Revolution of the Slave

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A little insight about the poem…

I was inspired by the movie “Amistad”. It showed the capture of slaves brought from Africa by Europeans. But what caught my attention during the movie, was this particular scene which changed the course of the story. The slaves, with determination, fought back and made a stunning revolution in the ship. I won’t go into further details of the movie though it is by far, an inspiring scene.

In the poem, I hope you will feel and picture the battle as it happens. It focuses on the mind of a single slave within a slave camp. Picture a slave camp as this particular group of slaves get ready to revolutionize. This one slave is nervous yet he fights for his freedom. The poem shows his feelings, and how he feels whilst he fights.

The poem is written in the form of 11-9-11-9(syllables). The poem is written in double rhyme

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011




Revolution of the Slave


If I choose the road to walk, I know I’m free

Will you not talk? , raise your hand and silence me

Shame, hide my feelings, change who I used to be

My legs are weaving, but I don’t choose to feel


Whites decide, they rule and own my life

Hear me cry, shame, shame, hear me cry

Hear me roar, pain shows within my bite

My limbs tear, but they know I will fight


Hear me, shear your sword, my hands I feel enough

Do not hesitate, with one word, share your thoughts

Kill me, touch my skin, it no longer feels rough

I concede, they win, the ground cries my spilled blood


Oh brothers, it is an endless night

Cry the deaths of others, show your might

Die till you’re free, hear this call, it’s right

On the one tree, I lay, I still cry…

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