Nothing is Meant to Last.

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Nothing is meant to last..

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013




Try to forget..

Everything I've said,

Everything I've done,

All the good,

And all the bad,

Just remember the times we've had,

In the end, nothing lasts..

What will be said..

When I am dead?

Will there be joy,

Or will there be tears?

How will I be remembered..

For all of these years?

Am I a poison..

Am I my weakness,

Did I do anything..

To make you love me any less?

I've lived as I was already dead,

I've lived as if I didn't care,

My heart is weak,

My mind is gone,

How did I live like this,

How did I go on?

Over my casket,

My body lies.

But, I won't be here,

Though I hear the cries.

Try to remember my good,

Try to forget my bad.

Try to live for love,

Try not to be so sad.

Everything is fading fast.

Just remember...

That nothing is meant to last.

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