I love you so much.

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I love you, daddy

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Again I feel like crap, I don't know why,

I just sit and cry and theres no reason,

I want to be there, and it's not fair,

But I know I will be soon,

Just have to wait and be strong,

At least for a while,

Even though two years seems long,

More like forever and a day,

There is so much I want to say,

When I go, and leave this place,

But I can't do it in anger,

And I can't hold myself and linger in the door,

Because I know what I am fighting for,

Not for them, but for me, and I'm glad I have you to see,

I love you more than words could say,

I love you more in every way,

I love you more every day..

You are everything to me,

So I will hold on,

Because this place will not last,

And two years will fly by fast. 

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