The adventure of Robbie the rabbit

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A short story for children.

Submitted: February 02, 2008

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Submitted: February 02, 2008



 A tiny nose peeped out of a hole and sniffed the air. Looking from side to side a head emerged with big ears, a twitchy nose and eyes black as coal, Robbie the rabbit stretched then began a breakfast of dock leaves and grass. Robbie never stopped watching just in case, it was only yesterday that his brother Ricky had been snatched by the big brown dog, now he had to be aware all the time.
Rosie crept out of the hole, “Robbie, is it safe?” “Yeah come on its fine “. Rosie lopped towards Robbie to share a large tuft of grass which was still wet with dew.
 Rosie soon disappeared back down the burrow, she was nervous after what had happened to Ricky. She curled up into a ball and dropped off to sleep.
Robbie carried on eating he was a greedy rabbit, he had moved further away from the burrow than usual, he had stopped paying attention to his surroundings. In the distance he heard the bark of a dog.
Robbie sat upright he didn’t know where he was, his heart beating faster and faster he looked for somewhere to hide. The barking grew louder his heart felt like it was going to burst. Robbie ran to a grassy knoll he thought that was where the burrow was, he couldn’t find it, he ran this way and that, tears stung his eyes, why oh why had he gone so far?
The barking sounded louder, closer, he had to find a hiding place.
The dog appeared in front of him, snarling big white teeth showing and droplets of saliva dripping from its mouth. Robbie froze in terror he didn’t know which way to run. He stood trembling, fear in his eyes “this is it” he thought, but just as he had resigned himself to the fact that he was about to die, the dog lifted his head looked behind him his ears pricked listening to a voice in the distance, “Tyson come on boy” followed by a high pitched whistle “come on boy dinnertime”. The dog turned and ran towards the whistle and the voice dinnertime Tyson wasn’t going to miss that just for some scrawny rabbit.
Robbie ran home faster than he had ever done in his life, back to the safety of the burrow.
Robbie decided not to tell Rosie about his lucky escape he knew he was lucky this time, if there was a next time he might not be so lucky. Robbie didn’t want Rosie to worry any more than she already did otherwise she would never leave the burrow.

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