It's alright.

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Is that alright?

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



If I tried to believe, that I was worth life, 

And I tried to hold on and let go of the knife,

Is that alright?

That I try to move on, and let go of the pain,

And I cry and I try to stop the rain, from falling.. down on my head.

Try to forget the words that have been said, many years before.

Even though I don't feel, I cannot be sure.. Anymore.

I've been cut, I've been bruised, I've been verbally abused,

By myself, as myself. I have done it again.

I look at my arms and I look at myself, when will it end?

And am I too broken to ever mend.. myself?

Is my reflection a friend, or a foolish lie?

Would it care, would it cry if I would give up and die?

Not a clue what to do, even if I knew..

Is that alright? Is that alright with you?

It's alright..

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