March Hare Mercenary

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We all want to help the people that are troubled mentally and emotionally. Yet, there is a tremendous disappointment when we realize the bottom line is that it's useless. I've come to appreciate myself when I can gather enough courage to walk away from repetitious disasters of an individual.

This poem is a reflection of that.

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Submitted: September 25, 2013



Just like a march hare sitting in the shaded and the obscured. 

Obsessing over the uninvited and the deformed. 

I know you want to run away, 

and it's killing me to watch you stay, 

But how can you ever really learn. 


The disease in your veins run colder and deeper than before.

Your red queen has second guessed the nature of who you ever were. 

The Mercenary you've become, 

Destroyed the life that you once loved.

Her crown in hand is as heavy as her heart.  


Melting in the distance is the friendship and the love you need the most. 

The lies and all your secrets have blinded you from seeing just how close. 

Pull the knife that's killing you,

Everyone knows the truth.

You know to well what you have to do. 


-Desiree Aponte

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