My love, Always and Forever.

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My love for you.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Breathing as you breathe,

Feeling what you feel,

Everything has suddenly..

Become so real.

Touching you, feeling you in me,

I look around, you're all I see.

I moan in your ear, as you press deep,

This feeling right here.. forever we shall keep..

Between us both, you and me.

When I'm with you, I feel set free.

''Harder, harder..'' I whimper in your ear,

You whisper so gently ''There is nothing to fear'',

Kiss my neck, as I feel your back,

Where are we? The time, we lost track.

I look in your eyes, I see your smile,

We take the time.. to just talk for a while.

I look down, I begin to cry..

You look at me, and softly ask me.. ''Why?''

'You are my night sky, my morning sun'

With those simple words.. your heart, I just won.

This feeling right here,

My love, we have just begun.

For you, my dear, I shall never disapear,

As long as I'm alive, I always need you near,

Kiss me, hold me, wrap me in your arms.

When I'm with you, no one can do me harm.

We both are tired, we both are weak..

But in you, my strength, is what I seak,

I have found it, I have found you,

Now what is my life, if I don't have you?

If my heart is pulled out, tell me.. what will I do?

Your body, covered in sweat,

You bite me.. as I become so wet.

My love for you still grows,

This I'd do for you..

For I know I cannot live all alone.

This right here is my life,

This right here is my soul..

As long as I'm with you..

You make my heart whole.

I love you.. now until the end of time.

Always and forever, my dear.

When we are together, we have nothing to fear.


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