Are we through?

Status: Finished

Are we through?

Status: Finished

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Are we through? Are we through?


Are we through?


Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



My heartbeat scares me, when it just stops..

Got my feet in the clouds, and my head in the ground..

Falling in reverse, I will never be found.

My heartbeats starts, my life presses play,

There's nothing really that I can say..

I just know this isn't how I want it to stay..

Sitting on a tower above all the flowers,

Playing with the grass..

Looking up at the sky, as the birds fly,

Will this last?

As it's done before, can't do it anymore,

I can't become my past.

Climbing up a tree, I feel so free..

End it all, I begin to fall..

Smoking dope in the bathroom stall,

Back again, I'm up against the wall.

Chasing dreams, falling leaves,

I close my eyes, I hear myself breathe,

Or is that you? 

I know the things that you do.

Are we through?


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