Revenge of the Night

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Luna, Lillybell, and Selene are three adoptive sisters. Who are also vampires. And don't like werewolves or people who mess around in their current city. They have kept humans safe from supernaturals as enforcers or bodyguards of the human population, but when a teen in their school is killed and the culprit is hidden by something unknown can they still keep their record unmarred?

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011




Revenge of the Night

“Lillybell, you must grab your stuff and get moving or we’ll be late for school.” Selene exclaimed as she ran down the stairs three at a time.

“Hurry up, Lillybell. I don’t want us to be late for our first day at a new school.” Luna said cheerfully to her twin sister. Selene had already ran down the stairs and was standing on the porch. “You really need to stop using your vampire powers before somebody notices.”

“I thought I was supposed to be keeping you out of trouble. Besides, I’m eldest.” Selene remarked as she took off towards school. It was a blistery cold day for school all though Luna, Lillybell, & Selene did not feel it.

“I’m ready!” cried a joyful voice from behind her. It was Lillybell. They were always late because of her. She was always sitting idly with her nose in a book when there were plants to be watered and animals to be fed.

“Come on then! We’ll have to run to catch up.” Luna yelled behind her as she sprinted off into the frigid, Alaskan morning. Lillybell took off after her into the fresh, cool outside air. Luna looked about her and took in the gorgeous snow covered landscape. The snow reflected the setting sun as they ran to school. Luna’s waste length wavy dark brown almost black hair was windblown and her elegant yet fashionable midnight blue gown twisted and turned in the wind. Lillybell, however, was as stunning as ever with her strawberry blond hair, which was slightly shorter than Luna’s, was straight and orderly as ever and her light blue dress swirled lightly around her on the ferocious wind. Selene was running towards us with her straight light brown hair blowing away from her face to show the sharp features that they all have, thanks to their father. All three had slightly rosy cheeks and flashing gray green eyes, and they moved with unmeasured gracefulness attributed to all vampires. They ran into the office to receive their schedules so they could run to class. They hoped they would not be late once more because of Lillybell. They were, like always, late once again, but also, like always, the teacher excused their tardiness of being new and having to run to the office to get schedules. They always sat in the back of class and, almost always, had the exact same schedule. It was May and they didn’t plan to stay very long just long enough to finish the school year.

“Hey, Luna, Lillybell, do you guys want to hang out after school?” It was Nick Carter, the most popular guy in school, and he undoubtedly had a thing for good looking girls like all jocks do.

“N-never mind, maybe later.” Lillybell stuttered. She always gets a stutter when people try to interact with her. With that they ran to all of our classes determined not to be late twice in one day.

After school, Selene was waiting for them so they could all go hunting together. They liked hunting together. That’s when they heard the scream. It came from the road that leads to most of the houses around here. (This place is just some rinky-dink town stuck in the middle of the wilderness of Alaska.) They sprinted toward the sound of sobbing and yelling only to come up to a dead Nick Carter and a devastated girlfriend named Julia Finkleton. It looked like Nick had been attacked by a wolf that had his organs for lunch. Selene, Lillybell, and Luna could only think of two creatures that would do this to somebody. A) He made a hungry werewolf mad or b) he made a hungry shape shifter mad. Luna stepped closer to the body and squatted next to it. She noticed some black hair scattered about the body but didn’t say anything.

After that a lot of hustle and bustle happened. The small town police had come down to figure cause of death and to confiscate the body. They all went home before the mess had even been cleaned up. They figured that since they really didn’t know him, they really didn’t have to stay. So, they went home and tried to find a solution to their problem. A person of the night was here.

“We have to find out who it is and get rid of them before somebody else ends up dead.” Selene said matter-of-factly as she always does when we face a problem.

“I agree. Why didn’t we locate ‘em before this happened? Now their stirrin’ up trouble for us.” Said Lillybell straining to keep her voice calm.

“I, too, think we should get rid of this parasitic nuisance.” Luna agreed, voice quiet with barely, controlled rage. They had hunted on the way home as always. Once agreeing upon a solution for their problem, they hurriedly got ready for bed.

The next morning they got ready for school faces grimly set and silver and lead weapons hidden in their sheathes in their sleeves. They were ready for battle. All three were dressed in white battle gowns to camouflage themselves with their white snow covered battlefield. Each had put on their personal necklaces that protected them from wood. Selene’s necklace was a heart shaped locket that had magic herbs inside and an amber colored stone set in the middle in the shape of a teardrop. Lillybell’s was a book shaped locket also with herbs inside and a sky blue teardrop shaped stone set in the middle. Luna’s was a paw print petaled flower shaped locket also with herbs inside and a moon silver stone in the shape of a teardrop in the center. They set out with purpose to school to identify the killer.

“Search everybody. Leave nobody unmarked as a human or person of the night. Especially Shane, Trevor, Tristan, Samantha, Michael, and Peter. Get it?” Selene told us.

“Got it!” Lillybell and Luna replied in harmony.

“Good.” Selene said as they set off with a purpose towards their first classes.

At the end of the day, we came up with some people. “Michael, James, and Peter seem all right and human.” Lillybell reported.

“Shane, who has gorgeous, shiny dark hair, I wonder what he uses on his hair, any who seems a little odd but human and Trevor is a possible shape shifter.” Selene answered the unspoken question sitting tensely among them.

“Samantha and Tristan are possible werewolves. You know, very territorial and protective.” Luna responded quietly.

“We must take action immediately. Lillybell you take Trevor and see if you can dig up some more dirt about him. Luna, you dig dirt up on Tristan, and I’ll take Samantha. That okay?” Selene had taken charge of this mission, so now there was no stopping her.

“Okay,” Lillybell and Luna replied together harmoniously.

“Come on, lighten up will ya. We’re the Sisters of Tears, nothing can stop us.” Selene said cheerily trying to lighten the grim mood.

They all went to hunt first thing after school to keep their thirst satisfied. Then they all went after their targets. Luna spent the afternoon with Tristan, and Lillybell spent some “personal” time with Trevor, while Selene tried to make friends with Samantha, all to learn that they’re human.

“Crap! All our efforts wasted.” Selene’s temper had gotten control of her.

“Back to the basics.” Lillybell replied drearily.

“We seem so close, but yet so far away.” Luna replied wistfully, when something about the crime scene seemed to jump out at her from her memories. “A dark hair! That’s it!”

“What are you talking about, Luna?” Selene asked.

“A hair? Dark? Are you talking about your hair, for once?” Lillybell questioned, completely confused.

“That’s the missing lead! Did you notice the dark hair on the ground around the body? It all makes sense.” Luna exclaimed excitedly.

“The crime scene tells the story! When the wolf attacked Nick, he must have tried to fight back and pulled some of the killer’s hair out! We found the answer!” Lillybell and Luna said in unison excited that they found the answer. They were so thrilled that they bear-hugged and jumped around like little children.

“I’m still confused. What does a hair tell us?” Selene asked confusedly.

“That the killer is dark haired.” Lillybell replied matter of factly.

“So, we need to check everybody who is dark haired, again.” Selene said taking control of their mission once more. They quickly got ready for bed again and were so tired from their day’s work that all three were fast asleep as soon as their heads touched the pillow.

The next morning they did the same as before except that this time they were so giddy with anticipation of a battle that they couldn’t sit still. This time as they set out for school they were all racing in a mad dash for what awaited them before, during, and afterwards of their arrival. Though they slowed their run to a jog as they neared the school, they were having a hard time hiding their happiness and excitement. They were on time for school. They checked everybody who had dark hair twice more. Then reported their findings to each other after school.

“John, Isaac, Flo, and Cally are in the clear. I triple checked,” Lillybell reported.

“Suspects include: Shane, Michaela, Chelsea, Dave, and Steve.” Selene informed them.

“Danny, Ben, Scott, Emma, and Matt are A.O.K.” Luna told them.

“Lillybell, you check Michaela and Chelsea. Luna, you get Dave and Steve, I think they like you. I’ll check Shane. Get it?” Selene bossed them.

 “Got it.” Lillybell and Luna said harmonically.

 “Good,” Selene replied.

They checked their people to come out with one suspect: Shane.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. We’ll attack him then, but only once we’re sure.” Selene told them bossily.

The next day they all went to Shane’s house which turned out to be a crude, little log cabin that looked as if ready to collapsed at any moment. It was condemned. We knocked on the door and it opened to show Shane with very unruly bed head.

“Who-? Why you hear, leeches?” Shane said grumpily.

“We’re here for revenge, Flea-bag.” Selene said viciously. “It’s confirmed, attack when you wish, Sisters.”

 “Aaah, the Teardrops. I’ve always wanted to meet you.” Shane exclaimed mockingly.

 “Let us help you wipe that smirk off your face. Come out and fight, coward.” Selene antagonized Shane, trying to make him careless with anger.

Shane stepped out off the cottage with wooden spear in hand, ready to attack at any moment. Then he started to shift to his werewolf form: 1) he was a hairy guy then 2) he was more dog like but still kind of human. Luna and Lillybell silently reached for the sheathes in their sleeves and unlatched the buckles holding the daggers of silver. Then quietly, yet quickly raised them to throw while Selene fought close up with him, wooden spear to silver daggers. Shane swiped at Selene but Selene dodged then kicked him in the face. Shane roared in anger then thrust the spear forward at Selene. She dodged again giving him a minor cut at the same time. Shane turned to where Selene was leaving his back open to Lillybell and Luna. They threw and hit on target piercing and disabling Shane just before he was able to pierce Selene with the spear.

Lillybell and Luna went to Selene who was checking for vital signs. She shook her head to them and said, “Dead…I wonder how he hid himself from us…Even now I can’t feel his werewolf presence or anything…”

“I guess we’ll never know….” Luna said.

Revenge had been delivered in full to the murderer of Nick Carter. They buried Shane and went home to celebrate their victory and to clean Selene’s minor wounds.

© Copyright 2018 Morgana. All rights reserved.

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