Letter From the Heart

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What went through her head when she chose the other guy the one that shines, the diamond?

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011




Dear Head,

Did you make the right choice? Words flowed eloquently from his lips and laid upon her skin like silk. Those honey filled lips that kissed the back of her neck and that tongue that stroked her soul will be missed, missed the way the lungs miss air.

Of all the times that she doesn’t listen to you, why is this time different? Why did she listen to you this time? Was it the anxiety, the thought of a better life, an easy life that made you over rule me? He will never be able to tell her how beautiful she is or how much he loves her. He will never be able to lift her soul, to lift me up to the highest height the way he could.

To you the struggle wasn’t worth it. You never were the gambling type, the risk taker that I am. Will I live my life forever feeling “what if”, I hope not? I hope that you made the right choice for the three of us. I don’t think she will live if I break.

I remember how she felt when she was with him. Free…happy…she felt more herself than she has ever felt with him. She will never have to change with him. Maybe sometimes change is a good thing. At least with this choice I will live forever knowing that she is loved, even if it’s not at the level she deserves.

It wasn’t the choice I would have made, but sometimes you know best, maybe this time it was for the best. I will still beat for you though my rhythm may be off.


Her Heart

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