Our love, no more.

Status: Finished

Our love, no more.

Status: Finished

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Our love, no more. Our love, no more.

Poem by: MorganLitchfield


Genre: Poetry



No more fighting.


No more fighting.


Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



I look at the sky, lying on my back,

looking down at me, a billion stars

Not easy to count, I lose track..

My lungs are tight, I can't breathe.

Where are you? Why did you leave?

I needed you.. but you didn't need me.

My dear friends, my mind and my knife.

I'll miss you. Someday soon.

I lost my heart, and soul long ago.

Will I find them, who will ever know?

Slam the door, break away..

There's nothing anymore that I can say,

That will make you stay.

Wait.. I tried, I wasn't the one who lied.

In the beginning, we were alive..

You and I, we must have died.

Stop, no more.. I can't stand the noise.

Just shut me out, but do not shout.

Cry, run, scream, fight..

In the end, I know it will be alright.

Just right now, I can't bear the sight.

Of you, walking away.. without one word.

Except those thoughts, those thoughts you slurd.

I am nothing, an empty hollow.

My soul is lost, and our love soon to follow.

© Copyright 2016 MorganLitchfield. All rights reserved.

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