In Essence of Things- Chapter 7 (Sakis)

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Amidst more arguments and trouble, Sakis and Essence get a little closer...

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007



I couldn’t believe how the night had turned out. Should’ve listened to that omen… I thought. The cry of the blackbirds is NOT always about Amon Amarth. I glared at Satyr in the mirror as I drove. “You really cost us tonight… beating up Jeff in front of about thirty witnesses…”

Satyr glared back. “Did I? That asshole deserved what he got! You even tried to help but got hit anyway! What kind of person does that?”

I sighed. “Satyr… you know that if you go to jail… I go with you…”


“’Cause you’re my friend…” It was true; I had made a promise to stick by my friends no matter what a long time ago. They didn’t believe me, of course, but now was a chance to prove it.

Satyr suddenly looked very human for a moment. “You’d… you’d go to jail with me?”

I nodded, not looking at him. “I would… besides… someone has to keep you from getting ass raped in there… better it be someone you can trust…”

Satyr sighed, then threw his arms around me, making me jerk. “Hey! I’m driving!”

“Sorry…” he let go, but I could tell I had brought out a very compassionate moment in him, and it would probably be the only time. I sighed, and looked at Nell who was in the seat next to me. She hadn’t said a thing since we had started driving, with her fingers were busy with her phone, probably text messaging the friend that had left. I figured she was still mad for how the night had turned out.



“Sorry… about tonight…”

“Forget it… it’s passed… that’s what matters…”

I wasn’t letting her off that easy. “You’re thinking about Jeff, aren’t you… what he said back there…? I know what it’s like to be-“

She turned at me and the burning fire that was in her eyes almost made me turn but I had to keep my focus on the road. “You don’t know ANYTHING what it’s like! You think Amanda leaving you was bad… oh poor you! I guess getting fucked by an ex girlfriend is a real suffering isn’t it?”
I shot a sharp look at Satyr and Anna and then turned back to the road. “What did you tell her…?”

“Exactly what you said: what needed to be told,” Anna said.

I sighed. Things were just getting better… “Look… Nell… Amanda was something special… but I don’t want her back… things weren’t right…”

“Then why take her back…?”

“I never said I was…” Another glance was made at the two trouble makers in back. “Did they say I was…?”

“They said you were, and they seem to be really-“

“- tired of this arguing!” Satyr snapped. “Look… tonight was a rough night… can we all just… shut up and listen to some music?

“Fine by me…” I said. I nodded to Nell. “Love… if you’ll look under the seat-“
She cocked her head at me, and reached under, feeling the CD I had placed underneath. She frowned at me. “Music huh… for me I assume… am I supposed to guess the tracks since there’s no marking on the disc itself?” Nell rolled her eyes and slipped it in. “Think you can make it up to me? After what you all did tonight? I don’t think there’s anything that will make me-“

Her voice trailed off upon the first track… the sound of Catacombs. The sound she had heard while at the music store with me and instantly swooned for. I couldn’t help but grin and keep my eyes on her every once I in a while; the rise and fall of her breast beneath her shirt as she struggled to control herself under the effects of the music. Her eyes were closed and she was gently moving her head back and forth, as if she were in the throes of a very vivid dream, or really good sex. Either way, it gave Satyr the silence he wanted.

A stoplight finally gave a respite moment for me to relax and turn to Anna and Satyr who were both mesmerized by Nell. “Sakis… did you slip her some LSD or something… because she’s going nuts over there…” Anna said softly.

“Not nuts, love. Just… really enjoying the music…”

“What is this… How come I’ve never heard it before?”



“No… this if funeral doom, Nile is death metal… get it right!” I shoved him playfully and turned back to the road. Nell was still in the throes of her musical orgasm.

“How long will she do that…?” Anna asked, looking worried.

“For as long as this song… or I guess any song by this band goes on…”

“And how long is that?”

“We have seven more minutes…”


“Does not save…”

She gave me a dark look. “Don’t act silly with us now, Sakis… this isn’t normal…! Turn it off…!”

“No… she’s enjoying it… why should I? I had her listen to thirty seconds in the music store today and she was fine after…”

“Ten minutes is a big difference from thirty seconds! It’s like one glass of alcohol versus….” She paused to do some math. “… twenty! That’s a different between buzzed and alcohol poisoning!”

Satyr shook his head. “Anna… babe… this isn’t drugs… Sakis knows his music well… it’s just hitting her music g-spot that’s all…”

Anna frowned. “What? You make this sound like it’s sex…”

“It is…” we both nodded. Anna looked confused.

“OK… baby… listen to me. You know when you hear that one song that makes you go oooh la la? That… is musical orgasms… the stuff that makes you shiver when you listen and make you play it over and over again…”

“Why the hell would I want music to give me orgasms…? I have you!” Anna snapped.

Satyr sighed. Sometimes I wondered if under that black hair she was really a blond. I could tell he was frustrated with her. “Anna… it’s not a real orgasm… if that were the case then our friend Nell would be soaking the seat and moaning like you do when I eat you out! But, she’s not… so… it’s not a real orgasm. Just… a good song!”

“Oh… well… I never get those feelings when I listen to a song…”

“Because you listen to country…” I growled at her, almost hating the say the word. “That will do nothing but turn you OFF!”

Anna bit her lip and moved to hit me but Satyr actually restrained her. She looked at him. “What! Let me hit him!”

“Anna … babe... he’s right…”

She shook her head. “Incredulous, Satyr… all it takes is metal to set us apart… doesn’t it?”

“Just with him…” Satyr said meekly, afraid she would hit him. Anna sighed and turned to stare out the window. I smiled in the mirror, showing a thank you, and then noticed the song had finished, and Nell was coming down from her throes of musical pleasure. She opened her eyes. “Wow… that was good…”

I grinned. “How’s that for forgiveness…?”

She shook her head. “I still don’t forgive Satyr… but I’ll forgive you…”

Satyr snorted. “Well since I’m not the one who’ll be dating you… I’m fine with that…”

“I didn’t say-“

“- you told me you wanted to get to know him better… so… why not get a Starbucks or something after you drop us off? Give you two some alone time…” Anna said, her eyes flashing. I looked at her; she was up to something, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. And I wasn’t about to ask; I’d let her have her fun. I just hoped it’d be for my benefit.

“I just want to go home…” Nell said. “Maybe another time-“

“No… tonight! You two should hang out tonight…”

“I have an arrangement after I drop you all off…” I said softly. I was referring to my agreement to see Amanda, and I saw Nell wince. She must have known what I was talking about. “You told her about that too… didn’t you?” I indicated to Anna.

“We might have mentioned it…” Anna shrugged. “Look… you can have your little… arrangement… after the coffee! Amanda doesn’t know when you’ll be done… and she won’t care… you could go to her at three in the morning and as long as you gave her a nice, good, rough-“

“Or you could just go now… make it a quickie like Jiffy Lube does… and then have the whole night to talk…” Satyr added.

Anna looked at him, and I burst out laughing. “Look… I don’t appreciate you talking about MY sex toys like that… Jiffy Lube gets the job-“

“You know… I really… just want to go home. No coffee… no more… sex talk… just… let me sleep this off…”

“Fine you can sleep it off in his bed…” Satyr added, and this time I was the one to hit him, but I ended up hitting Anna instead because I was still driving.

“Ass!” she shouted.

“Sorry… kind of hard to see when driving here…”

Satyr hit me back for good measure and I almost drove into the median. “ASS!” I roared at him. “YOU ALMOST MADE ME CRASH!”

“Will you three STOP IT!?!” Nell roared. “God… I swear you three are the most dysfunctional friends I have ever met…”

“Actually… since Anna’s a loathsome cousin, she doesn’t count…” I added, but she gave me such a dark look I shut up.

“I don’t care…. what she is… or what he is… to you… but all I know is tonight… I’ve had it horrible! My best friend ditched me… Jeff showed his true feelings… we got thrown out of a restaurant… and I’m just fucking-“

Satyr leaned forward and pressed the “back” button on my stereo and the Catacombs music blasted again. Nell became quiet and closed her eyes again. “Oooh… yea…. there we go… mmm…” Satyr hit “repeat” and sat back.

“There! That’ll shut her up!”

Anna stared at him, and then me. “See! Was that not a moan!? You’re making her cum!?!”

“No… we’re making her shut up…” Satyr sighed, slamming his head back into the seat in frustration. “And we’re going to make it stay that way! ‘Cause right now all this talk of going home makes me want to go home too!”

I chuckled amid the music. “No staying at Anna’s tonight…?”

“If your aunt and uncle are still gone… then her home is my home…”

“They’re still gone…”

“Then you know where to take me!”

“Yes sir…” We kept going, listening to the Catacombs for the next half hour. Anna sighed, falling asleep against Satyr’s shoulder, and just to be funny, he fell asleep against my shoulder as I drove. I didn’t argue; if he wanted to be stupid and lean forward, becoming a victim to any possible accidents we might have, then that was his choice. I wasn’t going to argue anymore; my vocals were shot from all the laughs, shouts, and talks of the night. I looked at Nell convulsing in the corner and smirked. She looked so amazing. I had never met anyone in my life that became affected by music so much; not even I went into such relapses of pleasure. I grinned. She was truly the essence of music. I no longer felt like worrying about her where her name came from anymore- no need to ask her about it. She was the essence… of everything she enjoyed.

I stopped in front of Anna’s house. “Try not to cause too much havoc in the bedroom OK? I think your mom and dad would want their house somewhat intact when they come back…” I said to Satyr. He flashed me a grin which meant he wasn’t going to listen to a word I said. I could only grin back. I stepped out of the car and we grabbed each other by the shoulder and hugged, like one of us was going on a long journey. We always did that before we parted, because knowing our luck, it was likely that one day we wouldn’t see each other the next morning due to grounding, trouble, emergencies, or just the fact that we had used up so much bodily fluid the night before it was going to take a day of lying in bed like a vegetable to get back to normal.

Anna chuckled. “I promise that we won’t wake you up due to our loud… extorts…”

“You had better not! Considering I live a block away, you’d be surprised the things I can hear… like last Halloween… God you made the most god awful sex racket…”

“Hey… now that was Hostel on DVD! Satyr hooked his speakers up to my TV and… it was nice!”

I shook my head. “I’m still not forgiving you for not letting me join you-“

“You would have had a really bad Halloween then if you did…” Satyr said. “Trust me... you were lucky you weren’t there…”

“Perhaps you’ll tell me the story sometime…?”

Satyr sighed, and closed his eyes, like he was trying to make a really hard decision. But, I knew better. “Hmm… should I tell you about Hostel night?” He put a finger to his chin, then grinned. “Yea… I think I’ll tell you about Hostel night… but not tonight!”

I laughed. “Bastard! Get out of here! Go have fun!”

“Yes sir…” He danced off towards the house. I turned to Anna who just shook her head at me. “Good night, you ass…”

“Night bitch…” I slapped her ass on the way to the door and she slapped my face; we both started laughing and I promised to not bother her until twelve in the afternoon the next day.

“Promise me you’ll treat her good…” Anna said nodding to Nell who was still enjoying the music. “Don’t go see Amanda tonight… just… hang out with her.”

“Can’t force her to do anything…” I said softly.

“She’ll warm up if you stop acting like an ass!”

“As long as you’re not around… I think I can do that…”

She shook her head. “Ass…”

“See! There you go! Once you’re gone I’ll be the sweetest person in the world to her!”

“How we ever got to be related I’ll never know… but if I get control of the will of the family… you’re out!”

“I’ll keep that same thing in mind for you if that happens to me…” I grinned sweetly. She laughed. “Dream well…”

“You too…”

We parted without saying another word. I dragged myself back to my car and hit repeat, as well as the music off. Nell shook herself back to reality. “Huh… you stopped the music…”

“After hearing it about ten times in a row it gets somewhat tiring… and you looked like you were going to die over there from that orgasm…”


I burst out laughing and she pursed her lips at me, not amused. “You… are just…”

“- an ass?” I answered.

“Exactly…” Nell rubbed her eyes. “God… I feel like I just stepped out of a spa…”

“All relaxed and ready to rock?”

“Yes… I mean no!” She corrected herself and I cursed; I was hoping she’d fall for it. “I still want to go home…”

“Fine… let’s go then… just direct me.” She did, and I drove. We paused next to a shopping center; a drive through Starbucks loomed nearby, the flashing lights begging us to pick up an energetic, sweet, non alcoholic cocktail to keep us awake for the night. Despite the fact it almost over; it was ten thirty last time I had checked. I wasn’t ready for it to be over, and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to go see Amanda.

“I’m thirsty… do you want anything? I’m going to grab a drink from that Starbucks…”

Nell looked at me, then the Starbucks. “… If you pay for it, I will.”

“I can do that… you look tired anyway… you could use a boost…” I pulled to the drive through and ordered my own. I looked at her, and she simply said, “The same…”

The woman nodded, and then we had to wait about ten minutes to get the drinks ready. “So… the Catacombs worked well for you did it…?” I asked, trying to make talk.

“I don’t know… all I knew is I heard it and then I was gone… I lost control… the music took me over… it was… nice…” She smiled at me. “I enjoyed it lots…”


“But… that still doesn’t mean you get to sleep with me!” she added sharply. I put my hands up as if she was going to hit me.

“Won’t touch you if you don’t want to be…”

“And yet you’re going to go put your hands all over a girl after you drop me off?”

I rolled my eyes. Damn Satyr and damn Anna. I was never letting those two know about anything again. “Are you mad at me about that?”

“Just the idea… she’s not your girlfriend… yet you’re going to sleep with her…? It’s not right…”

“Then what… in your opinion… is right? Getting lovesick over a guy who cheats on you?”

She shook her head. “I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jeff anymore… we’re done. I don’t care about him anymore… he admitted his mistake… I’m sentencing him to life without me!”

“Sounds like a plan…”

Nell sighed. “Are you… really going to go see Amanda…?”

I shrugged. “I may… unless you keep me out so late that I’ll have to decline because she would be tired and sleeping…”

She stared. “Are you bribing me… to go out with you on a date?”

“We already did…”

“No… since we were with other people… but right now… it’s just us… and you’re asking me to do something with you… just the two of us…” Nell’s brow furrowed. I could tell she was actually liking the idea, but also fighting against it.

“We can go to the beach… walk there for a bit… just you and me… and then I’ll take you home…” I frowned. “Wait… unless you want to check on them to make sure your family is OK... in case Jeff called… or your friend…”

I saw her shake her head. “I was text messaging Nicki… to tell her I was OK… she felt so bad for taking off but she was really scared… but she trusts you’ll get me home OK. She hasn’t said anything to my parents. As for Jeff, I really don’t think he’ll call anyone except his friends to find Satyr… your friend. He won’t come after you… you tried to help him… he knows this…”

“If he wants Satyr… he has to go through me first…”

Nell stared, completely mystified. “You really care… don’t you? About your friends…”

“More than you could imagine, love…”

She sat back and laughed, rubbing her face with her hands. “Wow… and I thought you were a womanizing asshole…”

“Anna makes it seem like that…”

“What IS your deal anyway with her?”

Now it was my turn to laugh and rub my face with my palms. “Just family rivalry… we piss each other off all the time but we love each other deeply… we’re closer than most people assume, but we act like assholes just to keep it covered. There’s a story behind all that…”

“Care to share…?”

I smirked, and began stroking my chin like Satyr had. “Hmm… should I tell you about Anna and me…?” I grinned and she laughed, shaking her head. “Yea… I think I’ll tell you about Anna and me…”

“- but not tonight…” she finished, nodding. “I know.”

“Actually… I can tell you the story tonight if you want… providing you stick around for an hour or two… or whenever your curfew is…”

“I can be out till one…” She smiled at me and sighed, looking up the ceiling of the car. “Should I stick around for you…?”

“It’d be a good idea…”

“Name me one reason why…?”

I shrugged. “Because you have a huge drink to finish and it’s a beautiful night and the sand is a nice touch between the toes… plus no one is ever out at this hour…”

Nell sighed. “You have me there… all right… let’s hit the beach…”

I nodded and turned to the lady who was sticking her head out the window. “Two venti white chocolate mochas… for Saaaa… kiisss?” She stumbled over the name, trying to pronounce it. I took the drinks and smiled. “You got it right, love…” I assured her before I drove. Nell cocked her head at me. “Why do you do that?”


“Call everyone ‘love’… I thought it was just me… but you did it with her, and you do it with Anna too…”

“I told you… just what I say to girls…”

“But why… if you don’t think them your girlfriend or lover… then why do you call them such things?”

“Because I see every person as a potential lover or girlfriend…”

“I see…” But it was clear she didn’t see. “It all ties into the story I’ll tell later…”

Nell frowned. “Uh oh… I don’t know if I like this…”

“You don’t have to hear it then…”

“No, no, no! I do I do!” she urged. “Just tell me one thing… did you sleep with her?”



I laughed. “She’s my cousin… I didn’t sleep with her…”

“OK… thank you… then in that case I have no problem at all with whatever this may be about…”

I chuckled. “We’ll see…”

I pulled into a parking spot at the beach parking lot and jumped out of the car, drink in hand. Nell followed me and we came to the short cliff that led down to the sand. Nell looked at me. “Is there a stairs to get down…?”

“There is… but it’s all the way over to the left… I prefer the unconventional way though…” I winked and sat down on the edge of the cliff and pushed off, soaring down, letting the dirt tear at my legs- protected by jeans- until I hit the bottom, a certain shade a brown. I looked back up at Nell. “Come on…!”

She shook her head. “I think I’ll take the stairs…”

“Come on! Trust me it’s not that bad…”

“I don’t have long pants on!”

“So?” I sighed to myself. Women; they were so frustrating when it came to delicacy.

“I don’t want to get my legs torn up by rocks…”

“Fine… be a pussy… take the stairs!”

“Fuck you!”

I grinned. “By all means go ahead…”

I didn’t hear anything, and then suddenly looked up to see a dark figure fly through the sky and before I knew it Nell had landed on top of me. I crashed into the sand and groaned; her legs had hit my stomach, spilling my drink all over the sand, along with her own. “Oooh… GOD!”

Nell grunted and got up. “That’s what you get… you ass!”

I couldn’t say anything; I was in too much pain. She frowned. “Come on… get up…”

“I’m a little… disabled right now…” I whispered. “You hit me right in the fucking balls…”

Even though I could barely see her face in the moonlight, I heard her gasp, which meant she was obviously worried. “Oh… fuck! I’m sorry… are you- ?”

Fortunately, the painful moment passed quickly so I could feel my body parts again, and I shot up and knocked her to the ground. She shouted. “Agh! You got sand all over me!”

“That’s what you get!” I snapped back, holding her down, playfully. She pushed up but I kept her down. “And I don’t know if I should let you go…”

“Listen… I’m sorry about your balls… but you called me a pussy… and I hate to be called that…”

“You have one…”

“Oh fuck you!” she snapped.

“Do you want to…?”

“Yes… I mean no!” I laughed and grinned. It was fun to change things around when a person was in a high emotional state.

“Seems like you want to… since you want me on top…”

“I’d be more than happy if you got off…”

“I can do that… though I’d think you’d want to get me off-“

“You know what I mean!” she laughed, now caught up in the humor as well. “You… are incorrigible…”

“So you say…” I rose and let her up and we brushed the sand off and I looked out to the ocean. “Mmmm… now that’s a sight…!”

“Just the ocean… we live in San Diego… it’s our backyard…”

“Not like this it isn’t… the moon makes you see the things you couldn’t see in the daylight.” I pulled at her arm and we walked towards the soaked shore. I paused, kicked off my shoes and socks, as did she, and we tracked our way to the water’s edge. I pointed out to a shallow section where little sparkles could be seen beneath the gentle break of the waves. “They glow in the dark… the moon refracts the light so they look like little underwater fairies… and they’re blind… they can’t see… only can tell from movement of ripples… they can’t stand tons of light so that’s why they’re out at night all the time… usually they hang around the reefs and stuff during the day where it’s dark… but they prefer the big wide shore where all the plankton and debris exist for their food…”

Essence frowned at me. “I understand, but I don’t see anything…”

I stuck a finger out. “Right there… you see it?”

“Still don’t see anything…”

I sighed. “Blind art thou!” I roared. I took off my shirt, as well as pants, and picked up the half spilled plastic Starbucks cup, washing it out and filling it with fresh salt water. She stared. “What are you doing!?! Are you getting naked…?”

“Well… I’m not going to go into the ocean and soak my clothes!” I retorted, staring at her with a grin.

“What… you’re going swimming?”

“Fairy hunting…”

“Why? It’s probably less than fifty degrees in that water… your cock will be in so much more pain than it did when I kicked it!”

“Water’s warmer than you think, love…” I left her staring open mouthed as I dove into the water, slowly moving up on the group of glowing fish. I dove under, feeling the icy warmth, and tossed a nearby rock over the group. It splashed into the water and the group shot in the opposite direction; right towards me. I stuck a hand out and grabbed a few, closing it quickly, and, fighting the current, waded back to shore. Essence was staring, and I wasn’t sure if it was at my body, or the fact I had caught a fish. I dropped both captives in the cup and held it up, letting her see. The moon flashed off their scales and each had an eerie blue glow around them, as they bashed against the glass, trying to get free. I shoved the cup in her face.

“Now do we see…?”

“I see it I see it!” she laughed, with a somewhat annoyed expression on her face. “Wow… they are pretty…”

“Told you…” I took the cup back and dove back into the ocean, letting them go, as well as myself, and just knelt there, submerged, with only my head sticking up, watching the sky. She called out. “You really love this… don’t you?”

“I can’t date the ocean… so no… I don’t love it. But I enjoy what it has to offer…” I couldn’t see her face but she must have been smiling. “Care to join me?”

“I don’t have swimwear…”

“Go in your bra and panties…”

She laughed. “As much as I would like to join you… my parents will wonder why I have an ocean smell when I get home… the sand I can handle and brush out… but not getting soaked by the ocean…”

“Fine…” I howled, acting like she had broken my heart.

I heard her laugh. “Don’t be a baby!”

I shrugged, even though she probably couldn’t see it, and waded back to shore. I reached for my clothes and slid them on, but she grabbed my shoulder. “What are you doing…?”

“Warming up… I’m freezing here…”

She gave me a strange smile. “I kind of liked you without the clothes…”

I paused, half confused, half excited, and half out of my mind due to the cold. “Huh? Love… we have to go…”

Nell reached into her pocket and checked her phone. “It’s only midnight… I have another hour…” She walked forward and slid her arms around me, her warm hands wiping away the water and cold from my back. They traversed my chest, and my stomach, and further down. I shuddered slightly.


“What… are you feeling… warmer?”

I had to laugh. “Yea… I think so…”

“Mmm… good…”

I sighed; confused as hell, yet not complaining. An hour ago Nell had been completely aversive to me and now here she was stroking my cock. It was insane. Women.

I pushed her down on the sand and we kissed, my hands stroking her hair, her hands my sides, creating a tingling sensation. I pulled off her shirt and felt the softness of her breasts beneath her bra, gently pulling one cup away and feeling the warmth and erotic moment. I slid my mouth over her nipple and suckled away, teasing her with my tongue, and every so often gently biting, making her gasp and shiver slightly, her hands frantically feeling me all over. I released her breast from my mouth, and while still kneading both with my hands, kissed my way down her stomach, towards the lines of her shorts. She was making small gasping sounds and shaking, either from the cold (I had gotten her completely soaked from her rubbing all over my ocean drenched body) or the fact I was turning her on. A light above blinded us.

I paused, swore, and rose to see a police car above on the cliff, headlights shining down on us.

“Turn that off! You’re messing up the environment!” I roared back, referring to the fish.


“All right… all right! Jeez!” I looked at Essence with the darkest sense of apology. “Sorry, love…”

“No… no that’s OK… we shouldn’t have…” She hastily put her bra and shirt back on.


“No… I’m OK… this is OK… let’s go.”

“I swore to myself, pounding a fist in the sand, and rose, putting my boxers, jeans, and shirt on, and followed Nell along the shoreline to the stairs; she wasn’t in the mood to do things the unconventional way. She wouldn’t even hold my hand. I followed her, back to me the entire time. We walked over to the police car and the officer stepped out.

“Having a bit too much fun after partying?”

“Don’t worry… I’m sober as can be… I can drive her home…”

The officer frowned, reaching into his car for a breath test. “You wouldn’t mind taking one of these then…?”

“No sir…”

He stuck the hollow end in my mouth, had me breathe a few times, then removed it. He nodded. “Checks out… you two had better get out of here… I don’t want to catch you two again on this beach after hours… and keep your sexual romps to your own houses all right?”

“Yes sir… sorry… it won’t happen again.” I quickly ushered Nell to my car, and we both sat down. There was no more talk on the way home. I pulled up a block away from Nell’s house and she jumped out, without a goodbye, or even a good night kiss. I didn’t ask her for one; I wasn’t about to press the issue.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I sighed, grabbed my cell, and dialed Amanda’s number. She didn’t answer. Asleep. Good. I sighed and drove home with Catacombs blasting on the speakers, growling out all the pain and sorrow that I would feel if I never saw Nell again. But, I thought darkly, that’s up to her, isn’t it? Not you.

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