Graduation Day

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Just something I wrote in '06, orginally posted on Quizilla.

Submitted: November 05, 2010

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Submitted: November 05, 2010



Sarah Goode believed that youre heart had seven pieces to it...

DAY 1:
Sarah couldnt wait to get up, graduation day was in one week and she had been planning on telling her crush how she felt about him. Sarah got dressed fast and hurried to school but when she walked through the doors she noticed everyone was staring and laughing at her! Later that day she found out a rumor had started about her being a slut. Her crush Derrick walked by and called her a slut, a little piece of her heart broke.

DAY 2:
Today all the kids freely called her a slut out loud and some kids even put a kick me sign on her backthough it didnt say kick me it said Im a slut. But Sarah keep her head held high until Derrick walked by and called her a dirty slut. Another little piece of her heart broke that day.

DAY 3:
Today during lunch the cheerleaders made up a nasty cheer about Sarah and repeatedly showed it off all during lunch. By the end of the day Derrick was walking around singing the lyrics and occasionally doing the cheer. Sarah ran home and cried herself to sleep, another little piece of her heart broke.

DAY 4:
In the last class for the day Sarah couldnt find her pencil, since Derrick sat in front of her she tapped his shoulder. What?! He asked rudely. Can I borrow a pencil? Sarah asked quietly. Eww I dont want an STD! Derrick shouted and the whole class laughed. Sarah ran out of the room crying, and another piece of her heart broke.

DAY 5:
Today all the kids were making fun of her for liking Derrick and him making her cry. By the end of the day Derrick was participating in the little re-plays of what happen yesterday. She ran home crying again and another piece of her heart broke.

DAY 6:
A new rumor had surfaced about Sarah and everyone including her crush was calling her cruel names like dirty whore and ugly bitch. During lunch she walked up behind Derrick and tapped him on the shoulder, she was about to tell him that she liked her. He turned around and called her the ugliest thing he had seen in his life. She ran home crying and another piece of her heart broke.

DAY 7:

4:00 p.m (after school):
Sarah started getting ready for graduation, she did her make-up, put her hair in a cute up do, slipped on a tiara, slipped into her white dress and into her cute clear heels. It took Sarah a good 2 hours to get ready and presentable for her crush.

6:00 p.m (after getting ready):
Sarah paced nervously around her room with the phone in her hand, she was going to call Derrick and tell him her feelings and get it over with. She thought that maybe he would act different to her since his friends werent around.

6:35 p.m (dialing Derricks number):
I may have taken her an half an hour to call but at least she was doing it! She took a deep breath and pressed send. Derrick, its Sarah Goode from school. I just wanted to tell you I love you and I have since I first saw you in the 6th grade. Sarah said as he answered. I hate you! Youre a nasty, gross bitch. Youre an STD infested slut! He yelled and hung up on her.

6:45 p.m:
Sarah cried in pain as she raised the gun to her head, never to see Derrick again.

When Derrick fount out about Sarah he actually cried, he cried the next day to when he saw the newspaper headline:


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