This is My Greatest Fear

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My greatest fear..

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011



This is my recurring dream, everything collapsing at the seams,

I walk out in the dark, cold night, My dog runs away.. out of my sight,

I chase after her in a hurry, all of a sudden a man from behind, my vision is a bit blurry,

He grabs me and drags me, I scream and cry, but there is no one to hear,

I dream of this, this is my greatest fear...

I kick and scream, Suddenly he hits me,

My head is bloody, my face is bruised and badly beaten,

It's the beginning of Autumn, One of my favorite seasons,

But instead of laughing and playing, I am being tied up and praying,

For my life, just for one day, and with my gasping breath,

I just want to say.. "I am sorry.. please forgive me.",

But there is no one to see, except him, mysterious man behind the mask,

He has to preform this.. Horrific task,

Am I too brash, for my life to ask?

Instead of sympathy, he just laughs,

Am I the one who lead myself down this forsaken path?

There is nothing I can do, my only wish is to see you,

One last time, before death, is mine.

Oh, please God, I beg for mercy.. What am I saying?

No one can hear me..

He grabs my throat, while pressing down,

I try to scream, but there is no sound..

Now, I'm gone, out of this world,

But you still can see me, I will always be your little girl.

He digs a hole, drops me down, now my body.. underground.

I just wonder if.. I will ever be found.

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