In Essence of Things- Chapter 8 (Nell)

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Nell discusses, among sexual interruptions, with Anna her agony of relationships

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007



Upon shutting the door, I sunk down to the floor and sighed, biting my lip, before throwing the door open and rushing outside.  What was I thinking?  I liked Sakis; and here I was basically leaving him in the dust.  I turned to see his car turn the corner; and knew it was over, and I had probably lost him forever.  I sighed and slumped my shoulders.  He was probably off to see that bitch- Amanda.  I didn’t blame him; I had led him on and then left him hard and dry.  I hit the nearby dirt in protest; I felt like a bitch.  I slid back into my house and rubbed my eyes, tired, and still aroused from the beach.  I wanted a shower, to clean away the day.  Maybe with all the sand out of me I’d be able to feel better and think.

I trudged upstairs, being careful not to wake my parents if they were up.  Slipping into the bathroom I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water and letting the steam build up, swirling around like spirits.  I stepped inside, nipples still perky from Sakis’s attention.  I sighed, missing his mouth; it was heaven, the beach, under the moon, with him on me…  I shook my head and tried hard to think of that song; the Catacombs one he had been playing that had set me into a throe of musical pleasure in the car.  But, I couldn’t play a perfect sound in my head; there were too many other thoughts.

I shut off the water, now that I had washed the sand and dried saliva from my body and hair, and called Nicki.  She sighed upon answering, which meant she had either been sleeping or was relieved.

“Nell… are you OK?”

“I’m fine… Sakis took me home…”

“Good… good.  Listen… I’m so sorry… I was freaked out.  That one guy, Satyr, when he was beating on Jeff-“

“I know… he’s an  asshole, I know.  It’s OK… I’m just worried about what Jeff will do…”

“Jeff won’t do anything… I actually called the restaurant after and asked if you were still there and they said that no one is pressing charges; a lot of the people there supported Satyr for hitting him ‘cause Jeff degraded his girlfriend… a good thing three fourths of the restaurant was women.”

I laughed softly.  “I guess so…”

“So… are you OK?”

“Somewhat… Sakis and I had a bit of a… interlude… after we took Anna and Satyr home.”

Nicki instantly became interested.  “What… what did you two do… was it hot?”

“Yea… we both got these burning white chocolate mocha drinks from Starbucks!”

I heard her whine at my joke.  “No no!  Did you two… fool around?”

“That’s for me to know and you to hear about someday…”


I covered my mouth to keep from laughing loudly; this was too fun.  Nicki was always interested in sexual ideals, especially if they were mine because I was never one to tell anyone anything about what I did sexually, even Jeff when he wanted me to tell him sexual things to get him off when I wasn’t around.  I felt such things were of the most private moments, only to be shared among to two people when they were together; what you did on your own was your own ordeal.  I sighed, and acted like Sakis had done to me.  “Hmm… should I tell you about my beach encounter with Sakis-?”

“Yes you should!” Nicki snapped.  “Come on… you have never told me one sexual thing you did with anyone, and I’ve told you so many… you owe me one!”

“Those things were all your choice… I never asked to hear them.  But, if you’ll be quiet, then I’ll tell you about the beach encounter!”

There was instant silence and I sniggered.  I could have just hung up the phone, but I wasn’t that cruel of a person.  And I knew Nicki would beat the story out of me sooner than later.  But, I continued to have a little fun.

“It’s after midnight… you sound tired… I’ll tell you tomorrow…”

“No, no, no!  Tell me now!”  I could hear her stifling a yawn and I chuckled again.  “I’m fine… really…”

“All right then…”  I sighed, giving a long pause.  I could hear Nicki’s breath getting anxious, waiting to hear.

“Damnit!  Nell… are you there?”

“OK… look… we went to the beach.  He took off all his clothes-“

“Really!?  What size is his cock?”

I growled.  “Nicki… you interrupt me… I shut my mouth!”

“Sorry…”  But, I could tell she was on a full blown edge of excitement.  Anything about sex turned her on and got her going.  I couldn’t walk into Victoria’s Secret with her without having her go crazy.  It was almost funny in a way.

“OK… he got naked… to go into the ocean and catch these fish things… he caught a few… showed me because I was being a dork and him an ass… and then we just started going at each other…”  I sighed, hoping that would be enough.  It wasn’t.


“And what?  We went at it…”

“Well…” Nicki’s voice was shrill, “you can’t just say ‘I went at it’!  You have to give details… did you do it doggy style, missionary…?”

“Jesus, no!  We didn’t have sex!  He just… did stuff…”

“Oh… well… tell anyway…”

I laughed.  “I think you’ve heard enough…”

“Noooo!  Please!  I am so on edge here, I have to know…”

“Fine…” I sighed.  “He took off my shirt and sucked my breasts… before we got caught by a cop…”

“Oooh., that’s hot!” Nicki squealed.  “Did you have to do something to the cop to get him to let you off…”

I rolled my eyes at her tenacity.  “No, you whore!  He let us off… he just checked Sakis’s breath to see if he was drinking… but aside from that nothing happened.  He took me home and dropped me off, and that was it!”

“That’s it..?”

“That’s it…”

I heard her bury her mouth in something and scream.  When she came back she was gasping, as if she was either really out of breath, or furious.  “You… are… an idiot!  How could you just leave him like that!?  The guy sucks your nipples and gives you pleasure, and you basically leave him without even a ‘good night’?  What kind of person are you!  How do you expect to see him again?”

“I don’t know…” I sighed.  “I really don’t…”

“DO you want to see him again?”

“I don’t know…”

“Nell…” Nicki snapped.  “The guy pleased you and got you hot on a first date!  He’s definitely good for you!  Hell I can never get a guy to do that without me getting him off first.”  I could hear the frantic excitement in her voice and I was a little intimidated by it.  “I mean for God’s sake… any guy who’s willing to please you before he pleases himself is awesome…!”

“Nicki… I’m not you… I don’t think in terms of sexual stuff when it comes to having a relationship…”

“Because you’re the one always giving the sexual favors!  Shit, I know you never got eaten out or made to cum in some way by Jeff cause you never had that… smile… or glow around you after you two hung out, and then I saw you!”

I laughed.  “Is THAT the reason for the sensual look on your face every time I see you?  You’re too much…”

“Maybe… but you got to understand me… Sakis seems like a good guy… and not just in a sexual connotation… he gave you a ride home, bought you coffee… even stood up for Jeff who hit him… it’s hard to come by someone like that…”

I couldn’t believe a word she had just said.  “Nicki… you sound almost human…”

I heard her scoff.  “Don’t be a bitch…”  There was a pause.  “Wait… what do you mean…?”

“Nothing…” I shrugged.  Silly blond.  I was about to bid her goodnight and finish up my shower when I paused.  “Hey… Nicki… you download music right?”

“All the time… do you need something…”

“I do… can you download some stuff off the album Annihilation of the Wicked!”

“Is that… more of that nasty metal?”


“God… well as long as I don’t have to listen to it…”  She sighed, and I heard a tapping of a keyboard.  “Good thing I’m sitting at my computer right now… OK let’s see… LiveWire… search… album… Annihilation of the Wicked you said… hmmm… OK… they have a few tracks… Sacrifice Unto Sebek… Annihilation of the Wicked… and one I can’t pronounce. I’m only getting one… so choose wisely”

“Get the unpronounceable one…”

I heard her sigh again.  “Damnit… you just had to choose the one with the most bytes of file… OK… downloading… ten minutes… this had better be a good song…”

We waited.  I kept thinking about Sakis; whether I should call him or not.  But, I figured since an hour had passed, he was either asleep, or in bed with Amanda.  And if it was the second option, I didn’t really want to find out.  I figured I would call him in the morning as soon as possible.  Then, I decided against it.  If he was interested in me, I’d let him call me.  He had, after all, sucked my breasts and gotten us caught by the police.  It was embarrassing.  I’d let him make the next move.

“OK… done.  You want me to email it to you?”

“Yea… I’m going to take my shower.  I’ll listen when I’m done…”

“OK… good night, Nell.  Hopefully things will clear up between you and Sakis…”

“I hope so too…”  I clicked my cell off and stepped into the shower, soaping up and cleansing myself full of all the more oceans of sand that poured from my hair.  If I had thought I was clean before, I was sorely mistaken.  I now understood why girls sometime shaved their heads for a reason aside from chemotherapy.

Somewhat relaxed from the night’s stresses, I staggered off to my room, wrapped in a towel and sat at the computer, searching my email for the song.  When I found it; I almost fell out of the chair.  Over ten thousand bytes… this was going to take a while to load… and my computer was not the fastest piece of equipment in the world…  I sighed, and took the dragging duration to slide into my pajamas; they felt soft and silky- a rare occasion- it must have been the after affects of the shower and such a long day.  Flopping down on my bed, I rolled my eyes, and stared at the ceiling.  Come onhurry up…  The transfer time that read on the computer was going slower than a snail.  And, as Sakis had mentioned numerous times, patience was not a virtue.  So I did that last thing I’d expect to do: call Anna.

Upon answering, I could barely understand her.  “Mmmmmf?” she asked.


“Mmmmf mff mmm hmm.”

“It’s me… Nell…” I felt stupid, as if thinking I could understand her when she was making no sense at all.  I hear a popping noise, like she releasing her mouth from a blow pop or something and then I heard the unmistakable grunt of Satyr in the distance.  “Hey… what the hell?”

I started laughing, knowing all too well what they were doing.  “Want me to call back later?”

“No no… I’m fine…”

“But I’m not!” Satyr barked, suddenly his voice sounded very near.  “Who is this?  You better be someone I like ‘cause you really interrupted a good-“

“It’s Nell… Satyr…”

“Oh… well… Anna will have to call you back… she’s a little busy…”

“I am not, you ass!”  Anna’s voice closer this time; she must have grabbed the phone from Satyr.  “You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer…”

I heard him sigh and mutter something and Anna chuckled.  “Damn right I’m your tempting bitch…”  She focused her attention back to me.  “So… how’d it go?”

“Not too good…”

I heard her pause.  “… What happened?”

“Didn’t Sakis call you to tell you…?”

“No… I thought he was with you… he hasn’t called…”  I heard a coldness in her voice.  “Don’t tell me you had him take you home so he would go to Amanda’s…”

“No no… after we dropped you off, we got coffee and went to the beach…”

“Ah… his favorite place… he got naked and went swimming didn’t he…”


She chuckled, mirth blooming from the phone in her voice.  “He always does that… even when I’m freaking around.  I remember we had a beach party and he just dove right in because he forgot his swim clothes… he’s insane!”

I chuckled.  “That he is…  So then he came out and… well… got me off…”

“He had you listen to more of that… Catacombs?”

“No…”  I frowned.  “What are you talking about…?”

“On the way home… we were listening to that band and you were going nuts in the front seat like you were having multiple orgasms… I’ll admit it even turned me on!”

I felt myself turn a deep shade of red, even though no one was in the room aside from me.  “I can’t really remember what happens when I listen to that band…”

“Well I can’t remember stuff through my aroused and mind blowing moments either… so I don’t blame you…”  Anna agreed.

“Have you ever…?”

“Never!  It’s all you, honey.  I never have cum, or come close to it by just a song... you must really have an affinity for that sound…”

“I guess…”  I was actually scared by such an ability- to go into relapses of pleasure at just the drop of a song.  But, I was also curious, with what else could bring me such feelings.  I turned to the download, which was still crawling across the screen at a slow rate.  I recalled having such feelings when listening to the band, Nile, as Sakis had called them.  Maybe it would give me the edge I needed.

“So… you two fooled around… good… hopefully he didn’t get you pregnant…”  Anna’s thought interrupted me.

“No… we didn’t have sex… he just… got me off with his mouth…” I replied, before slapping myself.  What the hell?  I was just telling Anna everything, and I barely knew her.  Sure she was a nice girl and a little crazy, but I all of a sudden didn’t feel comfortable telling her such sexual ideals, especially involving her cousin.

“Ahh… yea he’s good at that too…”

I frowned.  “Anna…?”


“Are you and Sakis….?”

“What?”  I could tell the confusion in her voice, but it was more of a masked confusion.

“Did you have a relationship with him?”

I heard her laugh.  “Nell… I try as hard as I can NOT to have a relationship with him… he’s Satan incarnate-“

“And that’s why I’m so jealous of him!” I heard Satyr shout in the background.  I heard Anna say something back to him, and then felt things get a bit quieter as she shut a door.  “OK… sorry… Satyr’s being an ass… anyway… why’d you ask…?”

“Nothing… Sakis said you two had a big mystery together in the past that set things the way they are today… and just with how you two go from love to hate with each other so fast… and even act all the time like you’re not related… it seems like you had a relationship…”

I heard her sigh, like I had caught her in the midst of something very guilty.  “OK fine I confess… a two years ago when I was fifteen and him eighteen he bent me over and fucked me from behind in a church inside the little confession booth!  We were both in a horny and blasphemous mood!  Such feelings combined are a deadly combination!”

I didn’t say anything.  I was dumbstruck.  I had thought up such things about what could have gone on between them, but I hadn’t ever dreamt it to that level.  Then I heard her laughing.

“Scared you, didn’t I?  No… we didn’t fuck in a church.  We haven’t fucked at all!  Jesus, do you think Sakis or I WANT kids with flippers or webbed feet?  The big mystery behind me and Sakis is we grew apart… like anyone does… we just became the opposite of each other.”

“Well that’s a relief…” I said, still shocked a bit from the joke and feeling the prickles of feeling that ran down my body as the numbness wore off.  I felt like a huge burden had been lifted.  Another assumption shot down, but this was one I was glad to see disappear.

“So… humor aside about Sakis and myself… continue on with what happened…?” Anna asked.

“Well… the cops came… and then Sakis took me home… and that was it…”

“That’s it…?”

“Yea…”  I shivered, suddenly cold.  “I think I left a very dark impression…”

“Well honey… trust me… you may wear dark clothes, but you’re as pale as paper.  Sakis doesn’t give a damn about skin tone though… and you’re hot as hell-”

“No I mean… after the police came… I gave him the cold shoulder… I was just really freaked out about what happened, about this entire night…”

I heard her swear.  “Nell… you were supposed to keep him away from Amanda tonight… now since you depressed him he’ll go to her!  I’m going to call him and see what’s going on… and if he’s in bed with her… I’ll kill you after I call you back-“

I was about to protest when I heard a click of her phone and stared into nothing.  How dare the presumptuous bitch suddenly threaten me for no reason!  I was amazed at her tenacity; she could go from sweet to bitter in seconds.  And the most amazing thing was it almost involved Sakis and another girl.  I sighed, deeply confused, when my phone rang again.  I looked and saw it was Anna and sighed, knowing whatever happened, I deserved it.  I had fucked up the plan and led Sakis on, and then turned him away.  He had every right to go sleep with someone who cared, just as much as Anna probably did to be mad at me.  I answered, awaiting judgment

“He’s apparently home… in bed… and I woke him up…” she laughed.  “So you’re safe…”

“Oh…”  I felt a sudden rush of relief, and even more guilt.  Was it possible that he still cared?  If so, then I felt like a true bitch.

“He asked about you…”

More guilt, and more assurance of being a bitch.  “What did you say…?”

“You were in a sixty nine position with some girl… I think he started jerking off to the idea…”  A sudden thump and rustle of movement caught me off guard as I hear Anna struggle over the phone.  “Damnit Satyr!  I did NOT agree to that ‘say sixty nine, so do sixty nine’ rule, or with any sex position, ‘cause if that were the case we’d be having sex all the time!  No… now damnit get off me!  I’m still talking here… I’ll sixty nine you when I’m done… Jesus!”  She sighed, and turned back to her calm demeanor.  “Sorry… my fucking boyfriend who can’t stand to have me not attending his-“

“I heard, I heard!”  I laughed.  “So… what did you really say…?”

“That you were sorry… and you wanted to blow him tomorrow…”

“WHAT!?  I have stuff going on tomorrow-”

“I’m kidding… about the tomorrow part.  But, I did say you wanted to see him again… and you would call…”

I sighed, rubbing my eyes.  Relief, and pure terror flooded me at the same time.  What if Sakis used tonight against me, and made me agree to things I wouldn’t have done.  I could tell he was a sexual creature, how he had acted at the beach, and the fact he hung out with two of the most sex crazed people I had ever known did not ease my mind.  But, I owed him another date.  “I need his cell number…”

Anna gave it and I wrote it down.  “So… what are you doing tonight honey?”

“Going to try something out…”

“Oooooh, what might that be?”

I smiled.  “For me to see… and you never to know…”  And then I hung up on her.  I laughed to myself, trying to imagine her face at my words, but all I could figure was Satyr and her doing a “sixty nine.”

No matter.  I turned to my computer and saw, thankfully, the song was done.  Happily, I opened the file and began to listen.  A blast of deep percussion, and then a horn greeted me, before the rumble of guitars, and then the vocals.Oh God the fucking vocals!  Somehow, they set perfectly with the guitars and created such euphoria in my mind I felt my body go slack with desire.  This was ten times better than Catacombs; the vocalist in that band tended to muddle his voice with the music, but here, Nile’s vocalist made each stand out while blending them together at the same time.  It was amazing, it was glorious it was… orgasmic!

As I felt my body shudder, the sweet feeling dripping out of me like honey, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.  The song moved into a faster part after about six minutes, with a change in vocal tone a bit, and I felt the feelings subside.  I frowned, hitting the pause button, and put the song back to zero minutes again before starting it up.  Again, I felt the feeling come over and I shivered, feeling yet another orgasm.  Thank God for being a girl and multiple orgasms… and then the feelings stopped again after that part.  I shuddered, relaxed, happy, but also on a full blown drive of music.  Interesting.  I called Anna back.


“Mmmmf m…  damnit, WHAT?”

“I fucking came!”
”Congratulations… now let ME fucking cum!” she spat angrily.

“No… I listened to two minutes of this Nile song I downloaded, Von something something Uspruchelin… and I just… totally released listening to it!”

“You lucky bitch… how the hell does that work?  You can’t cum without stimulation!  You weren’t touching yourself…?”

“Not at all…”

“Well… fuck!  You lucky bitch!  I’ll have to try this song then!”  I could tell she was in the throes of almost being there herself, but was also furious I was interrupting her.  So deep inside I had to forgive her language.

“Talk to Sakis… I’m sure he knows…” I suggested.

“Oh… he can’t cum without having a hand or mouth on his cock!  No guy can!”  She sighed.  “But, I’ll ask him about the song, and what this whole scary fucking orgasm thing is about.  Going now… and don’t call me for the next half hour!  If you do I’ll make sure you never cum again!”

The phone clicked off and I sighed, legs still weak, and finished the song before climbing into bed.  I closed my eyes for a moment, and grinned.  I had just had just cum twice to a simple song.  The body and mind was an amazing thing.  My phone rang again and I sighed.  Guess Anna finished up pretty fast and wanted to know more about what happened…  But, upon looking at the number, I saw it wasn’t any I knew.  I answered.


“Hey there, love…”  It was Sakis.  I almost fell off my bed.

“Hey… Anna told me you were going to wait until I called… weren’t you sleeping?”

“I hate waiting.  And the bitch woke me up…  And then the sound of her giving head to Satyr is haunting my fucking dreams so there’s no way I’m sleeping tonight!  I swear I’ll fucking make her WATCH me get head!  We’ll see how she feels about that!”

I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not; he was being Sakis.  “That seems… extreme…”

“Not when it comes to Anna… she’s crazier than me!  Did I tell you about the time she did Satyr in a dressing room at Victoria’s Secret?”

“No…”  I laughed.  “Were you part of it?”

“I was their getaway driver… at the last minute!  I was simply out enjoying some music when all of a sudden my cell phone rings and what do you know… Satyr says ‘hey dude… I’m having sex in a dressing room with Anna and the people out there want to arrest us but I’m not leaving till we finish and I need you to create a distraction to get an opening so we can run!’  About that point I was already on my way over because the moment he said both their names I knew it required their devil angel…”  I heard him sigh, taking a breath.  “Sometimes… I hate those two…”

“So do I…”

“Then we have a common goal…”  I heard him sigh again, but this time not due to lack of breath.  “Are you OK…?  You seemed so shut down after the beach…”

“I’m fine… really… I’ve actually been rocking my world…”

“Good… with what?”


I heard him cheer.  “Yay!  You bought an album?”

“No… my friend downloaded a copy-“

“No… you BUY the album… no downloading!”  His voice was sharp.  “I hate downloaders…”
”It was just one song… and trust me… I loved it…”

“How much?”

“Literally… much…”

He laughed.  “Ahh… so we’ve stepped into a whole new world… and I thought Catacombs was bad enough…”

“Oh no… it was all good!  In fact, I wanted to ask you about such things… have you ever…”

“I wish!  No… I’ve never.”

“Thought so… Anna said you could never do such a thing…”

“Well Anna’s a bitch… you shouldn’t believe everything she spits forth.”


Another sigh, and a yawn.  “Look, I’m no expert about this crazy stuff… sex and everything… that would be Anna and Satyr’s department… I’m the music nut… but maybe tomorrow I’ll see them and we’ll put our heads together to come up with a solution to your… interesting predicament…”

“You make it sound like it’s a disease… trust me I’m not complaining about it… but I’d like that… and then you’d come tell me about it?”

“When are you free…?”

“How about we meet up on Sunday?  That should give you plenty of time to figure out what you need to.” I said, sadly wishing it could have been sooner.

“And you… as well.”  A pause.  “Are you sure you’re OK… about what happened tonight?”

“Trust me… now that the shock is over and I’ve showered and just gone nuts to music… I think it was worth it.”

A laugh.  “Good…  Call me up if anything changes… good night, love.”  I heard a soft thump of his head hitting a pillow and a click of his phone.  I nodded and my head hit my own pillow and I grinned.  “Yes!” I whispered to the darkness.

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