Our Love.

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My love.. your love.

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



They try to put doubt in my heart, all of them who do not know the truth,

I love you, with everything, nothing will tear us apart,

Not fear, nor lies, nor hate can make our love wait.

They all have not felt this way, and nothing they can say will make me change,

Even though, the sound of love makes their heart feel strange..

They never felt this way, day by day, excited to see, 

How strong the love is, that you share with me.

I finally believe in how beautiful you say I am, never have I wanted to see..

But you turned around, and looked at me..

Shy away, I did at first.. But you... your love is what I thirst..

Your soul is lovely, your heart is soft, but strong,

No one can tell me, this love is wrong,

Now that I'm waiting, waiting for so long...

To see your face, is a wait I must make.

I'll cry when I look in your eyes,

Now I can see through them, as you tell me not to cry.

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