Fake smile

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Something I wrote when I was going through a reall hard time. It might be my favorite peice so far that I've written from that time.

Submitted: February 24, 2009

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Submitted: February 24, 2009



 Do you sometimes wonder what other people are thinking? You sometimes look around the room at their faces? You can sometimes tell the emotion, just by looking at their faces. Mad. Scared. Worried. Happy. Smiling. Sometimes I wonder if those smiles are real or not. That maybe they’re putting on a great show, when inside, they’re slowly breaking apart. That when they’re alone, they break down crying. I wonder if I ever had a fake smile. I probably did. I probably sometimes still do. I wonder if people look at my face and know can kind of tell my emotion. I wonder if they ever want to know what im thinking. Fake smiles can look so real... But, I guess that’s the whole point behind them. They put on a show. A great, amazing show, making everyone believe that, that person is ok. That there happy. All because of that fake little smile. I guess I should be the master at that. The fake smile. It's been upon my face many times. More than I ever thought possible. Im surprised I fooled anyone with it. Ha... I think I even fooled myself. Ok, so that’s not funny. I guess im just surprised I believed the lie that was plastered on my face, day in, and day out. Some people noticed the change in everything about me. My laugh lost its special real, chime. Everything about be just lost it...Lost what was real. Lost what made me, me. Of course they asked me what was wrong. But my fake smile would flash across my face, I’d let out a chime-less laugh, and answer "Im fine." And, they believed it. Just like that, they believed it. Of course they did. They all believed it. Even thought I almost wasn’t able to believe it myself. But, I made myself. I believed in that little, fake smile. Because even though I knew my life wasn’t what I wanted, I had to believe it was. "My life is good. I'm happy. Smile Morgan, smile." I would tell myself. But sooner or later, the fake smile, the laughs, they pretending about caring for life, would swallow me up. As I realized life wasn’t good. It wasn’t what I wanted it. And deep down, I knew that all along. The fake smiles seem to sew up what we don’t want to touch. But, sooner or later, the stitches slowly come un-done. Leaving the world to see you open... Bruised... Broken. Fake smiles seem to ruin people. Especially when the people, believe the smiles and laughs...Are real

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