My life a sword.

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My life, a tool.

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



I never knew anything,

I've never believed in me,

I've never been given the chance to see,

Everything all around me, seems to die,

Life, death and darkness, all but a lie.

The world around me, seems afraid.

I have become like them, the walking dead.

Born to follow, Chose to lead.

From the pain, I have been set free.

No one knows me, no one knows..

Where I will be, where I will go.

Not even me, I can't really see.

Blinded by the night,

I will not lose this fight.

I love to love, and to hate the hate.

Who is to say who chooses that fate?

I want to love, I want to care.

I want to be the one who is always there.

Even if to them they don't think it's fair..

I don't deserve my life, so I'll give it as a sword.

To fight the bad, and keep the word.

As a shield, to protect the weak.

To keep the lives whom those they seek.

My life but a tool for those who can't go.

My life but a light, so those can know.

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