My Last Day Alive

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Last Day Alive.

Submitted: May 01, 2012

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Submitted: May 01, 2012



I'm trying to go to sleep,

But there's something there who creeps,

Everytime I lay my head down,

I hear them making sounds,

Loud, banging, As if it just sits and pounds,

"Who there?" I say..

I try to sleep a different way,

On the sofa, in the other room,

It's quiet, as if it was a mummie's tomb,

I lay my head on the arm rest,

But I'm awaken by some.. annoying pest.

"BANG, BANG," at the door,

I jump and fall, and land on the floor.

"Ouch!" I say.. "I can't wait until the break of day"

My chest gets tight, something hits me and I lose all sight,

I wake up.. urine all over..

Blood and shit, my body it covers..

"Wha.. what is this?" I smell the stench of piss.

The man begins to laugh, and then.. picks up a piece..

A piece of my calf.. He cut it off..

Along with some other pieces.

"My fingers! Where are they?"

He just laughs, but doesn't say,

I beg and plead, as I watch my body bleed,

He takes his knife, slits my chest,

"I think it's time.. for you to take a rest"

I scream bloody murder..

He opens the door and another man walks in,

"Jeez.. the scream. 100 miles away I could have heard her"

He looks at me and starts to grin.

"Well, let's begin!"

He takes out a needle and pokes me in the arm,

"Don't worry honey, this wont do you any harm"

I try to make a struggle, but.. I suddenly feel sleepy,

I've never seen myself, cry or this weepy,

I feel my heart rate getting lower and lower

I look over, and the monitor.. the beeping is getting slower,

I scream "No! I don't want to die!"

They look at me "Oh.. but why?"

They take a knife and cut my upper thigh,

I try to scream, but.. all I do.. is slowly cry..

"Please.. hold still"

I'm forced to, as they mutilate me at their will,

I look up at the ceiling, suddenly I lose all feeling,

The smell, disgusting aroma..

As I realized I was slipping into a coma.

"One last question before I go",

"Okay, what do you want to know"

"Why me?"

They look at each other and then back at me,

"We just wanted to see"

I looked shocked "What? wanted to see what!?"

"To see if you could last this long.."

I close me eyes.. and the last thing I hear,

Is them, singing this.. horrific song,

"We long for death, we love to kill.. We love to torture, at our will"


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