489 Miles

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A steamy poem about the love of my life

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011




489 Miles


His bright white smile through the crowd,

His hair like coal, shiny and black it bobs above the others

Nike bag on his hip he quickens his pace.

Wrapping around her becoming a blanket of spices, musk and Gain.



Passionate kisses among query eyes

Lips caramel and silk with hints of chili powder.

Heart beating erratically, far away for far too long.

Hands of longing, curves far too many.



Buttons, gates to be opened, torn

Clasps, unsnapped, denim on the rug

Brown and white swirls in levels of down

Sweat, nails, little indentions in your hands


Calling to the Lord!

Claws, pulling closer, deeper, outside

Bodies heaving

Collapsed, heavy on her breasts.


Wrapped together in flowers, cotton and coriander

Fingers in spirals of locks

Long and draped over his glowing skin.

A Dreamless sleep in mounds of satisfaction and content.


Time is short in bliss

Time is long in absences

Memories to last

Only voices, but no faces

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