Deep space

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Old crappy poem

It’s dark, no star to orbit, just a blank space.

There’s no trace of anything here, may as well just forfeit to the dark side

Where we live in so artificial,

When I try to forget, the memories will always be there

Just as I will, lying here, waiting

I look out into the void, but only see faint light from stars

I may see trees, but they aren’t real


You can’t tell what is real or not on this ship

A silver color against the dark black void that fills,

People here aren’t nice, all they do is look at a screen and smile,

I look back at the galaxy wondering what earth is like


Sure they may act perfect, but a mistake will happen

I sit staring into what would be called food,

Its flavorless just like the void

Sometimes we see a star go supernova,

but then I think about who lived there

But there is barely any stars out here,

All we see is what happened hundreds of years ago,

I think of what the new galaxy will be like

It has wonderful colors and billions of stars

My home galaxy isn’t as colorful

It has more colorful nebula than itself

All you’ll see is mixtures of brown and white

That isn’t colorful… Its bland

Though you can’t expect everything from the void

Afterall it has no color whatsoever,

When we find an asteroid we mine it

Hoping for something,


I thought we were going to live in a new place

But instead we are going to a job

A job of destruction and greed,

A job that destroys nature


I wouldn’t be remembered when I die,

My remains will be shot off into the void

Forever and ever, It will be my tomb

A tomb that is inescapable,

I will forever be lost in the void

No light to be seen,

Nor any visitors

I will just float in space forever




Submitted: March 20, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Moonstruction. All rights reserved.

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