any resistance?”

“Amanda did not… Satyr offered some resistance-”

“Were you part of the team that kidnapped them?”

“Excuse me?”

“Were you part of a group that came to Sakis Mayem’s house… and arrested them?”

“Well… I was there, yes.”

I saw Stevens suddenly shoot an upset glance at his worker, but the man shrugged like he was helpless. “I didn’t see what happened really… I drove one of the cars… and it was raining.”

“But, you admit to the fact that Stevens and others actually went to the house and kidnapped them?”

“They went to the house, yea, knocked on the door, someone let them in, and then they came out later with three people… who were all complaining and put them in handcuffs and such and sat them on the curb until two other people came, and that was a bit of a struggle again…”

“So… you went… and took several people… without a warrant… from their home?”

“I don’t know if there was a warrant…”

“That’s all…” She went back next to me and sat down, patting my shoulder. “I think we’re OK,” she whispered.

The jury, over on the side, were muttering amongst themselves. I sat back and looked at everyone’s disposition. Satyr was still sitting back, eyes closed, probably listening to music in his head. Amanda was biting her knuckles, looking nervous. Anna was stroking Satyr’s hair. Essence wasn’t moving at all, and her eyes were on the table, like she was staring down a piece of dust or thinking. The Judge stroked his chin and mulled over the information.

“Mr. Stevens… did you go an arrest these people, after you released them originally… without a warrant?”

“I had a warrant! I got one from the police, because they framed ME for rape!”
“Bullshit!” Amanda snarled. “You raped me!”

“I meant from when you first escaped…” Stevens snapped at her before looking back at the Judge. “After I was cleared from jail, I was given a warranty to arrest them for fraud…”

“Fraud? Is that what you call outsmarting…?” Amanda snorted.

The Judge banged his gavel on the desk. “Miss Heller… that’s enough! Let Stevens speak…”

“Thank you…” Stevens nodded. “The warrant is indeed here… for their arrest…” Hodges brought forth another folder from their table and handed it to the officer who looked it over, then handed it to the Judge. He nodded. “This checks out… Mr. Hodges, you may begin questioning the defendant party…”

Hodges smiled and motioned for a woman from his side to come up. She sat, and he simply asked one question. “When you were at the Islands on Nobel the night of Jeff Stevens’s assault… who did you see do it?

She pointed at Satyr, who stuck his tongue out at her. Hodges nodded and let her step down, and then motioned to Anna. “Up here my dear… and no knives now…”

Anna spat at him and made her way to the podium and sat down. “Just hurry up…”

“Do you admit to threatening me, Stevens, and his son upon his visit to your house?”

I frowned; this was a sudden change of tactics. The Judge frowned. “Mr. Hodges, this case is about the assault at the hospital… not something else…”

“This is part of that… this girl, along with the others… except… Sakis… threatened us with knives when we just came to talk… and we were invited in, right?”

Anna’s lips twisted into a snarl. “Yes… but that was payback from arresting us and raping Amanda!” Satyr rolled his eyes; urging her to lie.

“Did you witness this rape from the earlier ‘uncivil arrest’ you say that occurred?”

“I did… Stevens came into the house... Sakis’s house I mean… with guards with batons… not police… and they had us on the ground… one grabbed Amanda and he and her went to a room… I heard her screaming…” she shuddered.

“So… you did not actually witness the rape…”

“Of course she was being raped in there!” Anna shouted. “What did you think they were doing? Playing Yahtzee? I don’t fucking think so, you asshole!”

“Language… Miss Graven…” warned the Judge.

“Oh fuck your language!” Anna snapped. “I’ll say whatever I want…”

I shook my head and rose. “Forgive her… she’s a bit mental with anger… she doesn’t do good when being interviewed…”

“Mr. Mayem… sit down…”

I did, but gripped the table, staring at Anna and pleading her with my eyes not to make anymore outbursts. It would only help Stevens and his party.

“If I may continue…?” Hodges asked. “So… Anna… you’re telling me that you did not witness the rape… and you seem a bit angry… and you did escape… along with Satyr and the others?”

“I escaped by myself! When the lights went out I tripped one of the guards and ran… in self defense! Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same if you were a prisoner!”

Hodges nodded. “I see… no more questions. I’ll have Satyr come up now…”

“Better keep away…” Satyr said coldly as he rose and sat down. The officer near the Judge placed the Bible before him and Satyr shook his head. “I am not swearing on that thing…”

“You have to… or else your testimonies cannot be considered true…”

“I’m not swearing on the Christian Bible! I’ll swear on Satan, my Belphegor albums, or my dog, but not that!”

The Judge stared. “No one’s ever refused this…”

“Then I guess I should be proud I’m the first…” Satyr smirked. I shook my head, marveling at his incorrigibility.

“Fine… swear on… whatever… we don’t have time for this!” Hodges snapped. He leaned over. “So… where were you the night that these men were assaulted, along with Stevens and others?”

“With Sakis… the entire time…”

Hodges frowned, suddenly noticing a possible problem in the prosecution. I noticed it too. “You were with Sakis…?”
“… Sakis who can’t be prosecuted, therefore making me not able to be prosecuted…” Satyr smiled.

The Judge glanced at me and frowned. I nodded. “Yep, he was with me the whole nine yards… he didn’t do anything… he was with me the nights of these assaults pretty much the whole time… the only time we were separated was by two rooms…”

Stevens gritted his teeth and I smirked at him. He knew he had made a grave mistake, letting me off. Hodges sighed, shaking his head. “No more questions…”

Satyr smiled and rolled over the podium desk and plopped back down on the couch. The Judge stared. “Is there anyone you’d like to call to the stand Mr. Hodges?”

“No… your Honor…” Hodges bit his lip and slumped down next to Stevens. The Judge nodded to Sharon. “Do you want to question anyone?”
“I would like to question Jeff Stevens as well as his father…”

“Very well…” The Judge motioned for Jeff to make his way to the podium. He swore on the Bible, and sat across. “Now… Satyr and Sakis claim that you and your father drugged them against their will… and shipped them to your hospital, on their first ‘visit.’ Satyr also claims that you are the reason his ribs are damaged…”

“Yes…” Jeff said uncertainly. I smiled. This was one of the moments when I was glad people were Christian.

“He deserved it… for hitting me…”

“I see… so… he punches you… and you break two of his ribs… that seems a little extreme, doesn’t it?”

“Eye for an eye… tooth for a-”

“No need to quote the Bible… we’ve all read it here, I’m sure…”

“Except me and her…!” Satyr called out, pointing to himself and Amanda, but he shut up upon a withering look from the Judge.

Sharon ignored his comment. “So… you basically kidnapped and assaulted someone… because you were provoked… do you know how grave that is…?”

“Miss Daath… we are not here for your lecture on the graveness of one’s actions… this court already knows that!” the Judge interrupted.

Sharon brushed her hair aside. “Of course… forgive me.” She turned back to Jeff. “So… you were provoked you say… just like you provoked Satyr by insulting his girlfriend…?”
Jeff nodded solemnly. Stevens sat with his hands, not believing that his son was confessing to everything. I figured once the trial was done, Jeff would be homeless, but I figured since he had probably convinced his dad to let me off, I would let him live with me for a bit.

Sharon smiled. “All right… let’s say we live by your philosophy of ‘eye for an eye’… therefore… this trial is unnecessary… and the charges null… but if we go by the process of law… your assault on Satyr is greater than your own… and would not go in your favor…” She leaned forward. “Anything else you want to say…?”

Jeff shook his head and Sharon stepped back.

“Mr. Stevens… would you please come up? I have just one question…” Stevens made his way to the podium and sat down. “You said the first time you admitted Sakis and Satyr… against their will… you released them the next day… as the papers show… and once you release them, they cannot be admitted at least for another year… which therefore would make your second commitment of them basically a criminal offense… correct?”

Stevens glared at her. “That is correct…”

Sharon practically skipped her way back to the table. “No more questions at all, your honor…”

The Judge rose. “Ten minute break… the jury will debate…” People rose and left the courtroom for food or a bathroom break. Sharon shook my hand. “Congratulations, Sakis… I think we’re in the clear. I say we all go out for a drink after!”

“Only I am 21…”

“Well… then I’ll just take you up on that drink then…”

“If we win… I’ll go for that…” I agreed. Nell shot me a glance and I stared at her. “Baby… it’s just a drink… I mean she did get us out of this mess…”

Nell opened her mouth to say something but said nothing. I kissed her cheek, rose, and slid on the couch next to Satyr, Ann, and Amanda. Satyr had a big grin on his face. “Well… we’re off the hook!”

“We’re not done yet…” I said.

“I know… but we’re basically in the clear… all those testimonies and stuff were not very legitimate… and Sharon did a nice job making Jeff confess… I think we’re going to get some money…!”

“If we get anything… it will be just to pay for your hospital bills…” Sharon said, standing over us. A door opened and the jury reconvened, as did everyone else. Sharon went back to the table.

“Jury… what is your decision…?” the Judge asked.

“From what I have heard… due to lack of clear evidence and recent turn of events...” the jury began before Stevens rose.

“Wait! Miss Daath’s is not legitimate! We have proof she has been coerced into Sakis’s favor through sexual acts!”

The Judge stared. “You have… proof?”

“A recording…” Stevens raised a small tape player and I shot a glance at Sharon, who looked just as clueless, and fearful, as I did. Stevens pressed play and I heard our conversation we had had in the office; starting with “So… the girl you slept with is your cousin,” all the way to her moans, which made it seem like I was having sex with her. I coughed; Sharon blanched. Stevens turned off the tape and sat down. The Judge shook his head, rose, and stared at Sharon Daath. “Miss Daath… please leave… and clear out your office…”

“But… I didn’t… we didn’t…”

“We didn’t do anything of the sort… how do we know they didn’t make this up?” I snapped, still amazed they had gotten the recording.

“Is that not your voices?” Stevens asked. “Sure sounds like it…”

I shook my head and fell back in my chair. The jury looked exasperated. One raised their hand. “Is there ANYTHING legitimate about this trial? We’re all about ready to just say both parties are settled… because to us it seems like this whole thing was based on a stupid, high school, childish fight. And that seems to have been settled a long time ago… therefore leaving no reason for us to be here!”

Sharon, through tears, glared at Stevens, who shrugged. Hodges suddenly rose. “We do have a legitimate argument… actually. Sakis Mayem… charged for lechery and incest… with Anna!”

Nell suddenly stood up. “That’s not fair! You promised!”

I looked at her, and looked at Stevens. The Judge looked shocked. “What are you talking about, Miss?”
“I gave them that recording! I did it so Sakis could be clear of his charges… they promised…” Nell suddenly sat down, realizing what she had admitted. I stared at her, bewildered, enraged, wanting to strangle her. She was crying. “I’m sorry… Sakis… I didn’t mean to…”

The Judge frowned, looking at Hodges. “Is this true… you set her up?”

Hodges shrugged. “I have no idea what she’s talking about…”

I didn’t say anything, I just turned my back. Amanda was seething. “You cunt!” she screamed, lunging at her but the nearby guards held her in place. “You bitch! You sold us out! You cunt! You stupid cunt!”

The Judge nodded. “Remove her, please…” Amanda struggled and kicked, but the two guards pulled her down the aisle towards the doors. I stared after her, reaching out, as if I could stretch and touch her. The Judge turned back to Stevens. “Do you have proof or witnesses, of this lechery…?”

Hodges nodded. “I call Anna… again to the podium…”

She nodded, and strode forward. Sharon spun on her way out and stood in the aisle, looking to see what would happen. Hodges leaned over and stared into her eyes. “I’ll make this simple… did Sakis have sex with you being a minor and him an adult…”

The room fell silent and we all stared as Anna sat there, mute. Then she let out one word: “Yes…”

The room exploded. Satyr leaped up, shouting at her, “You bitch!” Jesse looked ready to jump over the railing, but contained himself. I felt myself go slack; hardly believing I had been sold out twice in one day. Nell started crying even harder. The jury was chattering again, and the Judge gave me a dark look.

“It was for her to fuck off and leave me alone…” I began but Anna laughed.

“You did it for CDs… you fucked me for CDs…!”

“Oh fuck you!”

“You sure did…” Anna nodded. “You took advantage of me-”

I roared and lunged at her, but like Amanda, was caught by more guards. Satyr jumped off the couch and leaped on one’s back, but was subdued. The Judge was banging his gavel on the desk. “Order! I will have order here!”

After a few minutes, and a pair of handcuffs, Satyr and I were next to each other on the ground, glaring at the dust. “She fucks everyone, you can’t trust her word!” Satyr snarled at the Judge. “I’ve fucked her and I’m 20! So throw me in jail too, then!”

Anna laughed. “You couldn’t fuck me even if you tried… though you probably were able to do Amanda ‘cause she’s got such shitty standards…”

“You fucking… BITCH!” Amanda shouted, still being held back near the doors. The Judge frowned and looked at Amanda. “Is this true…? You are… what… a minor as well and had sex with this… Satyr?”

“Not yet…” Amanda snapped. “Now let me go so I can hit that bitch! Sakis is not guilty! He’s clear! It’s not adultery if you consent!”

The Judge sighed. “Enough!” He waved a hand and Amanda was put outside. “Now… jury… do you think you’ll need a break for debate…?”

I couldn’t see what was going on, but one’s voice let me know what was going on. “We find all the others clear of charges… but we find Sakis Mayem guilty… for lechery…”

The Judge nodded. “Very well… Sakis Mayem… by the power vested in me, I sentence you to…”

“Wait!” Stevens shouted. “We don’t want jail time here… we want monetary repayment… a thousand each-”

“Mr. Stevens… this matter is not of your concern… this has nothing to due with money… so therefore there will be no money granted to you… there is, however, a posted bail, but of fifty thousand dollars…” The Judge glared at me. “Do you have that amount of money…?”

“No…” I glared back. The Judge shrugged. “Then ten years… in prison… is the sentence.”

“No!” Nell shouted. “Sakis was supposed to go free! He was supposed to be released!” She glared at Stevens. “You fucking promised!”

Stevens shrugged. “Someone has to pay… one way or another… I wasn’t about to let this case get away…”

I shook my head, feeling myself being lifted up and slowly walked down the aisle. Nell rushed over to me but I turned away. She was in tears, howling. “I didn’t mean it… I did it for you to be free! I did! I did what you would do, what you have done, to benefit us…!” I ignored her, keeping my eyes on the doors ahead, my impending doom. Satyr was still kept on the ground, glaring after me. “Hang in there, Sakis! We’ll get you out of this… and if we don’t I’ll kill that bitch!”

“Which one?” I called out to the air.

“Both!” I looked back to see Satyr struggling to get up, and Anna sitting on the podium, smiling. She mouthed to me, “If I can’t have you, no one else can…” I shook my head, and swore on the decent soul I probably didn’t have that after my ten years, I would kill her, and then go to jail again. Jesse was staring at me from the seats. “I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything…” I said softly. “You couldn’t have helped if you could… you weren’t there, remember…”

Jesse nodded and hung his head down. Nicki looked at me, but didn’t say anything. I figured that, pretty much along with everyone else, she was disgusted with me. I wanted to rub the sweat off my face, but I couldn’t due to the fact that I was still in handcuffs. I walked out the door and saw Amanda in the corner; when she saw me she jumped at me. “Hey! What happened in there? Why are you in handcuffs…?”

“Ask Anna…” I said softly.

“What… what did that bitch do?”

“Convicted me…”

She stared. “What the fuck! That fucking bitch… fucking hell! I’ll kill her! Her and Nell! I thought Nell sold you out!”

“She did… Anna just dealt the final blow…”

“Why are you getting charged?”

“Ten years for lechery…”

She froze. “No… no they can’t put you away for ten years… what… there’s no bail or anything?”

“Fifty thousand dollars…”

“Won’t your parents help you?”


“Wow… oh God Sakis… I’m sorry… I… I don’t know what to say… or what to do? Life will never be the same again!”

“No… it won’t… but things fall apart like they always do…”

Amanda jumped into my arms and held onto me, snapping at the guards who tried to pull her away. “Fuck off! Let me hold him one last time!”

I shook my head and whispered in her ear to take care of everyone for me. She stepped away, crying. “You’ll get out… won’t you? You’ll come up with something!”

I sighed. “You let me know if you have a plan…”

She stared. “I can’t believe it… the great Sakis… doesn’t have a plan? This is a first… and it just had to be at this kind of time!”

“I know… sometimes I just condemn myself…”

Amanda was pulled away so I could continue walking. She struggled but I caught her arm quickly. “I’ll find a way back though… to all of you… I promise!”

The doors behind us opened and Satyr and the others tore out, running for me, but guards blocked their way. “That’s enough… he’s going to stay in jail for a bit… we give five days to have bail be posted before we set the sentence for full effect…”

“I’ll tell mom and dad what’s going on!” Ryan shouted. “They’ll do something!”

“Not likely…!”

“Oh don’t be so pessimistic, Sakis!”

“Give me a reason to be optimistic, Ryan! You’re not the one going to jail!”

Ryan shook his head, at a loss for words. Satyr was on the ground again for fighting. Anna was being led down the hall by a squad of guards; she gave a short glance at me then continued walking. I shook my head. I regretted the day her manipulative self was born. Nell stood there among the chaos of shouting and fighting, crying, and yet not saying anything. I didn’t look at her, and I didn’t say anything to her. She didn’t deserve my eyes or words. I just turned my back, and let the guards take me down the great white corridor.

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